Sea Of Stars To Get Day One Release On PS Plus

Sea of Stars is the Highly anticipated indie JRPG from the talented folks at Sabotage Studio. Many fans, whether it is JRPG or indie, are very excited about this title for many reasons.

However, one of those reasons comes recently with the game confirmed to be coming to the PlayStation Plus catalog on launch day.

The game is set to be released on the 29th of August this year, and fans will be able to play it for free if they are subscribed to the extra or premium PlayStation service.

Here’s a quick look at the trailer for those who haven’t encountered this homage to RPGs of old just yet:

Sea Of Stars Set To Be A Nostalgia Trip

Sea of Stars was a Kickstarter project with an original goal of $133,000; however, after picking up traction and with many news outlets covering the game, that goal was quickly reached, and then some. The Kickstarter currently sits at $1.6 million, so it’s safe to say the hype for this title is sky-high.

How Classic JRPGs Inspired The Making Of Sea Of Stars - Game Informer

The game is a classic homage to the old-school JRPG games many people grew up playing and loving. In a recent interview with the creative art director Thierry Boulanger over at NintendoWorldReport, he had this to say when asked if Sea of Stars is a homage to the old-school style JRPGs:

“In almost all the ways! The design process involves looking at and fully challenging every single element that goes into the game. By rethinking some areas that didn’t age well and letting shine those that did, we aim to present our own (very subjective, of course) modern-day “definitive edition” of this retro genre we never got over as players.”

Sea of Stars has recently gained tons of traction in the Indie gaming community for many reasons. The game has impressed and amazed people with its incredible visual style, which is a modern-day twist on the old-school JRPG games that so many people are accustomed to.

Mixed with its phenomenal turn-based strategy gameplay and the promise of a great story from what we have seen so far.

Try Before You Buy

But that’s not all. Along with this announcement, PlayStation has added a free-to-play demo for Sea of Stars on the Playstation Store. So if you are on the fence regarding if this modern take on a blast from the past is for you, then you might want to try it before you buy! You can check out the Demo here.

Sea of Stars on Steam

Then when you inevitably finish the demo and want more indie-related fun right there and then, PlayStation Plus has your back this month.

On top of Sea of Stars, the monthly PlayStation Plus games also include top-down Zelda-style indie, and critical success, Death’s Door.

Furthermore, for those that missed the insanely popular Undertale, which is one of the most successful indie games of all time, that will also be available to play right now as it was recently added to the Plus catalog.

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