Stardew Valley 1.6 Update To Add New Festival

Microtransactions, DLCs, and battle passes are pretty commonplace in gaming today. They aim to milk consumers dry, and do so pretty efficiently.

However, if companies like EA, Epic Games, Activision, and Ubisoft are the devil in this scenario, then Eric Barone is an angel, raining down free updates and continued support of Stardew Valley from on high.

Eric Barone has never stopped updating and injecting new life into his magnum opus farming sim, Stardew Valley, never asking for a penny more than the price of admission from his fanbase.

Well, that trend seems set to continue with the upcoming 1.6 update, and Eric has some big plans for this update!

New Festival, More Items, New Dialogues…

In a recent tweet posted on the 18th July, 2023, by ConcernedApe (AKA Eric Barone), we were treated to a little peak behind the curtain, hinting at some new content planned for the upcoming 1.6 update.

Here is the tweet in question:

In the tweet, ConcernedApe all but confirms that the update will feature new items, new dialogue options, and a wealth of new secrets to uncover. All of which we would have expected. However, the big news here is that Eric aims to introduce a brand new festival to the line-up.

This is something that hasn’t happened since the addition of the Night Market in the 1.3.2 update, way back in August 2018, which perhaps goes some way to showing just how much of a big deal this could be for regular Stardew players.

ConcernedApe is pretty good value on Twitter when it comes to hints ahead of major updates, offering fan engagement and service. In fact, due to his social media output, we also practically know for sure that the 1.6 update will also add a new tool, an Iridium Scythe.

It is only one small addition to what promises to be a major update to an already beloved cozy game that maintains a very strong concurrent player base, even though the title was released all the way back in 2016.

First Major Stardew Valley Update Since 2021

The last major update that Stardew Valley received was the 1.5 Update that dropped back in 2021 which added an entirely new region to the game, Ginger Island. Not to mention a perfection checklist, Qi challenges, and a Beach Farm Layout!

It would be naive to expect an update with quite as much substance as the one we received in 2021, especially now that Eric Barone is trying to juggle developing a new project, The Haunted Chocletier, alongside adding new content to Stardew Valley.

He has briefly put the development of his new game on hold to complete the 1.6 Update for Stardew Valley, but he has assured fans that he will return to the new venture before long.

We are on tenterhooks, waiting for ConcernedApe’s next announcement, and cannot wait to have another excuse to start another farm and enjoy all that the 1.6 update has to offer. Stay informed on all Stardew-related news here at IGC.

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