Paleolithic Era Valheim-Inspired Indie Polylithic Announced

If you’re in the market for a new survival game with a paleo twist, then you are in luck, as Polylithic, a masterful blend of Valheim and Ark Survival Evolved, is on the way!

Polylithic is a brand-new indie game that comes to us from the folks over at PolyPerfect. Polylithic is a 3rd- person-crafting survival game set in the Paleolithic/Neolithic Era.

The game will allow the players to explore this beautiful Era, craft, build, and even grow a mighty tribe, or go the lone wolf way if that’s your sort of thing.

The game has caught the attention of many gamers and news outlets with its unique and gorgeous visuals. However, Polylithic is more than just a standard Survival game where you craft, build, and do the bog standard in this genre.

The game will have a fascinating narrative woven through the adventure, and even have a sci-fi twist to it!

From The Mouths Of The Devs

The developer PolyPerfect was interviewed about the game and had this to say about the game’s setup for the story:

“A small tribe leads a difficult yet happy life filled with everyday challenges and threats. Until an epidemic breaks out, and the mysterious sickness decimates their people. Could it have been brought by newcomers who fell from the sky?”

“Or is it a punishment sent by angry gods? The tribe’s leader is too old, weak, and tired even to try to find answers to any of these questions. That’s why he assigns this seemingly impossible task to you. A young successor who’s destined to lead the tribe to a hopefully brighter future.”

While the game looks promising and sounds like it will have a very engaging story, we still do not have a concrete release date. We do, however, have a release window for the game, and that’s in the third quarter of 2023 on Steam.

Polylithic on Steam

Polylithic is going to be a game that you will want to keep an eye out for. With its gorgeous visuals and unique setting, it has all the appropriate ingredients to be a summer hit.

Many fans during discussions about the game have likened Polylithic to Valhiem, and you can’t help but see the comparison, which is more than a good thing for this title.

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