Phasmophobia Ascension Update Available Now!

Ghosthunting fanatics can pull out their EMF detectors and ready their Crucifixes for today’s Phasmophobia Ascension update!

With a simultaneous release on consoles and new gameplay and visual overhauls, Kinetic Games developers detail how Ascension will add further “leveling improvements, equipment rebalancing, and new objectives” for an extra thrill to our ghostly adventures. 

Dual Shockers further add that this update will completely rework some of Phasmophobia’s broken mechanics, like the DOTS projector, which will now creepily show a ghost roaming the room, or better rewarding players for correctly identifying a ghost because “no one should risk their life for $10.”

Frankly, some of these additions, especially cross-platform, are welcome to ghost hunters roaming through the abandoned houses, asylums, and schools for years with little discernable change or reason to continue progressing.

Phasmophobia Ascension Update Brings Revamped Leveling, New Equipment, And  More This Thursday | TechRaptor

Especially with the release of a tier system, Games Radar details, ghost hunters can unlock a piece of equipment (the flashlight, for example) at tier 1, then continually upgrade it to tier 3 for much more powerful variants.

Watching your equipment transform from a set you cheaply purchased from the local gas station to a professional-grade version that can detect spirit from halfway around the room is sure to earn some fanfare for players that devote themselves to the ghosthunting grind.


Will Phasmaphobia Ascension Reset My Level?

Unfortunately, yes. As the Kinetic games add in their notes for the update, Ascension is resetting every player’s level, bringing everyone’s money, exp, and progress to zero. 

Even if this sounds outrageous for Phasmophobia veterans, it’s likely to account for the simultaneous console release so Xbox and PS5 players can enter for a more level playing field without contending with the vast gulf of distance between themselves and players that have been hunting poltergeists and catching Yokai on tape for years.


Luckily, as the developer notes add, veteran players will have their map unlocks saved and earn a special badge, reopening the game with a permanent tattoo on their arm to show off their spooky prowess. 

So whether you’re a ghosthunting hero looking for a reason to get back into the spooky grind or a new console gamer who ain’t afraid of no ghosts, players can eagerly await ascensions release today at 10 am UTC!

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