Top-Down Shooter Remedium Releasing in Early Access Soon

When you think of top-down shooters, you probably think of Hotline Miami, Enter the Gungeon, or a similarly high-energy game. However, Sobaka Studio has shown a trailer for their new game aiming to tweak the formula called Remedium.

This new project tries to mix the gunplay in these games with an aesthetic that looks at home in Dark Souls, and we won’t have to wait long to see if this combo pays off, as it is releasing in Early Access on PC on September 14th.

This game is not to be confused with Sobaka Studio’s other game, Remedium Sentinels, which takes place in the same universe but is more of a roguelike bullet hell where you have to fight off tons of waves of enemies.

On the contrary, Remedium looks to be a more concentrated game, fighting a few enemies at a time, similar to Diablo.

What does the trailer show?

The trailer shows a beautiful style that looks like it has been sketched using colored pencils. We see a medieval knight with some high-tech armor in a modern-day home, grabbing a gun and using it to shoot at the beast that’s invaded. Right off the bat, this game’s style will mix medieval and modern, which is really cool.

During the actual gameplay portion of the trailer, we get a hint of the movement and general gameplay style we can expect from Remedium.

There are lots of back dashing while shooting; some shields go up with what is presumably a magical special skill, and mostly the use of shotguns with way too much ammo to be considered real shotguns.

Image from ESDigital Games.

We also see some trading for different guns, where you can customize and swap out the other parts, such as the stock, barrel, and ammo.

The text on-screen says “Machine Gun,” but what I see is very clearly a quad-barrel shotgun, so maybe every gun in this game will look like a shotgun but be able to perform different tasks.

We see a flamethrower being used to fend off another wolf enemy, the knight taking out some cannons and exploring a maze-like crypt, an AOE shield of strange green goo around the knight, and what is presumably a boss against a giant radioactive bug, where you have to break its chains and then shoot it to death.

Image from ESDigital Games.

Overall, the gameplay of Remedium will likely be throwing yourself into a level, getting new parts and ammo from it, and using those to customize your gun, then repeating.

We have almost no clue about anything story-wise or anything outside the levels where you shoot a bunch of enemies, but what we’ve seen is neat so far.

After it all, the trailer ends, revealing it’s going into Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store starting September 14th.

It also says it’s releasing for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, but shows no date for when any of those console releases will be coming, so you can expect news on those later down the line.

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