Someone Actually Beat Hades On ‘Impossible’ Max Heat Mode

The Hades community has a new champion, as the ‘impossible’ Hades Max Heat Mode Run has just been proven possible.

We have seen some pretty incredible feats from sadistic gamers down the years, like blindfolded runs of Dark Souls, or beating a wide variety of games with weird peripherals like bongos or banana skins. However, some challenges are considered by players and developers alike, to be impossible.

Well, it seems that one of those impossible feats has inexplicably been proved possible, as a determined gamer has beaten Hades on Max Heat Mode! 

Youtuber Jade posted a video recently showcasing his incredible Max Heat run detailing the sheer level of skill (and luck) needed to ace this brutal speed run.

The Hades ace managed to burn through all the content Hades had to offer in 29 minutes and 24 seconds, leaving him only 36 seconds to spare, or the run would have been a failure. It really is fine margins in a challenge of this magnitude. 

Here is the video from Jade if you want to carve out a half hour to watch this incredible run unfold: 

Since posting this video just a day ago at the time of writing, the run has gone viral, garnering a massive total of 335K views already.

This is all the more impressive, considering that Jade only has 2.12K subscribers. We can only imagine that he’ll become a household name in the Hades community off the back of this achievement. 

Why’s This Run So Special

I was just messing around to see what the max heat level is! I'm so sorry  heat gauge! 😭 : r/HadesTheGame

You may be a casual Hades player like myself who has happy enough to simply finish the game and call it a day, and may be asking yourself, why is this such a big deal? Well, let me break it down for you real quick. 

Firstly, in max heat mode, the game is essentially at its max difficulty setting, which means that enemies have much more health, hit harder, and move a lot faster. Not to mention that bosses get these buffs too. 

Then there are further handicaps added to Zagreus, when out on each run. The player will be handed a Boon rather than given the option to choose between three, meaning RNG plays a huge role in each run.

Not to mention that at the end of each stage, the player will have to choose a Boon to give up if they want to proceed. Oh, and you can also kiss all your Mirror buffs goodbye, because you aren’t allowed those either. 

Up to this point, it sounds hard, but not impossible with some good rolls on Boons. Well, we also need to add that players are required to play on Hell Mode, which is essentially a hardcore mode meets speedrun option where Zagreus doesn’t get a period of invulnerability after taking a hit, and each stage of the game must be completed in five minutes or less. 

Say to say; it’s pretty tough. 

But against all odds, Jade managed to come out the other end victorious, taking down Hades and wrapping things up, becoming the first player to complete an unseeded, unmodded, Max Heat run. He had this to say moments after completing the run: 

“I am a f***ing legend at this videogame. Fifty-one minutes of attempts, to get luck that is arguably unachievable in thousands of hours. never say never I guess”

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We at Indie Game Culture would like to extend a big congrats to Jade, and can’t wait to see what sadistic new run he dreams up for himself next. For more Hades and Indie Game content, stick with IGC. 

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