I Am Future To Enter Early Access on August 8th

I Am Future is a new gaming coming to Steam in Early Access in just a few days on August 8th. Despite how soon that is, TinyBuild has decided to release a brand new trailer for the game, showing off a significant amount of the crafting, scavenging, and building mechanics that no other trailer has shown so far.

This trailer gives us a way better idea of what the game will play like, focusing on taking a cozy and relaxing simulator approach to the average apocalypse survival simulator. We can unpack robots, cooking, fish, a day and night cycle, and more from this 2-minute-long trailer.

What’s New?

In the opening, we see a preview of a new pre-animated cutscene, with the protagonist breaking open a TV and scavenging it for parts for his Walkman. This means we can probably expect many times when we can break open electronics or other valuables we can find and use for parts.

After this, we see him bringing scavenged parts to new holographic outlines of a bunch of different machines, presumably gathering more and more resources for your survival camp. We see many items get set up, like a pool, robots, campfires, chests, a fridge, vending machine, and a lawn chair.

Image from TinyBuild.

We even see a preview of how the scavenging will work, where you have to rotate an object in 3D to find the part you’re looking for; this gets shown off by having to look inside a microwave, finding the part on the roof of the inside, or some parts on the bottom of a kettle. These puzzles will likely not be too challenging but will add some nice variety.

Another big focus of the trailer is the robots you can make; they seem pretty expensive but can gather resources and inspect new areas, so you don’t need to put yourself in danger. This means around the later parts of the game, you can get your robots to automate things and be way more efficient with your time.

What will the game be like?

The other features we see are things like fighting off bugs and weeds with a spray, cooking meals in a kitchen you can create, sending a robot to investigate a diorama of a crashed airplane that you can’t reach yourself, customizing your character, and the hallmark of any truly good video game, the fishing minigame.

Image from TinyBuild.

From this trailer, we can surmise the main gameplay loop of I Am Future, which is namely going to be scouting new areas and making sure they aren’t too dangerous to explore on your own, then foraging for food and scavenging for parts to create new machines, repeating until you aren’t just surviving, but thriving.

Whenever you want a break from the main gameplay loop, there are many side things or distractions you could take on, namely setting up robots and fishing for more food.

This game looks like it’ll be cozy and comfy but won’t skimp on survival, requiring a constant struggle for food and making you live off the land.

Further Reading

If you’d like to hear more coverage on I Am Future once it’s released in Early Access, stay tuned for a review and more content on other great indie games!

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