Cult of the Lamb X Don’t Starve Collaboration Incoming

Fans of gross, punishing, and comical indies are in for a treat, as, in celebration of each other’s birthdays, we have been gifted a Cult of the Lamb x Don’t Starve crossover, and its content is available right now. 

Ever since Epic Games went on that license-acquiring spree and dropped Dragonball Z, God of War, and Marvel Superheroes into their marquee title Fortnite within the space of a few weeks.

The precedent has been set that crossover doesn’t necessarily need to make any sense at all, so long as the two parties being mashed together are popular. 

However, you can’t argue that Don’t Starve and Cult of the Lamb have a particular synergy that has all the potential to be a very satisfying crossover indeed. As both games offer interesting takes on the traditional survival genre. 

Here is a trailer teasing the content that this available within both games right now! 

What’s Coming To Cult of the Lamb?

Beginning with the more recent title, Cult of the Lamb, a new update is scheduled for the game’s one-year anniversary that will tie in some themes, game modes, and characters from Don’t Starve. Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect to see from the upcoming update: 

  • Don’t Starve Themed Musical Additions
  • Don’t Starve themed Decorations
  • New Follower Skin (Webber)
  • A New Pentience Mode (Survival/Hardcore Mode)

Most of these changes are cosmetic, but the most notable addition is hands-down the Pentience Mode, which will see the player have to worry about their own character’s hunger and sleep gauges, alongside the needs of your followers, and the need to go out on crusades. 

Then, of course, we have a well-known spider joining the ranks in the form of Webber, who acts as a unique follower skin that has the unique ability to ‘never die of starvation.’ So no poop sandwiches are needed to keep this guy alive. 

What’s Coming To Don’t Starve?

Sadly for Don’t Starve fans, the additions that coincide with the beloved survival indie’s 10th anniversary aren’t quite as exciting or plentiful.

The addition on the Don’t Starve side of the ledger will bring a series of Cult of the Lamb-themed cosmetics to the game. 

Players will be able to find a Cult of the Lamb Crown Trinket within The Oasis, and when given as a tribute to the Antlion, the player will be rewarded with a Tabernacle base decoration, and a couple of new flooring options.

Which, naturally, makes your Don’t Starve bases look a little more demonic, which is all we could ever ask for. 

However, this doesn’t seem to be the end of this crossover content, as developers of Cult of the Lamb (Massive Monster) and Don’t Starve Together devs (Klei Entertainment) have ensured fans that more content is to come via the ongoing From Beyond story arc. So keep your eyes peeled for more crossover excitement. 

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