Cult of the Lamb Follower Skins

Cult of the Lamb Follower Skins Guide

It’s been a weird little passage of time within the world of gaming recently. There have been large portions of the gaming populous working diligently to build a power washing empire, whereas others have been wandering around as a simple housecat in an underground dystopian city, and me, well, I’ve been building my flock and trying my hand at becoming a successful cult leader, and you know what, I’m pretty impressed with my efforts.

Cult of the Lamb (Read our full review of CotL) has given me the tools to guide a gang of lost souls, take them under my wing, and form a new twisted religion in the name of the lamb. It’s been a blast, which I state quite clearly in my review, and while that is largely down to the fun gameplay and cool concept, it is also in part down to the abundance of customization features present within the game. The game really does allow you to create a unique cult in your own image, and one such feature that allows for this is the Cult of the Lamb Follower Skins list.

This is a series of unique skin designs for your followers that allows you to make each member of your flock look distinct. Whether you want them to be a fish, snail, hedgehog, or a bundle of poop, the option is there, and it is much appreciated. This allows you to get creative with the members you indoctrinate and allows you to form strong bonds with these members.

However, you won’t have all of these skins off the bat, and you’ll need to explore the world, go on crusades and complete some side quests if you want to find all of these cute and colorful follower skin options. 

So with that in mind, I have created a guide that will explain how to unlock Follower Skins, what skins are available, and I’ll also delve a little deeper to help you unlock those hard-to-find skins that the game hides all too well. So without further ado, here is our Cult of the Lamb Follower Skins Guide; Enjoy! 

How to Unlock Follower Skins

Okay, so let’s start simple. How do you get your hands on these skins? Well, the good news is that some of these are immediately given to you as default follower skins. However, the rest will have to be acquired through various other means. These skins can be acquired in the following ways: 

  • Found during Crusade runs in chests (Usually at the end of combat sections)
  • They can be bought from Hub World vendors 
  • They can be earned for completing side quests
  • They can be found in hidden locations within the hub world 
  • Defeating Mini-boss/Boss
  • Performing miscellaneous tasks

Basic Cult of the Lamb Follower Skins

The process of getting your hands on most of the Follower skins within the game is pretty straightforward. Through either doing crusade runs or spending your hard-earned gold to buy random Follower Skin drops, you can acquire most of the skins within the game.

Just keep an eye on your follower skin list and check which skins align with each world, and keep crusading in this area until you gather them all. Here is a quick list of all the basic skins you can acquire: 

Default Skins:

  • Dog
  • Cat 
  • Pig
  • Deer
  • Fox

Darkwood Followers:

  • Stag
  • Hedgehog
  • Rabbit 
  • Cow 
  • Horse
  • Darkwood Mini-boss I
  • Darkwood Mini-Boss II
  • Darkwood Mini-Boss III
  • Darkwood Mini-Boss IV

Anura Followers:

  • Giraffe
  • Frog
  • Bison
  • Coyote 
  • Capybara 
  • Anura Mini-boss I
  • Anura Mini-Boss II
  • Anura Mini-Boss III
  • Anura Mini-Boss IV

Anchordeep Followers:

  • Elephant 
  • Hippo
  • Aligator
  • Seahorse 
  • Otter 
  • Anchordeep Mini-boss I
  • Anchordeep Mini-Boss II
  • Anchordeep Mini-Boss III
  • Anchordeep Mini-Boss IV

Silk Cradle Followers:

  • Bat 
  • Centipede 
  • Raccoon
  • Bear
  • Silk Cradle Mini-boss I
  • Silk Cradle Mini-Boss II
  • Silk Cradle Mini-Boss III
  • Silk Cradle Mini-Boss IV

How To Find The Secret Follower Skins

Those skins listed above will be pretty easy to come by as you work your way through the game. However, there are certain skins that you will never acquire unless you perform specific tasks and explore the hub-world you gradually unlock throughout your adventure.

These skins are hard to find unless you know exactly where to look, what to interact with, or in some cases, the solution to the puzzle or side quest.

The good news is that I have all the knowledge, and because my mother raised me right, I’m willing to share. Here is the breakdown of all the remaining, rare follower skins in Cult of the Lamb: 

The One Who Waits

The One Who Waits

  • Location: End of Game
  • How to Get: Awarded to the player if they spare The One Who Waits after besting him in combat.

While this one isn’t technically required to complete the skin set, it is well worth mentioning that you can indoctrinate the almighty Narinder to your cult, and this comes with a new skin of sorts.

You cannot change his skin when he arrives, nor can you apply his design to any of the other flock members, but he is immortal and doomed to suffer under your control forevermore, which is pretty cool. 


Location: Hidden Shack

How to Get: Found amongst logs

We begin with the rat skin. This is one that you can acquire pretty early on in the game. As soon as you have access to the Hidden Shack, put your game of Knucklebones on hold and go behind the shack to the left, and you will see a stack of logs. Hidden behind these is a follower skin scroll. 


  • Location: Pilgrim’s Passage
  • How to Get: Fishing

This one is also pretty easy to grab early on. When you unlock Pilgrim’s Passage, you will also be able to fish after talking to the fisherman. It may take a little while, but if you keep fishing, you will eventually reel in a follower skin scroll containing the fish design. Using the Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty can help speed up this process. 


  • Location: Smuggler’s Sanctuary
  • How to Get: Catch the Crab

When you head to the Smuggler’s Sanctuary, you may notice that there is a little crab scuttling around on the boardwalk. Well, if you try and catch this crab, and then press the action button when close enough, you’ll be rewarded with the Crab Follower Skin. 


Star Follower Skin

  • Location: Mida’s Cave
  • How to Get: Found Behind Gold

When you access Mida’s Cave, if you take a peek behind the stacks of gold coins to the right of the area, you will uncover the Star Follower Skin. 


  • Location: Pilgrim’s Passage
  • How to Get: Complete the first stage of the Lighthouse cult quest

This skin is awarded to the player when they complete the first stage of the side quest accessed in the Lighthouse in Pilgrim’s Passage. To complete this quest, you simply need to bring 15x Lumber to the Lighthouse and light the furnace. 


  • Location: Various hub-world locations
  • How to Get: Complete the Wolf Questline

This is one of the more obtuse quests within Cult of the Lamb, but it is by no means difficult. To earn the Wolf Follower Skin, you will need to complete the Wolf’s quest.

To access this, you will need to head to the four main areas of the map at night (this excludes the Hidden Shack), and if you investigate the outer edge of the area, you will eventually uncover a prompt that reads ‘Peer into the Darkness.’

This will start a dialogue with this shady character, and he will ask you to sacrifice several members of your cult (five in total), and then he will eventually ask you to hand over your elderly guide, Ratau. You will need to do this to earn this skin. 

Mad Monster

  • Location: Crusade Run
  • How to Get: Fight the Snails Owner, then build a Monster Statue

This is another relatively well-hidden skin, but if you swing your sword with careless abandon, you might have happened on this one fairly early in your adventure.

On crusade runs, you should prioritize shop routes that have a food symbol underneath, as this means you will encounter the vendor with the huge snail companion.

If you hit this bulky guy three times, the vendor will turn hostile and attack you. However, if you defeat them, they will back down and will give you the Monster Statue Blueprint. 

Once you have this, make your way back to the compound and build this statue. Then wait until nightfall and pray at this statue. If you do, you will be gifted with the Mad Monster Follower Skin.


  • Location: Your Compound
  • How to Get: Make/Cook five Bowls of Poop

Through quests given by followers, or through sheer villainy on your part, you may have obtained this one naturally. However, if you didn’t, here is how you get the Poop Follower skin. All you have to do is head over to your cooking station, make sure you are well stocked up on Fertilizer, and cook/make five Bowls of Poop. Ah, a nutritious, delicious meal for all. 


Location: Various 

How to Get: Gather Snail Shells, then offer them at 5x Snail Shrines

Then lastly, we have the Snail Follower Skin, which was recently unobtainable upon launch due to a bug that meant that snails would not drop Snail Shells, but it seems that the recent patch has solved this issue.

To earn this skin, you will first need to go on a few crusades in either Darkwood or Anura, and on your travels, kill as many snails as you can, ensuring you collect at least five Snail Shells.

Then when you get these resources, you will need to head out to each hub world location and find a hidden Snail Statue. These are relatively well hidden, usually on the outer edge of the area, or in the case of Spore Grotto, indoors.

However, a quick search will do the trick. Give one Snail Shell to each statue, and upon the fifth offering, you will receive the Snail Follower Skin. 

The Cultist Pack

If you gathered up all of the skins listed above, then you will have collected all the skins present in the vanilla game, and you will have earned the Full Flock achievement to show for it. However, if you are really into diversifying your group, you may have invested in the DLC for this title, The Cultist Pack.

This is an add-on that costs roughly $5 at the time of writing, and gives the player an extra batch of decorations and Follower skins. Here are the skins that are on offer with the purchase of this DLC: 

  • Bee
  • Narwhal
  • Tapir
  • Turtle 
  • Monkey 

Also, if you are a Nintendo Switch player who tried their hand at cult management, you may have been able to snap up an exclusive Chthulu Follower skin from the Nintendo E-shop, but if this is news to you, then you may be sad to know that this offer expired on the 25th of August. However, I’m sure it will be made available for all players at some point. 

FAQ Section

Question: Which Follower Skin is Cutest?

Answer: Now, that is subjective, but lucky for you; I love to give my opinion and state it as fact. So, in my humble opinion, I think that the Frog Follower Skin is by far the cutest. It reminds me of my Squsihmallow Robert, and while that will most likely mean nothing to you, that’s my reasoning. 

Question: How Many Follower Skins are There?

Answer: If we exclude The One Who Waits, then there are a total of forty-nine Follower skins. Forty of these are obtained through standard means, whereas nine of these skins need to be sought out and earned through exploration, quests, and silly tasks. 

Question: Is The DLC Pack Worth It?

Answer: Based on the Steam Top Sellers list in recent weeks, it seems like the DLC for Cult of the Lamb has sold pretty well. However, if I were to give my two cents, I would say that it isn’t worth getting. It offers some new skins and some new decorations to play around with. However, I found that this game really struggles to retain players after the main story is complete, so unless you were hooked on the decorative and cult-management side of this game long after the credits rolled, this probably isn’t a worthwhile investment. 

An Obedient Gang of Misfits

As you can see from the list of Follower Skins above, there are so many options available if you want to customize your cult members and give them interesting looks, and backstories. It makes it all the more emotional when you murder them and serve them as a meal to your other flock members.

Many emotional isn’t the right word, twisted perhaps. Either way, these are great collectibles to find, but not all of them are easy to obtain, so we hope this guide nudges you in the right direction and helps you complete the set. As always, thank you for reading Indie Game Culture. 

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