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One of the things that certainly put Sea of Stars in the spotlight was when Sabotage Studios announced they had Yasunori Mitsuda onboard. To those unfamiliar, Mitsuda is the composer of several stellar RPGs, such as Chrono Trigger & Cross, Xeno-series, and many others.

To this day, Chrono Cross’ theme song is one of my favorite soundtracks ever. Chills and emotions overflow every time I hear it. So whenever I ventured into a new area in Sea of Stars, I paid extra attention to the soundtrack, and I must say, it didn’t disappoint. Eric W. Brown, The Messenger composer, is also on a brilliant streak. Under the alias Rainbowdragoneyes, he brings his trademark chiptune proficiency to the tracks.

After acquiring the pirate ship, our crew will be seen in pubs and inns whenever we visit a city, playing the game’s masterpiece OST. But initially, not all of the soundtracks are available. We can unlock them by finding Music Sheets and giving them to Yolande. So, if you want to rejoice and absorb all the soundtracks, check out this Sea of Star Music Sheet Locations, and let’s vibe together.

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Tracks per Music Sheet

sea of stars music sheet tracks
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There are seven Music Sheets in all, each adding four new tracks to the pirate band, a total of 37 tracks to be heard and savored. You can listen to them in pubs or inns.

However, after you give Yolande a Music Sheet, it disappears from your inventory – Rainbow Conches don’t, for example. So, if you lose sight of the sheets you handed over, it’s hard to know which one you’re missing. That’s why I will list which tracks each one of them adds.

  • Music Sheet #1 – Adds track 10 to 13
  • Music Sheet #2 – Adds track 14 to 17
  • Music Sheet #3 – Adds track 18 to 21
  • Music Sheet #4 – Adds track 22 to 25
  • Music Sheet #5 – Adds track 26 to 29
  • Music Sheet #6 – Adds track 30 to 33
  • Music Sheet #7 – Adds track 34 to 37

There’s one feature I do miss, though: the name of the tracks. It’s terrific to browse through them, especially when I was focused on my Wheels match – an incredible minigame – but I would love to know which track was playing, either by its name or the area it’s related to. Maybe in a future patch, Sabotage Studios will make this possible.

Sea of Stars Music Sheet Locations

Finding Music Sheets isn’t all that hard. Four are found in chests, and three are bought from shops. The ones from shops are a bit tricky cause if you miss the buy on your first visit, chances are you’re not keeping up the tab on every item you came across and may have forgotten where to find those you’ve left behind.

Music Sheet #1 – Mooncradle

The game will take a while to let you return to your hometown. But when you do, go south from the entrance, east when able, and up the steps. Now go west, grab the lettuces if you want, and then up the small ledge towards the entrance gate.

Jump over the gate and walk through it, descending on the other side right next to the chest that holds the Music Sheet #1.

mooncradle music sheet sea of stars
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Music Sheet #2 – Haunted Mansion

After killing the Botanical Horror, return to the garden maze and head west toward the save point. The roots that blocked the door on the left are now gone alongside the boss, and inside it, there’s a chest with Music Sheet #2.

haunted mansion music sheet sea of stars
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Music Sheet #3 – Mirth

This Music Sheet is found in Mirth’s shop, but you must do a few things beforehand to open it. The first step is getting the Shop Plans. You acquire it by delivering 19 Rainbow Conches to Mirna in Docarri Village. Then, you need a shopkeeper to handle the place. Luckily, you can find one also on Docarri Village.

From the village’s save point, go to the southeast house and jump into the whirlpool. Proceed until you emerge at another house and talk to the woman there. She will gladly move to Mirth with her child, and the latter will sell the Music Sheet #3 per 50 gold.

mirth music sheet sea of stars
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Music Sheet #4 – Autumn Hills

Midway through Autumn Hills, you will come across the boldest merchant in the entire game. Among his wares is the Music Sheet #4 for 50 gold. This is one of the sheets I struggled to find later because I was out of cash when I first saw him.

autumn hills music sheet sea of stars
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Music Sheet #5- Glacial Peak

If you need a fast way back to Glacial Peak, go to Lake Docarria and look for a portal northeast of the lake. It will take you to the Great Archives, where you can find the portal to Glacial Peak.

Keep going forward from the peak’s entrance until you fight the first couple of enemies. Jump over the broken bridge and find two chunks of ice. Move the small one until you can climb the ledge, and grab the chest containing Music Sheet #5.

glacial peak music sheet sea of stars
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Music Sheet #6 – Cloud Kingdom

It can be bought from the merchant in Cloud Kingdom’s shop for 50 gold. And yeah, you can talk to the giants. Took me a while to find that out.

cloud kingdom music sheet sea of stars
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

Music Sheet #7 – Sky Base

The last Music Sheet is right beside Sky Base’s first save point. You can find this save point after solving a move-the-platform puzzle before heading to the elevator that moves sideways.

sky base music sheet sea of stars
Photo by Murillo Zerbinatto.

FAQ Section

Question: What are the Music Sheets in Sea of Stars?

Answer: Every Music Sheet you deliver to Yolande will add new tracks to be heard whenever the pirate band plays. Each sheet adds four new songs to the playlist.

Question: How many Music Sheets are there in Sea of Stars?

Answer: There are 7 Music Sheets to collect in Sea of Stars. Initially, the band can only play nine songs. After turning over all of them, they will play up to 37 soundtracks.

Question: Do I need to collect all Music Sheets to unlock Sea of Stars’ true ending?

Answer: No, you don’t. Music Sheets are incredible because they let us enjoy in a loop what Mitsuda and Eric have been cooking for Sea of Stars. And it’s a rich and flavorful OST through and through.

The Music of the Stars

Gotta hand it to Eric W. Brown and Yasunori Mitsuda. They really captured the essence of classic RPGs with their Super Nintendo-inspired compositions. That’s one of the reasons we hunt these Music Sheets despite not earning a trophy nor any other noteworthy in-game bounty – the incredible auditory experience is reward enough.

But if we’re talking about a treasure trove of remarkable findings, check out our guides about Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch Locations. These are the most elusive collectibles the game offers, but finding them pays off your time investment in full.

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