Sea Of Stars Mirth Plans Guide

Sea Of Stars Mirth Plans Guide

When you embark on an epic adventure such as a nineties-inspired JRPG like Sea of Stars, the thrill of exploring a vast landscape with plenty of diverse locales, settlements, and biomes is a real joy to behold. However, there is something quite comforting about the inclusion of a hub world within a game such as this. A place to call home, a port in a storm. Well, that is exactly what the Settler’s Island town of Mirth is.

After the disaster at the Port Town of Brisk, about halfway through the game, the player is tasked with taking a large portion of the Brisk residents to a new place to ‘start again.’ Which after you acquire The Vespertine, you can do with ease.

Upon arrival in Mirth, you have the ability to explore the land for new fish and Kickstarter-related Easter eggs. But the real benefit of unlocking this island is the plans for new structures and buildings that you can unlock.

These buildings offer fun side content and rewards that will keep you sailing out to Mirth time and time again. But before you can make use of these buildings, you have to find the plans to build them in the first place.

So, with that in mind, we have created a handy guide that shows you where to acquire all the plans, the residents to man each new structure, and we will even break down why each new building is so special. Without further delay, here is Indie Game Culture’s Sea of Stars Mirth Plans Guide.

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How to Unlock Mirth (Settler’s Island)

To unlock Mirth as a visitable location, you need to progress through the Story until you have beaten the Dweller of Woe at the Haunted Mansion, rescued the people from the devastation after these events in Brisk, and you must also acquire the Vespertine by defeating Stormcaller in battle.

After you do all of these things, you will then take those who want to start again after the destruction of Brisk, and alongside the new island residents, you will build the new settlement that Garl will name Mirth.

Mirth Plan Locations

Mirth Plan Locations sea of stars
Image by Callum Marshall

Now that you have access to Mirth in all of its glory, you will then be able to gather plans and build new structures on the island. The town is pretty bare bones to begin with, but if you seek these Mirth plans out, you’ll watch the place transform before your very eyes:

  • Inn Plans (11 Rainbow Conch Shells)
  • Shop Plans (19 Rainbow Conch Shells)
  • Fisherman’s Hut Plans (22 Rainbow Conch Shells)
  • Spa Plans (39 Rainbow Conch Shells)

All of these plans can be acquired by collecting a certain amount of Rainbow Conch Shells, and then turning them in to the Rainbow Conch Collector in Docarri Village.

You will need to collect eleven, nineteen, twenty-two, and thirty-nine Rainbow Conch Shells to unlock each of these plans, respectively.

To build these plans, you need to take them to a rather familiar-looking NPC if you are a fan of a certain YouTuber called The Completionist (Jirrard), and they will commission the project.

Breaking Down Each Building

The Inn

Mirth Plans The Inn sea of stars
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Key features: Campfire, Wheels Table
  • Resident Location: Town of Lucent

The inn is the first plan you can acquire for the island. This is an area where you can stay and rest, unlocking another Campfire Story, if that’s something you’ve been tracking to this point. Plus, this also unlocks a new Wheels table where you can play against one of the six required champions needed to take on the Watchmaker.

Then, as for the resident who will act as the Innkeeper, if you talk to the Innkeeper in Lucent, Gaspar will inform you that his brother is currently looking for work, and that he will send him out to Mirth to take up the post.

The Shop (Merchant)

Mirth Plans The Shop Merchant sea of stars
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Key Features: New Relics and Basic Supplies
  • Resident Location: Docarri Village

Next up, we have the Merchant’s Shop that can be built in Mirth. This is easily the least useful or exciting of the four additions on offer. This will allow the player to buy and sell basic items when at Mirth, and will also offer a few handy items such as an ‘Abacus’ and a handful of relics, including a Relic unique to Mirth known as Salient Sails that will make sailing in the Vespertine much faster than it was previously. It’s a nice little addition, but hardly something to jump for joy over.

If you want to man the Merchant’s Store, you need to head to Docarri Village, where you will find a mother and son who are looking for a new place to sell their wares. You just need to let them know that they are more than welcome in Mirth, and just like that, you’ll have an active Merchant’s stall.

The Fisherman’s Hut

Mirth Plans The Fisherman's Hut sea of stars
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Key Features: Fishing Rewards, Fishing Location
  • Resident Location: Mooncradle

Thirdly, we have the Fisherman’s Hut, which, when built, will allow you to unlock a series of fishing rewards in return for catching at least one of each respective species of fish in the game. If you want a complete guide that will help you track down all the fish in Sea of Stars, then check out our Sea of Stars Fishing Guide.

You will also be able to fish in an area adjacent to the hut that has a selection of fish species that you have already caught on your adventure, so if you are ever short on Seafood, this can be a handy resource.

The rewards on offer are as follows:

  • Stereofilament Line – Can take more damage before breaking.
  • Mithreel Rod – Causes the fish’s stamina to deplete faster. 
  • Bearing Reel – Increases reeling speed.
  • Flimsy Hammer – Very flimsy

As for the Fisherman who will offer all of these rewards, he can be found in Mooncradle after the funeral. Just talk to him, and he’ll make his way over to Mirth.

The Spa

The Spa sea of stars
Image by Callum Marshall
  • Key Features: Stat Boosts
  • Resident Location: Stonemason’s Outpost

Then, lastly, we have the Spa, which will probably take you a while to unlock, as you’ll need to find thirty-nine Rainbow Conches. If you need a hand with doing that, you might want to check out our dedicated Sea of Stars Rainbow Conch Locations Guide.

The Spa is a great addition to the island, and a great way to spend any cash you have lying around after buying all the relics, recipes, Armor, and Weapons in the game. You can pay 250G to have one of your party members go to the Spa, relax in the hot springs, and they will receive a pretty sizable stat boost. I’ll admit, by the time you get the Spa, you’ll likely not have much need for a stat boost, but it’s a welcome addition nonetheless.

As for the resident needed to run the Spa, you’ll find them all the way back over in the Stonemason’s Outpost. You may recall helping someone take a bath in that area in exchange for a Rainbow Conch. Well, the one that is still soaking in the tub is the one you are looking for. He’ll jump at the chance to run his own private, relaxing resort, and with that resident acquired, you’ve built all there is to do build Mirth; well done!

Island Living

As you can see, from humble beginnings, Mirth can be transformed into an island paradise that is a lot more quaint and peaceful when compared to the bustling Port Town of Brisk. We hope that this guide allows you to track down all the plans in Sea of Stars, and helps you get the most out of each of them. As always, thanks for reading Indie Game Culture.

FAQ Section

Question: What is The Ancient Crypt?

Answer: The Ancient Crypt on Settler’s Island is an area where Sabotage Studios have paid homage to all of their backers on Kickstarter by immortalizing them in-game with custom designs, with bigger backers getting more elaborate and cool designs. Even though it’s fan service, it’s worth a look just to see some of the cool designs.

Question: Can You Fish In Mirth?

Answer: Yes, when you access the Fisherman’s Hut, you unlock an area where you can fish and catch a selection of fish species that you have already caught previously. Then you can also head out to Settler’s Rest and catch some fish there too.

Question: How Long Before You Get To Mirth?

Answer: You’ll need to play about a third of the main game’s story to get to Mirth, which is approximately ten hours.

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