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Sea Of Stars Fishing Guide – Reel ‘Em In

As is custom within indie games in the post-Stardew-Valley era, there seemingly has to be a fishing mini-game incorporated into every game in some shape or form. Honestly, it’s so common you would think it was law.

However, while this may sound like criticism, it’s far from it, as I, generally speaking, love fishing mini-games, provided they are done well.

Dredge was an experience that practically offered an entire game comprised of fishing mini-games, and I thought that was excellent, so when I found out Sea of Stars would have its own version, I was quietly excited.

Sea of Stars includes fishing by offering a series of fishing ponds around the map, and as you progress through the story, you’ll be given the opportunity to drop into each lake, lagoon, or pond, and see what kind of fish make up the ecology of each.

This will allow you to build up food resources for seafood dishes, gather resources needed to access fishing rewards later in the game; and naturally, there is an achievement linked to catching one of each fish, so you’ll want to become a master angler alongside a competent Solstice Warrior.

You may find that you catch all these passively as you complete the game, but just in case you neglected this mechanic, or missed a few along the way, here is a guide that will document where each fish is located, and the rewards you’ll net for reeling in every fish in the game. This is Indie Game Culture’s Sea of Stars fishing Guide.

How to Fish in Sea of Stars

The fishing minigame within Sea of Stars isn’t exactly tutorialised very well. However, it’s pretty intuitive, and if you really get stuck, the game does also have the ‘how to play’ section in the pause menu that will teach you the ins and outs. But since you are here already, allow me to guide you through it.

To fish in Sea of Stars, simply step up to the edge of the pontoon and cast your line. You press once to cast, and a second time to drop your line in a desired spot in the body of water. The goal here is to create a ripple that attracts a nearly fish, getting them on the hook. So aim for a silhouette that you want to reel in.

After this, the battle begins to get the fish ashore. To do this, you must reel the fish in by keeping the fish in the highlighted area on the screen. The fish will struggle and often pull itself out of this highlighted section. At this point, you should stop reeling and let the line go slack.

If you do this, you can then reposition the fish, and reel in again when ready. If you keep reeling, then your line will break, and you’ll have to start again. All in all, pretty simple.

Also, a little bonus tip, try to cast near fish, and if you can, begin reeling in before they bite. The closer you are to the shore, the less chance there is of the fish escaping.

Sea of Stars Pond and Fish Locations

Here is a rundown of every fishing location in Sea of Stars, along with a list of all the fish present in each location:

Location #1 – Sunglow Lake

sea of stars sunglow lake

Region: Eldermist Island

  • Lunar Trout
  • Man O’ War

Location #2 – Windy Loch

sea of stars windy loch

Region: Sleeper Island

  • Grass Haddock
  • Hardshell
  • Lunar Trout

Location #3 – Lavish Lake

sea of stars lavish lake

Region: Sleeper Island

  • Grass Haddock
  • Man O’ War
  • Grass Haddock

Location #4 – Haunted Creek

sea of stars haunted creek

Region: Wraith Island

  • Bone Pike
  • Ghosturgeon
  • Spectral Eel

Location #5 – Watcher’s Pond

sea of stars watcher's pond

Region: Watcher Island

  • Sun Carp
  • Viridian Lobster
  • Fluorescent Piranha
  • Crimson Bass

Location #6 -Settler’s Rest

sea of stars settler's rest

Region: Settler Island

  • Crimson Bass
  • Grass Haddock
  • Hardshell
  • Seakjaw

Location #7 – Lake Turquoise

sea of stars lake turquoise

Region: Mesa Island

  • Crimson Bass
  • Clockwork Crab
  • Swordfish
  • Ninja Starfish

Location #8 – Sulfuric Basin

sea of stars sulfuric basin

Region: Kiln Mountain

  • Lava Koi
  • Rock Shrimp

Location #9 – Skybound Lagoon

sea of stars skybound lagoon

Region: Skylands

  • Cloud Skate
  • Ninja Starfish
  • Sky Urchin

Location #10 – Cerulean Resovoir

sea of stars cerulean resovoir

Region: Cerulean Islands (Repine)

  • Laser Burbot
  • Sicilium Sponge
  • Coil Flounder
  • Cybernardl Hermite

Mirth Fishing Rewards

Catching fish is fun and all, but obviously, you want some sort of reward for your efforts, right? Well, lucky for you, Sea of Stars does reward the player with tiered rewards based on how many fish you have caught throughout your adventure.

The only problem is, there are a couple of steps before you can claim said rewards. Here’s how to make that happen.

Mirth Fishing Shop Plans

Step one on the road to collecting the fishing rewards in Sea of Stars is finding Mirth building plans for a Fishing Shop. A lot of these plans are given to the player by the little kid in Doccari Village in exchange for Rainbow Conch Shells, and this one is no different.

You will need to find 22 Rainbow Conch Shells, and in return, you will be given the plans. If you need a hand finding these Rainbow Conch Shells, here is our handy guide detailing all of their locations.

Finding a Fisherman

After building the Fisherman’s Shop, you’ll need an actual fisherman to man the place.

Provided you have been talking to every NPC you come across, then chances are you have met him already, but just in case, you can find this man in Mooncradle after the funeral takes place (no spoilers here). Simply inform him of your new settlement, and he’ll make his way over to Mirth.

Claiming the Rewards

mirth fishing rewards

With the two key components in place, you can now claim all the fishing-related rewards on offer if you have caught all 23 fish species at least once. Here is a list of the rewards on offer:

4 Fish Types:

• Relic:
• Stereofilament Line – Can take more damage before breaking. 

9 Fish Types:

• Relic:
• Mithreel Rod – Causes the fish’s stamina to deplete faster. 

15 Fish Types:

• Relic:
• Bearing Reel – Increases reeling speed.

23 Fish Types:

• Key Item:
• Flimsy Hammer – Very flimsy


Question: How Many Fish are in Sea of Stars?

Answer: There are a grand total of twenty-three fish to collect in Sea of Stars. Typically there are three different species per pond that you encounter, so make sure you spend some time catching all the different silhouettes in the water.

Question: What Recipes Use Seafood?

Answer: There are a handful of Seafood recipes that make fishing and filleting your catches worthwhile; these are:

• Surf and Turf Tataki
• Yakitori Shrimp
• Sashimi
• Mooncradle Fish Pie
• Chaudréé

Question: Where is the Mirth Fisherman?

Answer: This Mirth resident will be recruited after you return to Mooncradle for the funeral. Speak to them, and they will travel to Mirth; then, all you need are the Fisherman’s Hut plans.


Thankfully, in Sea of Stars, the fishing mini-game is fun to interact with, while not being all that intrusive when it comes to progression.

It’s a fun little distraction if you want to take a load off and forget about all the Dwellers and Fleshmancers of the world. Hopefully, this guide has helped you locate all the fish within this wonderful RPG, and as always, thank you for reading IGC!

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