Terraria 1.4.5 Adding Skyblock and Way More

Around eight months ago, development on Terraria 1.4.5 began, and Redigit stated that it would just be a minor update that’s relatively light on content.

Fast forward to today, and we know that Terraria 1.4.5 will add Skyblock, Seed Combos, an Overhauled Lighting System, and even more, plus some Dead Cells content on top.

There’s quite a lot of news and spoilers to sort through if you’re a Terraria fan, and no single source contains everything. Redigit’s Twitter Account and ChippyGaming’s news videos are good places to start, but if you want a summary of the significant new features being added, that’s what I’m here for. Let’s run through some of the big new things coming soon to Terraria.


A while back, Redigit expressed his desire to go for a Skyblock seed in Terraria officially. There have been many custom maps and mods to make this Minecraft-inspired challenge a possibility, so an official way to play it in-game is undoubtedly going to be awesome.

The bare essentials to beat Terraria are 25 dirt, one jungle grass, a tree, water, and a jungle temple somewhere in the world.

As someone who’s actually beaten the game like this, I can personally vouch for the fact that it’s incredibly grindy. Redigit seems to agree and, through testing, has added an item that will essentially work like an auto-clicker to make skyblock grinding just a bit easier.

This screenshot is a bit difficult to see, but we can spot a brand new event that might be exclusive to Skyblock, called a meteor shower.

Tiny bits of Meteorite are falling from the sky; you can pick them up when they land. This change is much appreciated because Meteorite might not have too many places to spawn in a Skyblock world.

The Other Changes

Skyblock isn’t the only thing we’re getting details about, as we’ve been given some great extra information recently. One of the coolest ones was shown just yesterday, which is a sort of clentaminator-like item, but for Biome Torches.

The clentaminator never converts torches, so this will be essential for people who want good torch luck.

There’s a new feature called Seed Combinations, where you can take any number of Easter Egg Seeds and combine them to make a new seed, sometimes with special effects.

For instance, you could play a Vampire seed, where being out in the sun hurts. If I had to guess, it’s probably the combination of The Constant and Don’t Dig Up.

We’ve also seen a new resprite of the Moon Lord, the final boss of Terraria. This one has his tentacles moving, and it looks to have better shading and looks incredibly detailed in general.

The Moon Lord was already one of the biggest and no doubt most labor-intensive sprites in Terraria, so the fact we’re getting a resprite at all is incredible.

Finally, one of the best things about Terraria updates is seeing unloved items getting their time to shine, and the weapon of choice for this update is the Phaseblade.

It’s getting reworked so you can still use it like normal or throw it to make it stick in the ground and deal constant damage while you use other weapons. This is a really cool, unique design for an item that we’ve never seen before in vanilla.

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