USC: Counterforce Receives First Major Update

This one might be a bit of a deep cut, even for us, but USC: Counterforce is a new Early Access Strategy game and is highly regarded among its fans. It was released only a month ago and promised several content updates down the line, and today, we’re getting the first one.

Of the three (or more) significant updates planned for the game, the first is the one that will be padding out a lot of the content, making the game feel a lot more complete with the mechanics it already has, rather than adding a ton of shallow new ones. There’s a complete feature list already, so let’s dive into it.

Update 1 Features

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Of the new features, the most important will probably be the new game mode. This mode is called “Defend the Base” and will task players to build up their defenses and ensure their base is safe from attackers rather than being on the attacking side as usual.

On top of this new mode that the update is named after, the rest is primarily focused on fleshing out and building upon the base game, and while these changes might seem minor, they’ll matter quite a bit to make this game feel content complete. Here are all the changes in a bit of detail:

  • New Items, which should help add a bit more tactical decision in mid-battle
  • New Item Icons add more variety and detail to the existing items, so you can quickly identify which one you’ve picked up without reading.
  • Balancing & Polishing can mean anything, but in this case, it means changing up some stats and polishing up the rougher edges, like making better textures and models.
  • Community Suggestions just means some things were added because people asked for them, typically on the official Discord linked on their Steam page.
  • New “Spaceship” Environment means a new aesthetic choice when starting the game to vary up your playthroughs a bit more.

What’s Coming in Update 2?

Image from FireSquid

Thanks to this new roadmap released alongside the announcement for Update 1, we can see what Update 2 will be like. We don’t know when it’ll be released, and some of this content is subject to change, but having an idea of what it’ll be like is nice.

It’ll essentially be similar to update 1, primarily adding new items, enemies, environments, and several other things to add to the existing content and flesh out the experience. On top of that, there will be a new operation called the Onboard Invasion, presumably where there are invaders in your base, and you need to purge them.

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