Upcoming Terraria Update Turns Rain into Murderous Boulders

Fans of Terraria’s ultimate 2D sandbox can anticipate some terrifying weather in the upcoming Terraria update 1.4.5. An umbrella might not do the trick this time. 

An umbrella may not do the trick this time.

With elaborate leads over Twitter, and a forum post on their home site, Terraria creators Regidt announced through Terraria forums (via PC Games N) the addition of “boulder rain,” or the falling murderous rocks in the Caverns, as a standard weather phenomenon.

 After getting a chance to game with the Devs, popular Terraria content creator Chippy has dubbed this the “boulder update,” confirming that this update will likely to further traumatize hardcore players still in fear of falling rocks.

 Whether rain will have a 1/10 chance of becoming boulders or this challenge remains a particular seed remains unclear, but players can look forward to a rocky surprise.

While players afraid of such challenges can still enjoy a more peaceful experience on easy and Journey mode, this update offers the perfect challenge for Terraria veterans looking for another Master Mode or Bees Seed to rock their world.

Frankly, after getting demolished from fatal runs spelunking through the caverns, this could be the final update to give players some closure over traumatic cavern expeditions or further terror to reinforce their valid fears.

Anything Else On The Way?

While everything is a little bit up in the air as the 1.4.5 updates full list of changes remains a mystery to us all, there have been some hints from Regidt regarding some potential new additions.

When asked about whether they intend to add any new pets to the game in the upcoming Terraria update, they said:

“If we add any new pets, it’ll be Alma the bunny from the comics, or a rat for my daughter.”

Then the Terraria creator also went on to suggest that an unknown melee weapon will be getting tweaked to offer a much more fun experience when wielding this blunt force tool.

I, much like you, am here twidling my thumbs in anticipation of this new update, but you can all settle down, because it seems to be a few months out. As Regidt says, the update is “probably a few months off at the minimum.”

Is Terraria Over?

Honestly, probably not.

Besides “dinosaur mounts” and a “Dead Cells crossover,” lead developers announced (through NME) 1.4.5 as “their last update to Terraria.”

However, given the similar claims revolving around Journey’s End and other previous updates, players can likely expect more content to come with future crossovers, labors of love, and the Island Seed if the developers can’t include it in this update.

Regardless this rocky update will likely offer some stony closure to players looking for a challenging final hurrah before bidding farewell to their time with Terraria. Still, remember to look up!

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