Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood Set For August Release

Would-be witches and deck builders can rejoice at the announced release of Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood “next month on August 16th.

With a reported release date of “August 16th” by Rock Paper Shotgun and a confirmed release date on Steam, players can enjoy this spooky delve into witches, gods, and tarot cards in less than a month.

Here’s a look at the announcement trailer below:

Made by the same developers behind the quirky cyberpunk bartending adventure Red Strings Club, Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood follows the antics of an outcast Witch trapped on a Meteor, desperately trying to make her way home.

With gameplay focused around tarot deckbuilding and a branching narrative, Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood offers some gorgeous, albeit terrifying, visuals with more than a pinch of cosmic horror.

Though the story remains shrouded in mystery at the time of writing, we can expect to interact with a quirky cast of witches and the giant god Abramar to find our way off this rock and alter witch society forever.

Whether players are looking for their next deckbuilding fix after beating Slay the Spire on Ascension 20 with each character or want a witchy pixel art adventure to take back to their coven, Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood looks to be a wild adventure with a solid narrative and spooky twist.

Is Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood Scary

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood Blends Tarot and Story

While the game leans heavily into its pixelated cosmic horror, Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood comes across as a more wholesome take on witches and otherworldly spirits with some unnerving visuals.

Though some players are likely to feel more than a bit uneasy dealing with a towering god with an uncomfortable amount of eyes or humanoid animal spirits with suspicious finery, the dialogue comes across as more silly and wholesome for a more palatable narrative.

Even if players feel lukewarm confronting unknowable forces beyond their control, Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood already has a playable demo available for players to see if this magical adventure is for them.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood lets you design your own tarot deck and seal  your friend's fates, and I already know it's going to make me cry | PC Gamer

Regardless, we can all give this spooky title a go this August 16th when the stars align, and the spirits are generous.

Just be sure to check out this witchy adventure before cosmic forces from the unknown curse your computer (i.e. the sale on Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood ends).

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