Haiku the Robot Gets Physical Edition on Switch

Back in April of last year, Haiku the Robot released on Steam, to critical acclaim, a Metroidvania where you play as an adorable robot and have to fight all the other corrupted robots along the way. This game also got a Nintendo Switch release in September of 2022, but both versions came with no corresponding physical edition.

Luckily for us, the physical edition of the Switch version was just announced. On top of undoubtedly being an excellent collector’s piece, it contains a treasure trove of goodies for game fans to unpack.

What’s in the Box?

Announced by Super Rare Games, the Haiku the Robot physical copies will come with a reversible cover, two maps of the game’s world, a steel book, an instruction manual, and several trading cards. This will retail for around $40 and is only available on the Super Rare Games website. (as far as I can tell, they’ll only ship from Europe and be PAL copies).

Image from Super Rare Games.

You can get a closer look at each item on the website. The map shows each game screen in complete detail, complete in the game’s simplistic pixel art style. The trading cards, unfortunately, don’t have a fun TCG to go with them, but they do have well-made hand-drawn portraits of all the characters pictured, which is (presumably) 5 in total.

Image from Super Rare Games.

We can see a picture of the instruction manual on the website, and while it lacks some visual flair, it has a detailed description of each character in the game and some excellent key art for them as well as screenshots from the game. This edition also comes with a Super Rare Games sticker featuring Haiku the Robot.

Overall, a great package, even if we don’t get a good look at the reversible cover or the additional map, and you know I’d kill to have that soundtrack. If you’re a fan of Haiku the Robot or want to find a new Metroidvania to play, this collection is something you would be interested in.

How to Buy the Physical Edition

Image from https://superraregames.com/

This physical edition, like many done for smaller indie titles, will not be released in stores or on multiple websites. You’ll only find this version of the game at https://superraregames.com/, currently on their front page and on their page for the game itself, https://superraregames.com/products/srg-94-haiku-the-robot-switch.

It’s currently not available for pre-order or for just buying usually. Both will arrive on Thursday, July 20th, at 12 PM CST. If you’re a big fan of this game and want this physical edition, it would be wise to camp out for this time and try to get it as soon as possible, as there are only going to be 4000 copies made and a limit of 2 games per person.

Another option for buying the game is Super Rare Games’ Mystery Multi-Bundle on their website. We don’t know what the other two games will be, and this collection may cost upwards of $100, but if you have faith in the publisher and want to grab two other games while saving on shipping, then go for it.

If you haven’t played the game, I’d suggest getting it on Steam before this date and trying it out to see if you want to double-dip. Or, you could wait until this physical edition drops to buy it, even if you haven’t tried it before. Either way, it’s currently $20 on Switch and Steam, which is half the price of this physical release.

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