Terraria Spelunker Guide

Spelunking is cave diving. In Terraria, there is no real game progression without spelunking.

While that may be true, moving the game forward isn’t the only thing digging into the Underground can yield for you. There are treasures, unique building blocks, monsters, and biomes that can only be found in the depths of your maps.

In this Terraria Spelunker Guide, we’ll be giving a comprehensive look at the many layers of the deep below and all its wonders. We want to help you, the gamer, make the most of spelunking in the world of Terraria.

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Terraria Spelunker Guide

 A Few Things Up Front

  • You cannot dig without a pickaxe or drill.
  • It is possible to fall into a hole while digging and die.
  • Above ground events, such as a Solar Eclipse or Blood Moon, won’t affect you if you are deep enough underground.
  • Most Boss monsters can move through blocks, so going underground won’t protect you from them.
  • It gets dark Underground. You will need a light source.
  • Pressing SHIFT on a keyboard will let you easily access a torch in your inventory for setting or holding while underground.

 The Underground


The Underground Biome is the first layer of depth below the surface. Some crevices go deep from the surface to the Underground, so paying attention to what monsters are spawning may hint to you that you’ve left the surface.

All of the Underground Biomes contain the following ores.


  •  Tin or Copper.
  • Lead or Iron.
  • Some Silver or Tungsten.
  • Rarely Gold or Platinum.


  •  Palladium or Cobalt ore may appear
  • Rarely Mythril or Orichalcum

Any pickaxe will get you through the basic Underground Biome. However, you will find a few more things different as you move through the map. The Underground Biome changes with the surface Biome above it. Here is what you can expect to find in each Underground Biome type.

  •  Forest Underground: Dirt, clay, silt, stone, blinkroot, mice, snails, Green and Teal Mushrooms, Orange Bloodroot, and fairies(rare). You may encounter some traps and treasure chests as well as Underground Cabins. You can also sometimes find gems here in stones and even gem trees.
  • Underground Cabins: Cobwebs, looms, chandeliers, wood, wooden walls, wood plank, bookshelves, pianos, treasure chests.
  • Treasure Chests: Angel Statue, Band of Regeneration, Cloud in a Bottle, Extractinator, Flare Gun, Hermes Boots, Mace, Magic Mirror, and Shoe Spikes. 
  • Desert Underground: Sand, sandstone, hardened sand, desert fossil, similar Underground Cabins but made with sandstone and often containing an Extractinator in them and a sandstone chest.
  • Sandstone Chests: Ancient Chisel, Dunerider Boots, Storm Spear, Thunder Zapper, Magic Conch, Encumbering Stone, Bast Statue, Snake Charmer’s Flute, and a Desert Minecart.
  • Corrupted/Crimson/Hallow Desert Underground: The desert biome spreads the evil biomes the fastest and can quickly be overrun by them. The sand and sandstone will become Crimson, Corrupted, or Hallow, depending on which has spread. Unique enemies spawn and will drop Light Shards if it is Hallow and Dark Shards if Corruption or Crimson. 
  • Jungle Underground: Mud, stone, clay, vines, jungle grass seeds, Bee Hives, Grubby, Sluggy, Buggy, Jungle Shrines, Underground Cabins(built with mahogany), the Jungle Temple, Life Fruit(after killing a Mechanical Boss), Plantera Bulbs(in Hardmode), Jungle Spores, Moonglow, Sky Blue Flowers and it is possible to get a Jungle Rose or a Nature’s Gift from the vegetation.
  • Ivy or Jungle Chests: Anklet of the Wind, Feral Claws, Staff of Regrowth, Fiberglass Fishing Pole, Boomstick, Honey Dispenser, Flower Boots, and Seaweed(rare).
  • Boss fight: Destroying a Bee Larva in a Bee Hive will summon the Queen Bee!
  • Boss fight: Destroying a Plantera Bulb while digging will summon Plantera in Hardmode!(Plantera must be defeated for game progression). Defeating Plantera opens up the Jungle Temple!
  • Ice Biome: Ice, snow, slush, Underground Cabins(of Boreal Wood), and Ice Chests.
  • Ice Chests: Ice Boomerang, Ice Blade, Ice Skates, Snowball Cannon, Blizzard in a Bottle, Flurry Boots, Ice Mirror, Fish (a pet summoning item), and an Ice Machine.

 Life Crystals can be found in all Underground Biomes but are uncommon.

Keep an eye out for Demon Altars or Crimson Altars underground for special crafting options!

The Caverns

Whole Map

As you dive deeper underground, you enter the Cavern Biome. The enemies get harder and you can find many mini-biomes that give you some of the most flashy building blocks in the game. You also have a higher chance of finding the rare ore from The Underground and more powerful ore. 

Pre-Hardmode ore you can only locate in The Caverns.

  • Demonite ore on a world with Corruption.
  • Crimtane ore on a world with Crimson.
  • Obsidian, but only where there is lava. (Obsidian can be made by spilling water onto lava anywhere.)

Hardmode ore you can only locate in The Caverns.

  •  Adamantite or Titanium ore.

In Hardmode, Chlorophyte Ore will be throughout the Underground Jungle but can only be mined with a Pickaxe Axe or one of higher quality. For an overview of Pickaxes and how to get them, when to use and the like, click here.

Blocks and general item finds in The Cavern are similar to The Underground, with a few added things to the chests.

 New items in chests: Lucky Horseshow and Lava Charm. (Both of these are great finds!)

The Mini-Biomes

Glowing Mush

 Here’s a list of the mini-biomes you can find in the Caverns.

  • Glowing Mushroom Biome: Glowing Mushroom Seeds, Glowing Mushrooms, Glowing Mushroom Chest(will have a Mushroom Vanity Set or Minecart).
  • Marble Biome: Marble, Smooth Marble, Marble Cabin(with nice Marble furniture), and Marble Chest(has the same treasure as an Underground chest).
  • Granite Biome: Granite, Smooth Granite Blocks, Granite Cabin(with cool Granite furniture), and regular Underground Chests.
  • Spider Cave Biome: Cobwebs spawn in here over time, so it becomes an infinite source of silk if not destroyed. May have a Web Covered Chest. This chest has ordinary Underground items but always holds a Web Slinger (fun grappling hook). Generates a lot of Spiders.
  • Jungle Temple: It has Lizhard and Flying Snake enemies(stronger than other Underground base enemies). Find things to summon a solar eclipse here and fight the Golem! Lizhard-based items are found in its chests, pots, or dropped by the enemies.

 Biomes That Spread

 Three types of Biomes can spread and take over the map in Terraria, changing the monsters and terrain. In any map spawn, you will only get one of The Corruption or The Crimson, but in all maps, after defeating the Wall of Flesh, you get The Hallow.

These biomes change the Underground significantly in Hardmode and boast more dangerous threats. They spread as low as the Caverns, stopping only at the Surface and Hell. 

  • Crimson Underground: Deathweed. Usual blocks will become crimson. All enemies here have a chance to drop Soul of Night and Crimson Keys in Hardmode. 
  • Corruption Underground: Deathweed and Vile Mushrooms. Usual blocks will become Corrupt. All enemies here have a chance to drop Soul of Night and Corrupt Keys in Hardmode.
  • Hallow Underground: Crystals Shards, Gelatin Crystal(summons Slime Queen!). All enemies here have a chance to drop a Soul of Light, Hallowed Key, or a Blessed Apple(Unicorn Mount!). Usual blocks become Pearlsand.
  • Bosses! In both the Crimson and Corruption, you can see some orbs on a wall, emitting a light. Breaking them with a hammer or a bomb will drop many items and put a message on the screen. Breaking three will cause a boss to come. The Brain of Cthulu in a Crimson world. Eater of Worlds in a Corruption world. This is PRE-HARDMODE. It will also drop a meteor onto the surface.
  • Shadow Orb Drops(Corruption):  Musket+ Musket Balls, Shadow Orb, Vilethorn, Ball O’ Hurt and a Band of Starpower.
  • Crimson Heart Drops(Crimson): The Undertaker+ Musket Ball, Crimson Heart, Panic Necklace, Crimson Rod and The Rotted Fork.

The Underworld (Hell)


You’ve reached the lowest Biome. There is a lot of lava here. The giant lava lake cannot be turned into Obsidian and breaks the Obsidian can be made anywhere rule. Water dissipates when hitting it.

You can find Underworld Cities here, and you should build a bridge, or you’ll have a lot of trouble fighting the Wall of Flesh. Use whatever blocks you have to make a bridge from one Underworld City to another.

  • You can find down here: Shadow Chests, Obsidian Furniture and blocks, Hellstone(ORE!), Fireblossom, Hellforge(needed!), Hellstone bricks, ash blocks, and decorative banners. You can find Hell Butterflies, Lavaflies, and Magma Snails here, but you’ll need a lava net to catch them.
  • Shadows Chests: You need a shadow key to open, found in the Dungeon. Dark Lance, Sunfury, Flamelash, Flower of Fire, Hellwing Bow, Treasure Magnet, Demonic Hellcart, Ornate Shadow Key, Slice of Hell Cake, and Hellfire Arrows.
  • BOSS FIGHT! The Wall of Flesh is fought here.

The Monsters

Underground Pre-Hardmode

Monster Notes Notable Item Drops
Giant Worm It moves through blocks. Listen for the sound of it coming. Whoopie Cushion
Blue Slime It’s a little better than green slimes.  
Red Slime Much stronger than green slimes.  
Yellow Slime More uncommon and only slightly stronger than a red slime.  
Pinky A rare mini-boss slime that is really good to kill. Pink gel
Blue Jellyfish A glowing stronger jellyfish in underground water. Jellyfish Necklace

Underground Hardmode

Monster Notes Notable Item Drops
Digger There is a big increase in HP and damage on this larger version of the giant worm. Whoopie Cushion
Possessed Armor Use a high knockback weapon to help handle them until you’ve got stronger stuff.  
Toxic Sludge These are slow, and you can perch to snipe them. Stronger than slimes and cause Poison! Bezoar
Green Jellyfish An upgraded version of the jellyfish, it boasts 80 damage! Kill before entering the water. Jellyfish Necklace or a Megaphone

Desert Underground Pre-Hardmode

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
Antlion/Charger/Giant It spits when its head is in the ground, and it’s easy. When it is running at you, it will kill an early game player with ease. Antlion Mandible


Mandible Blade(will not be dropped by a submerged Antlion)

Antlion Swarmer/Giant These fly and yet are easier to dodge than the chargers. A good knockback weapon works. Antlion Mandible


Mandible Blade

Antlion Larva Spawn from the antlion eggs. They do not grow up. Antlion Mandible
Sand Slime Usual stronger slime fodder.  
Tomb Crawler A larger version of a Giant Worm, it can do decent early game damage. Sturdy Fossil

Desert Underground Hardmode

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
Basilisk These speedy upgraded versions of Antlion Chargers can kill you if you don’t keep an eye out for them. High damage output on a charge. Ancient Horn
Sand Poacher These climb walls, so perching and shooting won’t help against them.  
Lamia You can only get the Moon Mask if you fight a Lamia in a Corrupted or Crimson Desert Underground. You can perch and poach them. Moon Mask​, Sun Mask​, Lamia Mask, Lamia Wraps,​ or a Lamia Tail.
Dune Splicer This worm is huge, fast, and hits hard. If you aren’t doing good damage, avoid it at all costs. If there’s a Sandstorm, they get a massive speed boost.  
Ghoul No notes. I hate these things. They are just beefy fast zombies. Ancient Cloth

Infected Desert Underground

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
Tainted/Vile/Dreamer Ghouls Dreamers are Hallow Desert Ghouls. Ancient Cloth, Vile Ghouls drop Ichor(Crimson), Tained drop Cursed Flames(Corruption).
Desert Spirit These things have a magic attack that can appear near you wherever you run. Being swarmed by them can lead to death even in late Hardmode. Desert Spirit Lamp and Djinn’s Curse.

Underground Jungle Pre-Hardmode

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
Hornet They come in different sizes and can cause poison. Stinger, Ancient Cobalt Armor, Bezoar
​Man Eater They can attack through blocks. Ancient Cobalt Armor, Vine
Jungle Bat Flies. Depth Meter, Bat Bat
Spiked Jungle Slime It Shoots Poison stingers, making it one of the most dangerous slimes. Stinger
Piranha Only in water. Robot Hat
Lac Beetle Not as weak as it looks. Violet Husk.
Doctor Bones(rare, night) Rare underground zombie spawn. Drops the Indiana Jones hat

Underground Jungle Hardmode

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
Jungle Creeper Wall Climber, stats drop when climbing a wall, causes Acid Venom, spits an attack on Hardmode.  
Moth(rare) Flutters and attacks quickly. Butterfly Dust.
Moss Hornet An upgraded version of the Hornet. Bezoar.
Angry Trapper The strongest version of the Man Eater. Uzi
Giant Tortoise This thing does A LOT of damage when it spins and flings itself at you. Turtle Shell
Arapaima Annoying long fish in water.  
Angler Fish Hardmode Piranha upgrade. Found in Cavern layers in Hardmode as well. Robot Hat or Adhesive Bandage.

Underground Crimson

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
​Blood Jelly An upgraded Jellyfish. Monster Meat
Blood Feeder Upgraded Piranha. Monster Meat
Crimson Axe Passes through blocks and can cause Curse! Nazar, Meat Grinder
​Ichor Sticker It’s a floating enemy that spits a nasty stream of gold which causes Ichor! Monster Meat, Ichor
Floaty Gross It can pass through blocks and causes Weak! It is easy to knock back. Monster Meat, ​Vertebra​, Vitamins, ​Meat Grinder

Underground Corruption

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
Devourer This is faced before Hardmode as well. It’s a long worm creature that passes through walls like other worms. Worm Tooth, Tentacle Spike, Rotten Meat
World Feeder A much more dangerous worm than a Devourer. Cursed Flame, Monster Meat, Meat Grinder.
Cursed Hammer Passes through walls and can cause Curse! Nazar, Meat Grinder.
Clinger These cling to walls like the Jungle Man Eaters. It can attack through walls and spit an attack that causes Cursed Inferno! Cursed Flame, Monster Meat.
​Corruptor A floating enemy that can spit an attack that causes Weak! Vitamins, Monster Meat, Rotten Chunk, and a Meat Grinder.
Corrupt Slime Splits into three smaller slimes when killed. All of these can cause Darkness. Blindfold, Meat Grinder, and Monster Meat.
Slimer It can fly. After some damage, it falls to the ground and is just a slime enemy.  

​Underground Hallow

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
Illuminant Slime One of the faster, strongest slimes. Don’t overlook them when surrounded by other enemies.  
​Illuminant Bat Usual, glowing, annoying bat. Much more damage than most bats. Bat Bat
Chaos Elemental It teleports. You can randomly become overwhelmed by many of these. Rod of Discord
Enchanted Sword Passes through blocks and can cause Curse! Blade Staff, Nazar

The Cavern Pre-Hardmode

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
Black Slime It’s a slightly stronger slime that can cause Darkness!  
Mother Slime​ A giant slime that spawns baby slimes when killed. Compass
Baby Slime​ Tiny slimes with low damage.  
​Skeleton Honestly similar to zombies but faster. Hook, Ancient Iron Helmet, Ancient Gold Helmet, and Bone Sword.
Cave Bat They fly around and are very annoying. Chain Knife, Depth Meter(this item will tell you which part of The Underground you are in!)
Salamander Spits at you and causes Poison! (2 of 3 Mechanic) Depth Meter, Compass, Rally(yo-yo)
​Crawdad Though easy to kill, they do serious damage if you let them get too close! (2 of 3 Mechanic) Depth Meter, Compass, Rally(yo-yo)
Giant Shelly When they spin, they hit you fast and from afar. It can quickly kill an early game spelunker. (2 of 3 Mechanic) Depth Meter, Compass, Rally(yo-yo)
Undead Miner An uncommon zombie that’s a good find for what it may drop. Mining Helmet, Bone Pickaxe, Mining Vanity Clothes Set.
Tim(rare) Mini-Boss, Teleports, and shoots magic. If you wear a magic robe with no hat, there is a high chance of encountering him. Wizard Hat


(Appears first as a Lost Girl, don’t be fooled!)

Mini-Boss. Once you near or attack her, she becomes a fast-moving, early game player-killing machine. Sometimes in the Ice Biome. Metal Detector
Cochineal Beetle Uncommon spawn rate. Red Husk.

*2 of 3 Mechanic: Only two of these monsters will exist in one map.

Cavern Hardmode

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
Armored Skeleton Can inflict Broken Armor! Armor Polish, Beam Sword
Skeleton Archer Don’t be fooled by their slow movement. These have great aim and cause On Fire! Magic Quiver, Marrow
Rune Wizard(rare) Mini-Boss, upgraded version of Tim. His attacks pass through blocks and can’t be destroyed! Rune Vanity Set.
Giant Bat​ Upgraded Cave Bat. It can cause Confuse! Trifold Map, Depth Meter.
Rock Golem It’s not a mini-boss per se, but with 1000 life(more than most mini-bosses) and big knockback resistance and rock-throwing ranged attacks, be careful. Rock Golems Head.

Underworld (Hell) Pre-Mechanical Boss

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
Hellbat This bat does pretty good damage. Kill it quickly. Magma Stone
Lava Slime It’s a slightly faster slime that can float on lava.  
Demon If carrying a VooDoo doll, don’t kill it over lava! It launches four highly damaging Scythes at you. These can cause Darkness! Demon Scythe, Voodoo doll. When this doll falls into lava by you or by accident, it summons the WALL OF FLESH! It will only drop the doll if it is holding it.
Fire Imp It teleports, flies, shoots fireballs which can pass through blocks and cause On Fire! You can hit those fireballs to destroy them. Obsidian Rose, Plumber’s hat.
Bone Serpent A much larger, faster version of the giant worm. Several sections long.  

Hell After Defeating a Mechanical Boss

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
Lava Bat A higher damaging Hellbat. Magma Stone.
Red Devil Shoots trident projectiles instead of scythes. This harder demon’s ranged attack does massive damage for a non-boss character. You should avoid getting hit no matter your armor. Unholy Trident, Fire Feather.
Tortured Soul This is an NPC, don’t kill it! Throw Purification Powder on it you buy from the Dryad. Becomes the Tax Collector for your town.

Ice Pre-Hardmode

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
Ice Bat A cold bat. It may cause Chilled! Or, Frozen! Depth Meter.
Snow Flinx Pretty high damage for the early game. Farm these for items if you can until you get enough Flinx Fur. Flinx Fur, Snowball Launcher, Compass
Spiked Ice Slime Shoots an icy projectile that can cause Chilled! Or, Frozen!  
Undead Viking Similar to a skeleton but jumps higher. Compass, Viking Helmet, Hook.
Cyan beetle Cute little dangerous things. Cyan Husk.

Ice Hardmode

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
Armored Viking Upgraded Undead Viking. Ice Sickle, Compass.
Ice Tortoise These are powerful enemies that spin and fling themselves at you. Ice Sickle, Frozen Turtle Shell.
Ice Elemental Floating, they shoot frost attacks at you that cause Frostburn! They ignore stealth bonuses! Frost Staff, Ice Sickle.
Icy Merman Once it sees you, it will fire ice spit at you. Can cause Chilled! Or, Frozen! Frost Staff, Ice Sickle.
Pigron(if Corruption/Crimson or Hallow overlap!) Becomes transparent to move through blocks, then solid to mess you up. It flies. Bacon(great boost after eating!), Hambat, Pigron Minecart.

Mini-Biomes Pre-Hardmode

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
Hoplite(Marble) Throws Javelins at you. Javelin, Gladius, Gladiator Armor Set.
Granite Golem(Granite) Can sometimes become invulnerable. Granite, Geode, Night Vision Helmet.
Granite Elemental(Granite) Floats and good at following you. Granite, Geode, Night Vision Helmet.
Spore Bat(Glowing Mushroom) A mushroom bat. Depth Meter, Shroomerang.
Spore Skeleton(Glowing Mushroom) A mushroom skeleton. Same as Skeleton.
Wall Creepers(Spider Cave) Climb Walls  

Mini-Biomes Hardmode

Monster Note Notable Item Drops
Medusa(Marble) It is a mini-Boss that can petrify you with a look! When you are petrified, you take increased Fall Damage, and any equipment you have that prevents fall damage is ignored. If she does this when you are flying or similar, you will probably die. Medusa Head, Pocket Mirror.
Black Recluse(Spider Cave) Climbs walls, causes Acid Venom! Much stronger than other spiders. Spider Fang, Poison Staff.
Anomura Fungus(Glowing) High Life.  
Giant Fungi Bulb(Glowing) Fires highly damaging Spores at you that can travel through blocks.  
Mushi Ladybug(Glowing) Sneaky buggers fly, are fast, and deal decent damage.  
  • All slimes have a slim chance of dropping a Slime Staff.
  • If Skeletron is dead, all Underworld enemies may drop a Cascade(yo-yo).
  • In Hardmode, any enemy in the Jungle Biome may drop a Yelets.
  • In Hardmode, any enemy in the Underworld Biome may drop a Living-Fire Block or a Hel-fire(Great Yo-Yo).
  • The Tortured Soul appears as soon as Hardmode begins.

What about Mimics?

crimson mimic

I’m giving them their own spot here because they contain some of the best items you’ll get from an enemy in the game. They all technically count as Mini-Bosses, but you really do need to be wary of Hallow, Corruption, and Crimson Mimics.

Those three are powerhouses even into Mid-Hardmode. They can attack you from far away, will travel through blocks, and don’t be afraid to flee if you aren’t doing well.

Mimics will spawn in Underground Biomes. The normal Mimic has a chance to generate throughout all The Underground Biomes on Hardmode unless you are in an Ice, Hallow, Corruption, or Crimson Biome. See below for items that may drop.

  • Mimic: Dual Hook, Magic Dagger, Titan Glove, Philosopher’s Stone, Cross Necklace, Star Cloak, Compass.
  • Ice Mimic: Frostbrand, Ice Bow, Toy Sled, Flower of Frost.
  • Hallow Mimic: Daedalus Stormbow, Flying Knife, Crystal Vile Shard, Illuminant Hook, Greater Healing Potion, and a Greater Mana Potion.
  • Corruption Mimic: Dart Rifle, Worm Hook, Chain Guillotines, Clinger Staff, Putrid Scent, Greater Healing Potion, and a Greater Mana Potion.
  • Crimson Mimic: Life Drain, Dart Pistol, Fetid Baghnakhs, Flesh Knuckles, Tendon Hook, Greater Healing Potion, and a Greater Mana Potion.

A Few Important Things!


  •  In the Spider Cave Biome, you can find: The Stylist
  • In the Underground Desert: The Golfer
  • After a Goblin Invasion in Cavern Biome: Goblin Tinkerer
  • In Hardmode, located in The Cavern: The Wizard
  • The Underworld in Hardmode: The Tax Collector(see enemies)

Enchanted Sword Shrine RNG

While spelunking, you may come across an Enchanted Sword Shrine. This will hold one of two swords if it is glowing.

Swords: Enchanted Sword, Terragrim,

The pictures below are of the enchanted sword shrine. The glowing one means you got lucky and will get a sword. Not every world will have an enchanted one. If you are spelunking to find this shrine, make a small map and dig around until you locate a shrine. These shrines usually aren’t far from the surface and often have a little light shining down into them from above. If the 1-3 shines on your small map, don’t have an enchanted one, trash the map and try again.Enchanted Sword comparison

 Any Tips?

  •  Always upgrade your pickaxe first.
  • Having summons around you is an excellent boon while digging.
  • There is a lot of good fishing underground. Check here.
  •  Build a two-story house in The Underground. Put The Clothier and Tax Collector with a pet into it. You’ll be able to buy a Cavern Pylon from The Clothier if you do for easy map movement.
  • Digging deep without a grappling hook is a bad idea.
  • Perching to fight enemies refers to hooking on a high wall and shooting at them with a ranged attack.


Question: Do I need rope when digging?

Answer: No, but it helps a lot in the early game. Sometimes, it can take a while to get a return potion or a magic mirror, and leaving rope to climb up quickens your route home.

Question: Why can’t I mine the ore?

Answer: The level of your pickaxe isn’t strong enough. Check the pickaxe guide suggested in the article.

Question: Do I need to go into The Underground?

Answer: If you want to progress in the game, yes. You 100% need to dig up a bunch of blocks for this.

Question: Can I fight the Wall of Flesh above ground?

Answer: No. It only spawns when a voodoo doll falls in lava. If you do this above ground, it will still generate in the Underworld.

Question: Is the Underground hard?

Answer: Yes. I can recall many times the unique Biome Mimics killed me, not to mention accidentally spawning the Queen Bee early game. She chased me to my nearby bed spawn and killed me for about 17 minutes straight before finally de-spawning. So yeah…it can be a little challenging.

To Summarize

 Spelunking is key to gameplay in Terraria. Many great weapons and item drops are littered in the world below the surface, and game progression is hiding in its depths.

 You’ll need the ore, stone, and key items found in the Underground. So, get your pickaxe ready, some torches, a grappling hook, or plenty of rope, and start your descent.

 Good luck and good gaming.

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