Enchanted Sword Terraria Guide

Enchanted Sword Terraria Guide

The Enchanted Sword is an iconic item among Terraria players. Serving as one of the few pre-boss projectile shooting swords, its usefulness cannot be understated when acquired early in a playthrough. I still remember when I played Terraria for the first time with my brother, and he stole the sword from my world and took it to his own, a true tragedy.

This sword is also even more helpful for players who have beaten the game and want the best weapon, The Zenith. The Enchanted Sword is a key crafting ingredient in this ultimate weapon, so this Enchanted Sword Terraria guide is for you, whether it’s the very beginning of your playthrough or the absolute end.

Bottom Line Up-Front

The Enchanted Sword can rarely be found in shrines appearing under long 1-block wide holes that lead underground, fishing crates, or in random sword shrines in caves.

You can most easily get this by generating new worlds and looking for the holes that lead to them.

Key Info

  • Item Type: Projectile Sword
  • Class: Melee
  • Renewable: Yes, you can get an unlimited amount through fishing.
  • Location: Underground, between cavern and surface layers.
  • Difficulty to Obtain: Entirely dependant on luck, but usually a little tricky.
  • Availability: As soon as you start the game.
  • Rarity: Green

What is the Enchanted Sword?

Enchanted Sword terraria

The Enchanted Sword takes design inspirations from both the old story of King Arthur, the sword in the stone, and the Master Sword from the Legend of Zelda, specifically Link to The Past.

This is because it is visually similar to the Master Sword and can be found as the one real among other fake, similar-looking ones, needing to be pulled from the stones underneath. The Sword Itself is also quite valuable at a lovely five gold for an item you get completely free.

It functions in Terraria like any other old sword, just that it will shoot out a big projectile sword beam every so often, another reference to the Master Sword. Luckily in Terraria, you do not need full health to access your projectile. The sword does significant damage at the start of the game and is a great tool.

The sword does 23 damage and swings quickly, an excellent weapon for this early stage of the game. It is great against the Eye of Cthulu and the Brain of Cthulu, and it is just helpful for mobs you may encounter usually playing the game.

Of course, it is also an ingredient in the Zenith, the endgame sword that does damage numbers in the hundreds of thousands. I myself have gone on multi-world journeys to find the rather RNG-heavy Enchanted Sword to make the Zenith at the very end of the game.

Side Note: The Terragrim

the terragrim the enchanted sword

The Terragrim is found in the same way the Enchanted Sword is. However, when you mine the Enchanted Sword shrine, you have a 2% chance to get the Terragrim instead, a much different weapon designed for close-range combat.

The Terragrim only does 17 damage but strikes quite rapidly, doing tons of damage at very close range. It does not have a projectile, but its damage can be considerably more than the Enchanted Sword you were after in the first place.

Most of the time, though, if you’re after the Enchanted Sword, you probably don’t actually want the Terragrim and can exit the game without saving and then mine up that same sword shrine to most likely get the Enchanted Sword instead.

When Can You Get the Enchanted Sword?

enchanted sword in terraria

The Enchanted Sword is accessible right from the start of the game and is the most quickly accessible projectile sword in Terraria. However, it does quite a lot of damage, which is why it might be surprising to hear you can get it immediately after you start the game for the first time.

You can find it on either the outer edges of the world or sometimes randomly underground by doing a little bit of exploring. The sword is not gated by any material cost or boss progression. You can always mine it as soon as you find it.

How to Find the Enchanted Sword

how to find the enchanted sword in terraria

There are three ways to locate an Enchanted Sword, all are luck based, but if you keep at it for a while, you should eventually find one and have the sword of legends within your grasp.

Method 1: Natural Sword Shrine

Any Terraria world can generate 1-4 shrines, with more generating the larger your world is. So you generally have around a 70% chance on a small world and much larger possibilities on medium and large worlds.

Every shrine generates a 33% chance of creating a one-block-wide hole leading up to the surface. So if you see any holes like this in your world, you should try to dig right the way down to see where they lead.

This is the fastest method if you’re willing to generate a bunch of worlds and run around them looking for the hole in the ground. If you do this, you should get Hermes Boots or a fast-moving mount, though, since running across worlds will take some time.

You can also try digging holes in the surface that are evenly spaced out to try and locate one that doesn’t have a hole leading to it, but it might just be faster to constantly make new worlds and search them entirely than do this.

If you use this method as your primary one, you should try and get a Magic Conch beforehand, allowing you to go to the edges of the world instantly. The sword shrine only generates on these edges, which would be more efficient.

You should also be aware that every time you break one of these background objects containing the sword, you have a tiny chance of getting the Terragrim instead. So if you don’t care about the Zenith, this one is probably even better as a close-range damage dealer. If you’re going for the Zenith, you can force close the game without saving and try your luck again with the shrine.

This method does depend entirely on your world, though, and not every world will be lucky enough to have any shrine, much less one that is easily found from the surface. Therefore, the following two methods may interest you more if this one fails you.

Method 2: Digging Underground

terraria enchanted sword shrine

Sometimes there isn’t an easily found shrine from the surface, in which case you could try this method of finding a shrine if you don’t want to generate a ton of worlds and clog up your hard drive with a bunch of worlds named things like “Slow Coast” or “The Shire of Owls.”

It would be best if you tried digging around where the background changes from dirt to dirt and stone, as this in-between section of the world is most likely to spawn sword shrines. You should also only go to the outer two-thirds of the map. The middle will never contain an Enchanted Sword shrine.

Try looking out for these background objects, in particular. However, they spawn outside of specific shrines and will generate randomly. Some shrines have fake wooden swords in them that drop absolutely nothing. Look out for any with blue and red handles.

The minimal chance to get the Terragrim instead still applies with this method. Just be sure to remember where you found the shrine in the first place, and try force-closing the game if you don’t get what you want when breaking it.

If you’re going to try this method, make sure to bring some suitable digging accessories, and a decent pickaxe, the platinum pickaxe with an ancient chisel should work just fine. Still, a mining potion and a crimson pickaxe would be even better.

Unfortunately, you can’t use a spelunker potion to highlight these shrines, but you can increase your screen size and keep a keen eye out for them. Make sure to take it slow and steady, and you might find one. If not, then it’s time to resort to the final method that will let you eventually get the sword.

Method 3: Fishing

titanium crate terraria

This is the slowest method by far, but slow and steady wins the race, so if you’re willing to fish up a crate with a 3-6% chance to give you the sword in the stone, then this method is the one you’re going to wanna go with.

Mainly added as a way to get the Zenith in worlds that didn’t naturally spawn with a sword, if you get a Golden Crate or Titanium Crate from fishing, it can rarely contain the Enchanted Sword. Unfortunately, it has a 3% chance from Golden Crates and a 6% chance from Titanium, so if you go with this method, I’d recommend just waiting until hardmode.

The rate for crates is dependent on a ton of different factors, namely fishing skill, and luck. But, of course, you’re going to want to increase both of these as much as possible, so grind out the best gear and potions if you’re going down this route.

The best fishing gear is in order for this. Grab crate potions since we’re going for them specifically; sonar couldn’t hurt, either. Also, some Angler armor and whatever accessories you want are great. Finally, it would be best if you were fishing underground since any biome with crates will lower your chances of getting golden ones, and Underground feels easiest.

You’re going to want to be doing Angler quests every single day. A bed can speed this up considerably. He gives you even better bait than you would typically have, on top of great fishing gear and potions to speed up this process. Be fishing for him every day, then start going for crates after.

Your chances of hitting the golden crate are still low, but you can increase them if it’s raining, in the morning, or you have a high luck stat. Either way, this grind will take a long time no matter how great your fishing stats are, so you should probably go with the other two methods and make a ton of new worlds regardless.

Want a Super Quick Enchanted Sword? There’s a Seed for you!

enchanted sword seed terraria

If you’re willing to generate another world to get your goods as soon as possible, then maybe consider the slightly cheaty method of generating a seed with an incredibly quickly accessible Enchanted Sword shrine.

As mentioned in my Terraria Seeds Guide (Which also contains a bunch of other seeds with other goodies in them), you can use the seed to very quickly generate a seed with an Enchanted Sword in a cave to the right of your spawn point.

All you’ll need to do is walk to the right, fall into the open cave, and dive inside to find a lovely little sword shrine right at the bottom, mining it up and grabbing it. But, again, you can get the Terragrim instead, even with this, so feel free to exit the game without saving to re-roll your odds or remake the world.

I don’t necessarily recommend doing this if you’re trying to earn the sword for the first time since everything is better when you have to work. Otherwise, this method is for you if you don’t care about it being a little cheaty and want the sword ASAP.

There are some other seeds you could find online that would achieve the same result, but this one works on the current PC version of Terraria and works quite effectively. I wish I had known about this all those times I tried to get the Enchanted Sword for the Zenith.

Questions and Answers

Question: Where do I find the Enchanted Sword in Terraria?

Answer: You can find the sword anywhere underground, but it’s most easily found in its dedicated shrines, sometimes led to with one-block-wide holes that go deep underground from the surface.

Question: How do I get the Terragrim in Terraria?

Answer: The Terragrim is found in the same way an Enchanted Sword is. When you break an Enchanted Sword shrine, it has a 2% chance to drop the Terragrim instead.

Question: What is the easiest way to get the Enchanted Sword?

Answer: The seed will lead to a speedy Enchanted Sword in a cave on the right.


The Enchanted Sword is a fortunate and great find at the start of Terraria. Every playthrough I’ve done where I found it early on has made life so much easier, not only for its good damage and projectile but also for the fact it provides light underground whenever you swing it.

The only issue is the luck-based nature of this sword, especially for making the Zenith. I’ve had plenty of times where I couldn’t find it and had to resort to creating new worlds or fishing for a long time to get it near the end of the game. If you get dealt a good hand, though, this can be quite the boost for any Terraria player.

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