Meteorite Terraria Guide

Our Comprehensive Meteorite Terraria Guide

Meteorite in Terraria is one of the best pre-Hardmode materials you can acquire. The world does not start with this material, however.

To get Meteorite in Terraria, one must first kill the respective boss of their world’s poisoned land for the first time if it is Corruption, the Eater of Worlds. If it is Crimson, The Brain of Cthulhu.

One may also trigger the event by shattering a Shadow Orb or a Crimson Heart for the first time.

Shortly after one or both of these events occur, a meteor will fall somewhere on the map. It does not fall near NPC’s or Chests, so don’t worry about your town. Unless there were no NPCs or chests in it, then worry a little.

When you find this meteor, it will have turned a good chunk of the land in a circular area into Meteorite stone and thus making it a Meteorite Biome.

Walking directly on this causes you to burn on fire, and the biome spawns Meteor Heads, monsters that can fly through any blocks, from all directions.

Don’t fear; finding a meteorite biome is a very good turn of events. Welcome to our Meteorite Terraria Guide.

Meteorite Biome

Meteorite Biome

You’ll notice the meteorite biome on the map after it falls by walking close enough to see the red glowing blocks and hole that now exists where it landed.

These rocks cause a lot of burning damage, similar to but not as extreme as lava, so don’t walk on them unless you’ve equipped some fireproof equipment.

To get fireproof equipment, you usually need obsidian mined from pouring water onto lava in the deep caverns or hell area when digging. A few items will give this as well in chest pick-ups, but they spawn in generally the same areas.

However, without this, you can still mine these blocks, just carefully. You’ll need a Tungsten Pickaxe or one of higher value to do so. While doing so, you will be attacked by a constant barrage of Meteor Heads from all directions.

Meteor Head

  • Damage: 40
  • Defense: 6
  • Max Life: 26  
  • Knockback Resist: 60%  
  • Immunities: Poison, Confused, Fire, Hellfire
  • Special: Flies through all blocks, inflicts On Fire!     
  • Drops: 80 Bronze coins and sometimes meteorite

You might have noticed, they are not hard to kill, but their damage is high, and you can easily get swarmed if you aren’t keeping an eye out for these troublesome things. Death by burning can be common to the unprepared.

In any case, once you’ve mined so much of the meteorite block, to where only a few sparse blocks are remaining, the meteorite biome will be gone, and you will have quite a lot of meteorite on your hands.

Crafting with Meteorite!

Crafting with Meteorite

EquipmentBefore I begin ranting on how Meteorite is one of my favourite materials to build houses out of, let’s talk about the equipment you can get mining meteorite.

Every three pieces of meteorite can be crafted into a single Meteorite Bar. With those bars, you can make the following armour.

  • Meteor Helmet   Defense: 5 Increases Magic by 9%   Requires: 10 Meteorite Bars
  • Meteor Suit     Defense: 6 Increases Magic by 9%   Requires: 20 Meteorite Bars
  • Meteor Leggings  Defense: 5 Increases Magic by 9%   Requires: 15 Meteorite Bars

Wearing this complete set in your equipment slots grants the Space Gun a 0 Mana Cost! (This applies to the Orange and Gray Zapinators as well.)

The Following Weapons are Useful in Pre-Hardmode

  • Meteor Hamaxe  Damage: 20  AxePower: 100%  HammerPower: 60%  Knockback: Strong   Requires: 20 Meteorite Bars
  • Space Gun  Damage: 17(magic)  Mana: 6  Knockback: Terrible  Special: Shoots through enemies, Very Fast
  • Requires: 20 Meteorite Bars, 2 Fallen Stars
  • Phaseblade  Damage: 25  Knockback: Poor  Requires: 15 Meteorite Bars and ten gems (the colour of the gem determines the colour of the blade.)
  • Star Cannon  Damage: 55  Ammo: Shooting Stars  No Knockback   Requires: 20 Meteorite Bars, The Minishark, 5 Fallen Stars

This Next Weapon Can Be Obtained in Hardmode

  • Meteor Staff    Damage: 50  Mana: 13  Knockback: Average  Special: Summons meteors from the sky to where you point. Requires: 20 Meteorite Bars, 10 Pixie Dust, 10 Souls of Light

Lastly, this Incredible Item Can Be Crafted in late Hardmode, Post-Moon Lord

  • Drill Containment Unit. This is a Mount item. It summons a rideable Drill.

This mount is sort of a “good job, have some fun” item. It hovers and flies indefinitely; it shoots lasers to mine away blocks at high speeds; you can’t use weapons while on it. It can mine ALL THE MINEABLE BLOCKS. It can move through liquids (you can still drown on it though, keep an eye out).

It doesn’t damage enemies either, so it’s more for world-building and getting control of the infections (crimson/corruption) lands, I believe. Making it is pretty intense; it does need Meteorite, however. Here’s the full list.

Requires: Luminite Bar (40) Chlorophyte Bar (40) Shroomite Bar (40) Spectre Bar (40) Hellstone Bar (40) Meteorite Bar (40)

Chlorophyte Bar is needed for Shroomite and Spectre, so you end up needing more of that for this lofty crafting goal. (Worth it!)

Construction Items

Meteorite House in Terraria

Meteorite Ore can be crafted into Meteorite Brick. (1 stone block, 1 meteorite)

These bricks can be used like most bricks in the game to construct your housing designs. They can also be used with the usual items to construct many of the items that fill a house. Here’s a full list of what can be made with Meteorite Bricks.

Meteorite Platform Meteorite Work Bench Meteorite Chandelier Meteor Toilet Meteorite Bathtub Meteorite Bed Meteorite Bookcase Meteorite Clock Meteorite Dresser Meteorite Piano Meteorite Sofa Meteorite Brick Wall Meteorite Candelabra Meteorite Candle Meteorite Chair Meteorite Chest Meteorite Door Meteorite Lamp Meteorite Lantern Meteorite Sink Meteorite Table

These items act no differently than other furnishings in the game of the same type, such as the clock telling the time or using the bed as a restart point.

I offer this photo of a meteorite house I built to show you the aesthetic that has captured my sci-fi fan heart.

Meteorite Upgrades

The Star Cannon can be upgraded into a Super Star Shooter with 12 Hallowed Bars in Hardmode with the use of a Mythril or higher level Anvil.

Any Phaseblade can be upgraded into a Phasesaber with 50 Crystal Shards in Hardmode with any Anvil. Unlike the Phaseblade, the Phasesaber is an auto-swing sword.

Any Tips?

Do lions avoid porcupines?

  • Leaving a meteorite area on board isn’t a bad idea as, during Hardmode, The Hallow and Corrupted lands can’t pass through it.
  • If you have a decent weapon, you can use the meteor biome to farm Meteor Heads for more meteorite, as they do die quickly and spawn often.
  • Keep buckets of water in your inventory when you mine or empty buckets to snag lava, so you can get obsidian easily.
  • Obsidian lets you craft some nice, Immune to Fire Block equipment, making mining meteorite easy.
  • Placing a layer of sand or dirt quickly over meteorite can let you mine it without standing on it.
  • Placing enough Meteorite(75 blocks) in an area can turn it into a Meteorite Biome. Setting up the right traps around the biome, you can use this to farm the Meteor Heads that Spawn to collect all needed ore for crafting.
  • Crafting and selling meteorite bars gives more money than selling the meteorite itself.
  • The Space Gun is one of the most useful pre-Hardmode weapons even if it becomes kind of useless during early Hardmode, as it has such a high DPS with the full set of Meteor Armor equipped.
  • Collecting Stars via a Skybridge and keeping them in chests throughout pre-Hardmode helps with ammo when using the Star Cannon, as well as equipment that lowers ammo consumption.
  • The Star Cannon and its upgrade are powerful weapons, but the ammo they need runs out kind of quick.
  • You can summon Minions before entering the Drill Mount to help kill off any enemies as you dig all over your world.


Question: How to Summon Meteorites in Terraria?

Answer: Kill the Crimson or Corrupt world boss in pre-Hardmode or break the orbs placed in their biomes.

Question: How to Destroy Meteorites in Terraria?

Answer: You need a Tungsten or higher level Pickaxe.

Question: When Does Meteorite Spawn in Terraria?

Answer: It spawns at midnight or between midnight and 4:30 AM game time.

Question: Why Can’t I Find Any Meteorites?

Answer: You may have your towns spread too far around your map, as well as chests. The Meteor falls offscreen and away from NPC’s and Chests by at least 35 tiles. Consolidate some of your town/chest placement and leave a more open world, then break a few orbs/hearts or summon your evil biome’s respective boss.

Question: Do Bombs Blow Up Meteors in Terraria?

Answer: They used to. A recent patch changed that, and they now only work on meteorites in Hardmode.

Question: Is There a Meteorite Pickaxe in Terraria?

Answer: No.

Question: Do Meteors Still Hit the Earth?

Answer: Yes! But usually, they get wrecked in the atmosphere, and only small pieces of them make it through.

Question: How Can I Get More Meteorite?

Answer: Create a Meteorite Biome yourself in a contained area, over the ocean or in the sky(not where Harpy’s spawn!), and farm Meteor Heads.

Question: Is There a Way to See the Meteor Fall in Terraria?

Answer: There have been reports of being able to use the golf ball to manipulate the camera to see it, but otherwise, no. It always spawns offscreen.


Meteorite is one of my favourite building tools for some very cool, sci-fi-looking houses and stylish walls.

The Meteor Staff makes great light and does good damage, the Space Gun is an excellent pre-Hardmode weapon, the Meteor Armor is great pre-Hardmode armour, the Star Cannon is powerful, and its upgrade is great even into Hardmode.

You can’t make a Drill Containment Unit without Meteorite. This all says one thing: It is wise to mine and take advantage of the meteorite as soon as possible.

Good Luck and Good Mining.

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