Bryan Hughes

Bryan is a writer and a gamer that loves to seek out the most emotional tales throughout the video game world. Discovering hidden gems, unique gameplay concepts and new takes on traditional genres are his reasons for constantly trying out indie titles. He’s had a membership to Newgrounds since 2004 where he has seen titles like Monster Sanctuary go from online passion projects into full-fledged indie games. He has worked as a screenwriter for films in China and the US for the last 15 years, including two currently in pre-production television series, Blood Lungs and The Girl From the Gate. His passion for storytelling is only rivaled by his passion for gaming.

Muramasa Terraria Guide

Muramasa Terraria Guide

I write this Muramasa guide not for my love of ancient Japanese swords or legends but for my fellow Terraria players.  After angrily trying to gather my things from the Dungeon, I stumbled upon the Muramasa blade in my first play-through. Why angrily? A giant skull head had rolled over me. It ended my life

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