Torch God Terraria Guide

Torch God Terraria Guide: Fire Magic

Our Terraria Torch God Guide will help you with a very useful achievement in the game. Specifically, how you can make every torch match its surroundings. 

I have a funny story about the Torch God in Terraria. The first time I unlocked this achievement, it was by mistake. 

With my summoner character on my smaller Crimson Map, I was trying to make a picture with torches. Suddenly, the torches started attacking me. 

Why did that happen? What is the Torch God in Terraria? How can you unlock its benefits?

Read on, and I will tell you all this and more.

Bottom Line Up Front: This Torch God Terraria guide will tell you how to unlock the Torch God achievement, what dangers you might face, and what having it can do for your gameplay.

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Key Info

torch god terraria

  • Goal: Summoning the Torch God
  • Type: Event
  • Location: Any below the surface
  • Needed: 101 torches and a wall
  • Danger: Medium
  • Enemies: No special enemy units
  • Grants: Biome-specific torches without crafting
  • Difficulty: Easy

How do I summon the Torch God?

torch god terraria
Image by Bryan Hughes

It’s actually an event that you trigger by placing 101 torches near each other somewhere below the surface. It does not need to be very deep below the surface. In fact, you can do it just below your starting town if you want to. 

If you do it in a 30-tile or larger area by running back and forth while placing the torches, you can often trigger the event with even fewer than 100 torches. 

What Does the Torch God do?

The Torch God in Terraria is a status you achieve for a character when you consume The Torch God’s Favor. With it, every time you attempt to quickly place a torch on a wall, the torch will change to match the biome you are in. 

For example, suppose you quickly place a torch(holding shift on the PC) in the jungle biome after gaining the Torch God achievement. In that case, it will become a jungle torch.

This is the same for each biome in the Terraria map.

What is the Torch God Event?

torch god event
Image by Bryan Hughes

The torches that you’ve placed will begin firing at you as their light goes out, one after the other. These fireballs are unique in that they only target you and only hurt you. 

These fireballs will go through all blocks to get to you. Dying or quitting the game when the event happens will reset it, and you will need to trigger it again. Rushing to the surface will also reset the event, as I learned by playtesting this guide before publishing it.

You must dodge and survive all the fireballs to complete this event. There are no bosses or special monsters during it. Just the onslaught of torches.

These fireballs will be the color of the torch you used, but they all have the same damage. 

Fireball: 40 damage(normal mode) 80 (expert) 120 (Master)

You will also be suffering from a Blackout Debuff when the event is happening. This makes your vision impaired. You want to keep a close eye on where the fire is coming from. It is pretty wise to initiate the event when you have a good space away from all the torches in which you can dodge freely, as well as a minimum of 20 armor and decent max life. 

It is not very hard to survive this as long as you don’t put yourself in a small area with nowhere to move. 

When all the torches have attacked you, you will get the item ‘Torch God’s Favor,’ and the fires will come back to the torches on the wall. 

Consume the item to permanently gain the Torch God’s Blessing with that character. 

Biome Torches

biome torches terraria
Image by Bryan Hughes

Here’s why this is a good thing, aside from the cool and free aesthetic of the torch colors. You gain luck when you place biome-specific torches to add light to their own biome. 

Luck is a real factor in Terraria and not easy to come by. For instance, killing a ladybug by mistake can give you bad luck. Since you may not have known that, you might have killed many just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and not thought twice about it. 

Aside from not killing a ladybug, there aren’t many ways to affect your luck in Terraria. Killing the Guide can sometimes give you a very tiny boost of luck, funny enough. 

Killing other townspeople (except the Clothier) gives you bad luck. 

Additionally, you can use Luck potions and equip a lucky coin and/or a lucky horseshoe. You can consume a Galaxy Pearl to permanently increase your base luck(only once). If a Lantern Night is going on, you have higher luck. You also can add luck to an area by placing a Garden Gnome near you, though this seems to only work on the surface. 

However, the easiest and quickest way to get any luck boost is having the Torch God’s Favor so you can place biome torches. 

Only The Jungle Temple and The Dungeon don’t give luck from their biome torches. The area affected by torch luck is 40×40 tiles from where you place it. It must be placed on a wall to take effect. In addition, torches placed on the surface or in Space don’t add or subtract from luck.

 *You can hold the torch of the biome to increase your luck on the surface, though.

Moreover, for some reason, The Torch God can’t seem to make Coral Torches. You have to craft those yourself. Guess there was an issue with the Ocean God. 

You want to place Bone Torches in the Underworld if you get them instead of Demon Torches. Demon Torches provide no luck. 

Lastly, placing a biome torch that is not of the current biome you are in will lower your luck from torches.

What does Luck do in Terraria?

It affects many things(allegedly), but most certainly, it affects the rate of good item drops. It increases rare critter and enemy spawn and the items the Traveling Merchant will have. 

Generally, if you are hunting for rare things, the better luck you have, the less time you will spend hunting. Therefore, the worse luck you have, the more time you will spend trying to obtain unique items.

Can I Turn off the Torch God’s Favor?

torch god's favor terraria
Image by Bryan Hughes

Yes. It can be toggled off and on. A small Torch God symbol should appear just below your inventory when you have it active. Click it to have it active or inactive at your discretion. 

A good time to turn it off is probably in the Ocean Biome if you want to place some Coral Torches. Sometimes hunting for the item drops to craft the Diving Gear can be time-consuming. Getting sharks to spawn without a Shark Statue and then also hoping they drop the Diving Helmet is a lot easier with some luck involved. 

Otherwise, keeping the Torch God’s Favor toggled on is generally only beneficial. 

Quick Strategy

  • Dig out an area that is about 30×20 tiles worth of room just below the surface. 
  • Build a 20×20 house or dig an open space below that room with a rope to drop into it. (Make sure it is a decent way off) 
  • Make sure you’ve got at least one or two healing potions on the ready.
  • Ensure wooden platforms are placed on the floor connecting the two locations so you can easily drop through.
  • This way, you won’t accidentally fall through but can still jump through freely.
  • Have at least a Gem Hook or better and a minimum armor of 12.
  • Grab up some pink potions if you’ve got them, and have a minimum life of 200.
  • Place the torches in the first hole. 
  • Once the event activates, hurry into the space below and wade left to right, dodging.
  • Use the grappling hook to move around quicker between walls to help dodge the incoming fireballs. 
  • You may be able to build a full house down there and have the Nurse move in. Using her to heal as the event goes on. 

It should be a fun time and easy enough to survive.

Good Luck.


torch god terraria

  • Items that give you a chance to dodge(Hallowed Armor) still work against the fireballs in this event.
  • Crimson Torches will shoot black fireballs. This makes them harder to see and, thus, harder to dodge.
  • You need to do this event to complete your Bestiary. The Torch God counts as an entry.
  • The fireballs don’t harm other players if they have already acquired The Torch God’s Favor.
  • If you have The Torch God’s Favor in your trash bin, you can initiate it again.
  • If you leave the world when the event is happening, torches fired will not re-light!
  • In the game’s source code, this event is called “HappyFunTorchTime.” 
  • It’s possible to build a Hellavator with a rope going straight down and line it with torches, initiate the Torch God Event at the top, and slowly descend to dodge all the torches.

Torch God Terraria Guide FAQs

Question: Is the Torch God a Boss?

Answer: Yes and no. It will update your Bestiary with the Torch God entry as if it is a boss, but it is actually not a fight at all. It’s more of an event you have to survive without fighting.

Question: Where Can I Find the Torch God?

Answer: You have to summon it, and you can summon it in any area below ground. It is not findable, per se. 

Question: Is the Torch God Worth Getting?

Answer: Yes. Minimal luck increase or decrease can cut down so much time on a rare item or creature hunting. It’s pretty unique, and the Torch God’s Favor helps increase luck with Biome torches.

Stay Lit Gamers

That section title hurt me, and yet I still wrote it. My uncontrollable need for puns is almost as powerful as my need to unlock all of Terraria’s secrets and share them. I hope this one is useful to you and you get that favor right after reading this. 

Good Luck and Good Gaming.

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