Terraria Zoologist Guide

Terraria Zoologist Guide

Jolly, friendly, and covered in fur, Terraria’s Zoologist is a strangely wonderful character. This archivist-turned-werefox gifts us furry accessories, squirrel gear, and even explosive cats the more creatures we discover. Just don’t bother her on a full moon, or she’ll go feral!

In this Terraria Zoologist guide, I’ll review how to attract the Zoologist to your world and gain access to her hidden items. As a bonus, I’ll detail her secret werefox transformation and how to reduce her prices.

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Bottom Line Up Front:

Kill enough creatures through exploration and have an open house available to attract the Zoologist into your world. Killing new monsters increases her shop inventory, and placing her in a solitary forest house lowers her prices.

The Zoologist: A True Furry

terraria zoologist

A true furry in heart and soul, the Zoologist is an animalistic merchant that sells animal accessories, mounts, and gear. Once bitten by a lycanthropic fox, the Zoologist turned into a free-spirited animal enthusiast that documents the creatures we encounter.

While we can’t join her in lycanthropy, the Zoologist sells a vast collection of gear that lets us play the part.


terraria zoologist summoning

We can acquire the Zoologist early in our adventures through exploration and combat. The Zoologist spawns into our world once we’ve documented at least 10% of the bestiary and have an open house available for use.

To build a functioning house: construct an enclosed room with a door, table, chair, and light source. Building the house in a corrupted/crimson biome prevents that NPC from living there.


terraria zoologist housing

If we want to gain a significant discount on the Zoologist’s prices, we can ensure she lives in the most suitable biome with her favorite companion.

Biome: Forrest

Among every biome, the Zoologist prefers living in a non-corrupted, surface-level forest. Upon building her house, ensure we prevent planting mushroom or jungle grass to keep the area a forest and that it is far from any source of corruption.

If you’re having trouble telling what biome it is, observe the background and listen for positive, upbeat music to confirm it’s a forest biome.

Preferred Companion: Alone/Witch Doctor

Despite her love of animals, the Zoologist prefers to live alone or with a Witch Doctor. While we can place her beside other characters she admires, like the princess or Golfer, we can expect her to charge more for her services.

I recommend placing the Zoologist alone, to begin with, and then moving her into a house with the witch doctor to decrease monster spawns and enable pylon transportation.

Warning: No Deserts, No Crowds, No Guns

If we can’t room the Zoologist in her preferred biome, at least try to prevent her from dwelling with an arms dealer in the desert. Placing the Zoologist within these conditions can cause her prices to skyrocket from silver to gold.

Save yourself financial ruin and avoid putting your furry friend in a hostile living situation.

Housing Strategy

biome forest Housing Strategy

While placing the Zoologist in her preferred biome may lessen her prices, it also makes it more inconvenient to reach her from afar. I recommend placing down a teleportation system we can purchase from the Steampunker to enable safe and quick transportation from your main settlement.

Additionally, we can build her house off the ground to prevent foes from breaking in on Blood Moons, Full Moons, or Invasions

The Bestiary

zoologist Bestiary terraria

A helpful indicator of our progress in Terraria, the bestiary tracks every animal, creature, NPC, and boss we encounter. To add, the Zoologist rewards our hard work and completionist mindset by expanding her stock the more creatures we discover. I recommend combing each biome and triggering every hard mode invasion to expedite filling out the bestiary and expand the Zoologist’s stock.


The more enemies we kill, the more information the Bestiary tells. Specifically killing one creature unlocks it’s portrait and name, 10 kills unlock creature stats and description information, 25 kills details its item drops, and 50 detail its item drop rate. I recommend checking the bestiary now and then to see if the creatures we’ve killed are worth farming.


Upon reaching new milestones in the Bestiary, we unlock new items to purchase from the Zoologist:

  • Bestiary 15%: 2 items – Leather Whip, Koi Kite
  • Bestiary 25%: 2 items – Mollusk Whistle, Dog License
  • Bestiary 50%: 11 items – Critter Shampoo, Bunny License, Dusty Rawhide Saddle, Royal Gilded Saddle, Black Studded Saddle, Sakura Sapling, Yellow Willow Sapling, Rabbit Perch, World Globe, Tree Globe, Lightening Carrot
  • Bestiary 75% 2 items – Ball O’ Fuse Wire, Digging Molecart
  • Bestiary 100% 1 item – Universal Pylon

Zoologists stock


  • Leather Whip (15G) – For players focusing on summoner builds, leather whips are a fantastic choice for commanding your minion army. While it has decent range and deals some damage, using your leather whip on a specific enemy compels your summons to attack that enemy. I recommend the leather whip for starter summoning builds but switching to a snapthorn whip once more jungle ingredients are available. Bestiary: 15%
  • Jousting Lance (6G) – Great for speedy players that like to go fast; the jousting lance’s damage increases with our speed. I recommend using this lance with fast mounts, the shield of Cthulu, or accessories that increase our speed to make the most of this weapon. Available once we reach hardmode.


  • Mollusk Whistle (20G) – Summons a ridable Flamingo for us to conquer the seas. This mount is excellent if we inhabit an ocean biome or find ourselves spelunking often enough. Most mounts, later on, outclass this flamingo, so I only advise purchasing this mount for water exploration and showcasing a cute flamingo aesthetic. Bestiary: 25%
  • Dusty Rawhide Saddle (25G) – Ride a painted warhorse into battle! The dusty rawhide saddle summons a capable horse with a warrior’s aesthetic. Great for roleplaying as warrior builds, but useless compared to later hard mode mounts. Bestiary: 25%
  • Royal Gilded Saddle (25G) – Frolic upon your wealthy steed and laugh at the peasants groveling beneath your feet. The royal gilded saddle is a must for royalty or wannabe kings and queens seeking a noble steed. It also doesn’t stack up against later mounts, but the horse still looks regal. Bestiary: 25%
  • Black Studded Saddle (25G) – Embrace the darkness and take up battle with your dark steed. If you’re looking to roleplay as a bad guy or dark knight, look no further than the dark horse of the black studded saddle. Also outclassed by later mounts, but great for looking edgy or roleplaying as a grimdark character. Bestiary: 25%


  • Full Moon Squeaky Toy (30G) – Summons a baby werewolf to cheer us on in battle. While this werewolf lacks wings, it can fly through sheer determination and love. The Zoologist sells the full moon squeaky toy during a blood moon in hardmode.
  • Mud Bud (50G) – Summons a mini-Plantera to (emotionally) tear our foes to shreds. The Zoologist sells Mud Bud after we defeat Plantera. (Check out our complete Plantera guide)
  • Cat License (5G) – Summons a fluffy cat to keep everyone cozy. Cats require the same accommodations as other friendly NPCs: enclosed room, furniture, and light source. Unlocked on start.
  • Dog License (5G)– Summons a trusty dog to keep everyone safe. Dogs require the same accommodations as other friendly NPCs: enclosed room, furniture, and light source. Bestiary: 25%
  • Bunny License (5G) – Summons a fluffy bunny for you to forgive yourself after the bunny rampage of ’84. Bunnies require the same accommodations as other friendly NPCs: enclosed room, furniture, and light source. You can’t “accidentally” kill this one, sorry. Bestiary: 45%
  • Lightening Carrot – Summons an electric bunny (basically Pikachu from Pokemon) to stun your foes. Volt Bunny requires the same accommodations as other friendly NPCs: enclosed room, furniture, and light source. Bestiary: 50%
  • Ball O’ Fuse Wire – Summons a dynamite kitten to blow your enemies away! Dynamite kittens require the same accommodations as other friendly NPCs: enclosed room, furniture, and light source. Bestiary: 70%


  • Guide to Critter Companionship (5G) – This tool prevents us from killing harmless animals and creatures. While killing animals for money and loot is usually beneficial, this tool enables us to prioritize capturing these critters for crafting, cooking, and bait. The guide to critter companionship is available from the start.
  • Squirrel Hook (2G) – One of the earliest grappling hooks in the game, the squirrel hook is an excellent choice for traversing the surface and underground. While we’ll fair better with other grappling hooks later in the game, the squirrel hook is a perfect starter hook and even hooks onto trees. The squirrel hook is available from the start.
  • Biome-specific Pylon (10G) – Enables us to transport between biomes on use. Pylons require two nearby NPCs and their specific biome to work (ie desert pylon = desert biome). I recommend purchasing a pylon for each biome to create a fast travel system. The Zoologist sells the forest pylon when she’s happy (alone or with the witch doctor) and in the forest biome.
  • Universal Pylon (1P) – By far the Zoologist’s best item, universal pylons function the same as regular pylons, except they work in any environment and don’t require any nearby NPCs. These Pylon’s are incredibly versatile but require full completion of the bestiary. Bestiary: 100%
  • Fairy Glowstick (75C) – Great for underwater exploration or testing cave depths, the fairy glowstick glows brighter than regular glowsticks and sticks to walls on contact. Due to its low price, I recommend buying large stacks of glowsticks to expedite exploration. We can purchase fairy glowsticks after archiving all three types of fairy.
  • Digging Molecart – Amazing for horizontal exploration underground, the digging molecart digs through walls and places tracks in empty spaces. This molecart digs as fast as our best pickaxe and requires extra tracks to put on empty tiles, enabling more accessible exploration. I highly recommend this cart for explorative purposes and for cutting horizontal walls to prevent the spread of crimson or corruption. Bestiary: 60%


  • Critter Shampoo (20G) – Change the color of your minors to a deep blue. Great for color coordinating your characters and army. Bestiary: 30%
  • Dog Set (6G) – WOOF. This vanity set enables us to roleplay as a dog with dog ears and a dog tail. The Zoologist sells this set during a full moon.
  • Fox Set (5G) – Feeling Foxy? This vanity set enables us to roleplay as a fox with fox ears and a fox tail. The Zoologist sells this set during a third-quarter moon.
  • Lizard Set (5G) – SNAKE!! This vanity set enables us to roleplay as a lizard with lizard ears and a lizard tail. The Zoologist sells this set during a new moon.
  • Bunny Set (5G) – Looks nice, but it won’t bring back the countless innocent bunnies we’ve slaughtered. This vanity set enables us to roleplay as a bunny with bunny ears and a bunny tail. The Zoologist sells this set during a first quarter moon.
  • Rabbit Perch (15G) – House a living rabbit atop your head! The rabbit perch displays a cute animation of a rabbit while equipped. Bestiary: 40%


  • Koi Kite (2G) – Fish can fly! Summon a giant Koi fish to fly in the sky. Bestiary: 10%
  • Crawltipede kite (2G) – Look out, space worms! Summon a horde of crawtipedes to fly in the sky. The Zoologist sells the crawltipede kite after we beat the solar pillar.


  • Sakura Sapling (1G) – Grow a pink sakura tree to beautify your house. Sakura Sapling’s are purely aesthetic and offer no material value to you besides the wood they give on harvest and preventing the spread of corruption/crimson. Bestiary: 30%
  • Yellow Willow Sapling (1G) – Increase your property value with a Yellow Willow tree. Like Sakura trees, Yellow Willows are purely aesthetic and offer little material value. Bestiary: 30%
  • World Globe (3G) – Changes the background picture to a different one of its assigned biome when thrown. Bestiary: 50%
  • Tree Globe (3G) – Changes the trees in a given area to different ones of their assigned biome when thrown. Bestiary: 50%

Purchase Recommendations:

terraria zoologist purchase recommendations

While most of the Zoologist’s stock is vanity, the few utility items she sells are incredible for players looking to gain an edge on exploration.

I highly recommend investing your gold in a Squirrel Hook and forest biome Pylon to start with to survive large caverns and enable fast travel on the surface.

These two items are essential for cutting out hours of needless death on expert and master mode difficulties.

Besides these two items, I recommend the digging molecart for exercising environmental control over the spread of corruption, crimson, and hallow.

Letting these drastic biomes get out of control can ruin NPCs’ moods, endanger underground exploration, and prevent the use of Pylons.

Werefox Zoologist

Werefox Zoologist

When a full moon rises, the Zoologist transforms into a feral but nonviolent werefox. While in this form, the Zoologist can still talk and refuses to attack us but warns us to stay away.

Funny enough, the Zoologist forgets every time she turns into a werefox, thus making her believe she’s slept through every full moon since becoming a lycanthrope.


Witch Doctor (Romantic Interest)

terraria witch doctor

While we never see the two as an official couple, we can infer from the Zoologist’s dialogue that our furry friend pines for the Witch Doctor.

Rooming the two as neighbors triggers unique dialogue, stating that the Zoologist finds the witch doctor irresistible. Unfortunately, the Zoologist’s love for the witchdoctor isn’t mutual, as rooming the two together doesn’t impact the witchdoctor’s mood.

Golfer (Older Sibling)

terraria Golfer zoologist

Despite their drastically different appearances, we can infer from dialogue between the two characters that the Golfer is the older sibling of the Zoologist.

Happily enough, both characters enjoy each other’s company and will improve their sibling’s mood and store prices the closer the proximity.

Angler (Bitter Foe)

angler zoologist terraria

Encouraging us to depopulate lakes, oceans, and rivers, the Angler plays a prominent role in decreasing marine biodiversity and angering a particular furry friend.

While the Angler harbors no ill-will towards the Zoologist, he infuriates her by encouraging us to catch him some fish.

Arms Dealer (ArchNemesis)

Arms Dealer zoologist nemesis

Responsible for rampant animal murder, the Zoologist loathes the Arms Dealer. We can expect the Arms Dealer’s disrespect for the environment and distribution of animal-killing firearms to play into Zoologist’s hate for the gunslinger.

While this hate isn’t mutual, rooming the Arms Dealer next to the Zoologist triggers a drastic rise in the furry’s prices. 

Notable Quotes

zoologist terraria quotes

  • Upon Meeting: “I have noooo idea how I got here, but it’s mega rad.”
  • Tragic Backstory: “I love animals, like, a lot! I tried to pet this weird looking fox one time, sooo he bit me, and now I became like one! Rad!”
  • Skyrim Guard Quote: “I collected critters like you once, then I took a cursed fox bite to the knee!”
  • Repressed Werefox Memories: “This one time, at critter camp, I woke up one morning and everything was torn apart! Like, wow, how did I sleep through THAT?!”
  • Romantic Interests: “I can’t explain it. I have like, a thing for the Witch Doctor. Is it because of the tail?”


Question: How do I Summon the Zoologist?

Answer: Explore the world and defeat foes until you’ve completed 10% of the bestiary. After building a house, the Zoologist moves in.

Question: Why is the Zoologist a furry

Answer: A lycanthropic fox bit the Zoologist, turning her into a Werefox.

Question: How do I make the Zoologist happy

Answer: Moving the Zoologist into a house in the forest biome alone or with the Witch Doctor significantly improves her mood, reducing her prices and unlocking the forest biome pylon.

Question: How do I unlock the Zoologist’s extra inventory

Answer: Completing the bestiary, entering hard mode, and defeating certain bosses increases the Zoologist’s stock. I recommend exploring each biome to expand the Zoologist’s store quickly.


Well done, my furry friend. We befriended a jolly animal archivist and worked hard to make her happy. While we’ll never be able to form a deeper connection than that of landlord and tenant, I’m positive the Zoologist appreciates us making her completionist dreams come true.

So grab your bestiary and get to exploring; a furry adventure awaits!

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Embark on a boundless adventure in the pixelated sandbox world of Terraria, where you can dig, build, and explore to your heart's content. With endless possibilities for creativity and discovery, join millions of players in crafting your own epic journey.

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