Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Guide

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Guide

The highly anticipated Cuphead DLC: The Delicious Last Course has arrived. I squeezed it to the last drop to give you my analysis and help you with the most significant threat of this expansion: its bosses!

There are twelve new bosses in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Meal, which have a complex but much more balanced level design than its predecessor. In many ways, this is a much more accessible edition for the player than the original content. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to make a huge effort to get through each level of this indie game. However, this DLC is much more in line with a player base that does not want to replay each level eighty times after working eight hours in front of a computer.

Both standard and secret bosses are covered in this article, with a few extra tips to help you take them down quickly. But, be warned that The Delicious Last Course is just as challenging and punishing as the original game. So, here is a Cuphead The Delicious Last Course guide to all the bosses in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course (DLC, how clever!) and how to defeat them.


Last Course

This short and sweet DLC gives you 12 zany bosses and six more hours to rejoice in your same old love-and-hate relationship with Cuphead. In this guide, you will find tips and tricks to beat them.

How to Beat All Of Cuphead’s DLC Bosses and Gather the Ingredients

Glumstone The Giant

We start with Glumstone The Giant, a giant buried in a vast granite mountain. A group of gnomes, who will attack you if you step on the ground or stay still for too long, are in charge of waking him up. Glumstone attacks by whistling for a flock of birds to appear or casting spells from his cauldron-shaped mouth. His face and beard look a lot like the giant from Betty Boop’s 1933 episode The Old Man Mountain, so this could be the inspiration behind him.

In his second phase, he pulls off his beard and picks up two puppets you are probably familiar with. Now, it’s time to dodge the ball he throws as the gnomes attack you from the ground. Once you are done with both hands, the giant will become enraged, destroying the ground and then opening his vast mouth and swallowing you. This reminds me of the animated Mickey Mouse short film, where he becomes the brave little tailor.

The final phase is on his stomach. It’s up to you to stay on the skeletons’ heads while attacking the ceiling critter. Be careful with the chicken thighs because they will make the platforms disappear. After defeating him, you will get the ingredient Gnome Berries.

Mortimer Freeze

Mortimer Freeze

In the Ice Coliseum, you face Mortimer Freeze, a magician with mysterious powers. His attacks consist of throwing tarot cards at you, summoning small stalactites, and hitting you with a giant whale. After dealing enough damage, he turns into a huge snowman that seems to have been inspired by the 1932 short film The Snowman.

Here, he transforms into a fridge and throws fragmented ice cubes and ice cream of different flavors at you. He also attacks by hitting the ground with swords and rolling to crush you when you least expect it.

If you manage to do enough damage, Mortimer Freeze explodes and turns into a massive snowflake with an inside ice cream shop. Now you must climb to the highest part of the coliseum and fight with a beautiful aurora borealis in the background. But beware of the eye that shoots lightning bolts, the flying ice cream cones, and the cubes that shatter when you touch the wall. After finishing him, you will receive the ingredient Icy Sugar Cubes.

The Howling Aces

We take to the skies to face the paw patrol, the Pilot Dogs. This pack is named after the iconic phrase: What a joy, what a racket! Another pilot dog. Something you would hear at the raffles at the fairs in Spain in the 70s, and 80s, where you could win one of these dogs.

This fight starts on a plane driven by Canteen Hughes, and you have to dodge the tennis balls thrown by the dogs, as well as the tattoo bones and the balls of wool thrown by the boss, Bulldog. Sounds simple enough, but when the remote-controlled fire hydrants come into play, it gets pretty ugly.

The next phase introduces four little flying dogs, which bark at you and attack with the letters B, O, and W, representing a bark. This part is quite simple; you have to be focused on the combat.

After finishing them, comes the most challenging moment of the battle: when the female dog captures your plane and tries to fry you with a laser beam. You can attack her as soon as the camera is inverted, but be careful because the controls will also be inverted, and plates of dog food will attack you. If you manage not to end up with your brains turned to mush, you will get the ingredient Pineapple Mint, which I’m not entirely sure what it is, but I assume it is mint with a citric touch of pineapple.

Moonshine Mob

Moonshine Mob

Time to go with the Alembic Vermin, an organized mafia of critters that inhabit an abandoned distillery. You face the spider boss, who spends most of his time communicating by phone to call his minions. This character comes from a discarded design from the base game of Cuphead, which had a reasonably similar appearance, but did not make it in the final game.

Another element discarded from the main story is the second phase of these enemies, where the pink bee starts dancing around a gramophone that shoots deadly musical beams. This idea belongs to a concept called “light,” where a green lizard shot the beams similarly.

The final stage stars the mob boss: the yellow snail. He won’t make it easy for you; he will use his secret weapon – the Anteater. This critter will try to kill you by licking you (gross) and throwing huge bug balls. You have to shoot at the snout to finish it off. Don’t pop the champagne bottles yet; there will be one final phase: the yellow snail will not give up and will try to finish you off by shooting at you. After finishing the battle, you will receive the ingredient Distilled Dough.

Esther Winchester

Off to the Wild West to confront Esther Spurs, a giant delinquent cow who seems to have stolen a Saloon. She will mainly attack you with snake oil, turning you into two quite dangerous snakes. A vulture will also come to throw dynamite at flying horses with spiked balls and you. You know, just a regular Tuesday here. Every now and then, Esther throws the lasso and brings a cactus, but it won’t be too dangerous either.

At the end of the first phase, the room explodes, which leaves Esther in the open with a powerful vacuum cleaner. Now that you can see her complete design, she looks a bit like Clarabelle, the Disney cow, and friend of Mickey Mouse.

In this part of the fight, she will want to vacuum you while trying to catch the money that has flown out of the room. Your goal will be to dodge her attacks until, by accident, Esther ends up sucking herself with the vacuum cleaner and becoming a walking sausage.

Now comes the hard part: you have to dodge the cans of beans while they shoot rotating beef steaks your way. Be careful because Esther will move until she finally gets into a massive can of sausages.

We must dodge the two rows of deadly sausages while trying not to get hit by the chili peppers. The funny thing is that you can spot the acronym of the studio in charge of making Cuphead on the can, plus the Prairie Dog brand is trendy in Texas. After finishing her, you receive the ingredient Desert Limes.



If you gather all the magic ingredients, it’s time to face the last of the main bosses of the Cuphead DLC: Chef Saltbaker. What a traitor! In his first phase, he will combine most of the ingredients you have obtained in the other battles. He will throw sugar cubes and gnomic berries, prepare deadly cookies with the distilled paste and use desert limes as boomerangs.

He will grab you with his hands when you have dealt enough damage to him and take you upstairs. Here, he will attack you with four pepper trees and the little flame from the previous phase. Plus, from time to time, leaves of the mysterious Crowded Mint will fall from the sky.

After hitting him hard enough, the salt chef’s container will break and fill up with salt. This will cause a salty figure of two dancing chefs to emerge and try to step on you, but if you are skilled enough to dodge them, you will reach the final stage.

Now, you will face the heart of the salty chef. He won’t do much to attack you, but the difficulty here lies in not losing your focus as you go up and try to shoot him. In this battle, the remote-controlled shooting came in handy, which made it much more comfortable. If you defeat the heart, you can save Chalice and see the game’s epilogue, but there are still many more hidden bosses!

The King’s Castling – Secret Challenge

The King's Castling - Secret Challenge

This is the first of the optional bosses of the Cuphead DLC. In the King’s Castling, you will be able to find up to 5 different bosses that the King will ask you to defeat in exchange for coins. These bosses are based on chess pieces and can only be defeated with parries, which makes them very interesting:


The first ones will be the pawns, the kingdom’s soldiers. You will face 8 of them, each with a vitality point. You have to hit them in the head to finish them, but be very careful with the decapitated ones because they are still annoying.


Time for the Horse is one of the court’s most prized knights. This boss has three different moves, and you must pay close attention to his gestures to guess which one he will do. You must be quick and observant because the horse will leave you little time to hit him. However, you can hit him twice in the same attack if you do it well.



Let’s go to the Bishop, the priest of the castle. First, you will extinguish the candles in the crypt until it is dark to defeat him. At that moment, the bishop’s head will turn pink, and you will be able to hit it. Then, whenever you hurt him, the candles will light up again but in a different position, and several censers will appear to hurt you.


You continue with the Tower, the executioner of the court. You will have to give him back the heads that he cut off his previous victims but be careful with the skulls and sparks that come out of the ax sharpener.


And finally, you have the most powerful piece on the board, the queen. The battle will take place in a room full of riches, and you will have at your disposal three cannons to shoot her. This boss is complicated because not only must you pay attention to their attacks, but you will also have to watch the orientation of the cannons to activate them at the right time.

After finishing all these battles, the King will reward you with money and a challenge to defeat all the pieces in a row.

Angel and Demon – Secret Boss(es?)

Demon and Angel

This is one of the secret bosses of Cuphead DLC. You have a unique boss you can face if you solve the puzzle of the cemetery. Cuphead will nap in a cemetery and be engulfed in a nightmare where you fight against a demon and an angel on a kind of platform that holds a demon skeleton.

The funny thing here is that the attacks will only hurt you if you are looking to that same side. If you turn your back to the attacks coming from behind, they will become invisible and will not take life from us. So let’s say this whole boss is a metaphor for faith, good and evil, and trust that nothing will happen to your back.

Also, if you notice, the skeleton in the background and the two characters of angel and demon have the same design as Devil from Cuphead, although it is not him, because this is a dream.


Question: How many bosses are there in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Meal?

Answer: Technically, there are six bosses. However, if you count the secret challenge bosses and the secret boss, the boss count goes up to twelve.

Question: How long is Cuphead: The Delicious Last Meal?

Answer: The game can be beaten in an average estimate of six hours. Breaks to dissipate frustration are not included in this timeframe.

Question: How hard is Cuphead: The Last Delicious Meal?

Answer: This game is tough enough for returning players but more welcoming to newcomers. In addition, it strikes a better difficulty balance that makes both kinds of players feel good while playing the game.

Parting Words

When it came out in 2017, this title won us with its cartoon-inspired style from the first half of the 20th century, precise gameplay, and finely tuned difficulty. In 2022, we are graced with the charm of the Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC with those same elements. What I’m about to say may sound lame, but it’s a great compliment: the new content is “more of the same.” Instead of being repetitive, it reaffirms what makes this game a great experience.

This DLC delivers precisely that. Its six new bosses – eleven if we count the ones from the personal challenge, twelve with the secret boss – don’t represent a significant change from the ones we already know in terms of game mechanics. Instead, they take advantage of already established gameplay mechanics to surprise us.

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