Best Rocket League Themed Toys

Whoever first conceptualized the idea of “vehicular soccer” is a genius. You may say that out loud and think it sounds ridiculous, but the moment you strap into a mini battle-car and start chasing an oversized ball across an arena, you realize just how brilliant the idea is. Psyonix first digitized the four-wheeled romp in 2008 with Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars for the PS3 but failed to enamor audiences.

Seven years later, the developer tried again, this time calling it Rocket League and releasing it on both the PS4 and PC. The result was a wildly successful multiplayer experience where eight players vie for control of the ball in a soccer-like rush for the opposing team’s goal. 

By 2018, Rocket League had amassed 40 million players and became an esports sensation, spawning the Rocket League Championship Series. For a more casual audience, though, the delightful game of speedsters and soccer balls had inspired a selection of toys. Like most popular games, it was inevitable that Rocket League’s reach would spill out into the real world. 

Though it’s not the massive line of figures and LEGO sets that games like Minecraft have seen, Rocket League toys are out there to expand upon the fast-paced vehicular sporting event. If you want to set your controller down for a spell but still enjoy the fun of Rocket League, this list encompasses the best Rocket League themed toys with which to do so.

Bottom Line Up Front

The best toy is going to be the one that offers the most entertainment. Stationary figures are nice to look at, but it’s something like the Hot Wheels Rocket League Rivals RC Set that’s going to get children (and adults) excited.

This set brings the arena into your home – literally – with an interactive, competitive experience. I was surprised to find that there’s really nothing attached to the Rocket League brand that comes close to it. 

My Top Picks at a Glance

  • Hot Wheels Rocket League Rivals RC Set: Hot Wheels translated Rocket League into a stationary set featuring a big ball, two RC battle-cars, and two goals.
  • Jazwares Battle-Cars: Jazwares paid close attention to the customization feature of Rocket League and made it a core part of these small collectible cars.
  • Hot Wheels Rocket League Octane: This 1:64 scale rendition of the default Octane car is pure, classic Hot Wheels with a Rocket League twist.
  • Mini Pull-Back Racer Car MysteryBall: Who doesn’t love a surprise? Especially if it’s one of eight vibrantly colored Rocket League battle-cars.
  • Rocket League Light Up Clip Mystery Bag: Light the way with a keychain sporting one of Rocket League’s best.
  • JINX Rocket League Small Stress Ball: Nothing helps a bad game of Rocket League like a squishy replica ball.

6 Best Rocket League-Themed Toys

When you need a break from the high-octane action of Rocket League but don’t want to set aside your love for the gas-powered soccer match, you’ll appreciate having one or several themed toys at your disposal. Granted, you’re still really just playing with more battle-cars, but you will have greater control over how your Octane performs – particularly since it’s not tied to a loose control scheme. 

The following six toys represent the most detailed, entertaining, and authentic Rocket League toys available. Some will provide hours of entertainment while others will make for great showpieces on your mantle. 

Hot Wheels Rocket League Rivals RC Set

Hot Wheels Rocket League Rivals RC Set

Beyond the game itself, this Hot Wheels RC set is the pinnacle of Rocket League entertainment. Complete with a “Smart” arena and smartphone-controlled Dominus and Octane replicas, the set fully immerses players into the world of Rocket League. Anyone that got their hands on this fully interactive set really had the best Rocket League toy to release.

Goals with infrared sensors, an oversized ball, clip-in bumpers, and an area mat that replicates the in-game playing field cultivate an environment for casual competition between friends and family. You may not be able to pull off some of the sick tricks that Octane is capable of, but you’d be surprised as to how frantic the action can get.

It’s a shame Hot Wheels never expanded on this idea with different mat overlays, higher walls, or even new vehicle releases. But for what it is, the Rivals RC Set provided hours of entertainment.


  • Captures the look and feel of Rocket League
  • Smartphone connectivity enhances immersion
  • Sizable playing area


  • Hot Wheels didn’t expand on the idea
  • Only space for two Rocket League cars
  • Side walls aren’t high enough for tricks

Jazwares Rocket League Customizable Battle-Cars

Jazwares Rocket League Battle-Cars

Rocket League creator Psyonix clearly wanted to ensure players could customize their experience with a range of cosmetics. From hats to flags to complete color schemes, each car can be changed to fit one’s personality. So, why shouldn’t a Rocket League toy follow this principle? 

Jazwares created a line of Rocket League Battle-Cars, or 1:43-scale vehicles with the capability of being customized. The entire series was released in single packs, “Mystery Garages” complete with a stackable garage, and a three-car deluxe pack that comes with a host of accessories and DLC for Rocket League. Rocket League’s Battle-Cars features in-game vehicles like Octane, Mantis, Ripper, Aftershock, and X-Devil. 

Not knowing which car you’ll pull is the real fun of the Battle-Car series, especially since every car looks like its on-screen counterpart. There’s not much to these Battle-Cars, but I appreciate Jazwares focusing on an inconsequential part of the game and building a whole series of toys around it.


  • Vehicle toppers are interchangeable
  • Cars look accurate to their in-game counters
  • 1:43 scale makes them easy to collect and display


  • Some cars are exclusive to larger packs
  • Stackable garages should have been sold separately
  • Exclusive only to Target

Hot Wheels Rocket League Octane Die-Cast Model

Hot Wheels Rocket League Octane Toy

Whenever you see marketing for Rocket League, there’s always that one distinguished car with the narrowed hood and high tail. That’s Octane, or what I’d call Rocket League’s motorized mascot. Being such a big part of the game and its marketing, it makes sense that Hot Wheels would focus a 1:64-scale die-cast on the iconic ride. 

Octane has a very distinguished look, from its Rocket League emblem on the side and white striping. Being a Hot Wheels, it’s not the most exciting toy, but fans of the fast-paced vehicular soccer action will want this little guy sitting on their game shelf. 

Originally released in blue, Hot Wheels subsequently announced the future launches of an orange and a green version of Octane. Outside of the color change, the die-cast car looks identical. That’s not to say it’s not worth owning both since Rocket League is partly about customizing your ride and distinguishing yourself from the competition.


  • Typical high-quality Hot Wheels die-cast
  • 1:64-scale makes it easy to display
  • Can be used with other Hot Wheels toys


  • Limited to only three varieties 
  • No customization options
  • No Rocket League branded display case or stand

Mini Pull-Back Racer Rocket League Car Mystery Ball

Rocket League Car Mystery Ball Toy

While the focus of Rocket League is about getting the giant ball into your opponent’s goal, it’s also a matter of being the fastest with the best control of their ride. These Rocket League Pull-Back Racers lets you experience the test for speed and control without having to boot up a round of the vehicular competition. 

Sold in mystery packs shaped like the iconic Rocket League ball, these Mini Pull-Back Racers are modeled after the game’s memorable vehicles. Octane leads the pack and is joined by 12 other battle-cars, including Backfire, Dominus, X-Devil, Grog, and many more.

Lucky shoppers may find a rare chase variant that also comes with DLC codes for ZT-17 wheels and a Cold Fusion Rocket Boost.


  • Good variety of battle-cars to find
  • Pull-back action adds interactivity to each vehicle
  • Chase variants also come with in-game DLC


  • Blind packs are always a gamble, and this pack isn’t that cheap
  • No customization of battle-cars
  • Some of the 12 battle-cars are dull models

Rocket League Light Up Clip Blind Mystery Bag

Rocket League Light Up Clip Blind Mystery Bag

You may have to scrounge eBay, a second-hand retailer, or a third-party marketplace to find one of these keychains, but they’re definitely worth the effort if you’re a Rocket League fan. I know they may seem silly, but I do appreciate that they’re not just a straightforward keychain. These bad boys light up! 

Pulling an element from the game, these clip-ons feature a light-up rocket boost. Each car has a different color boost, which kind of calls to the customization feature of Rocket League. Of course, Octane is on the list of eight battle-cars, but so are Backfire, Breakout, Dominus, Road Hog, and Endo. 

What I appreciate most about this blind bag series is that it doesn’t repeat the car selection of other mystery bags. Sure, Octane is part of every release, but you can’t leave out the poster battle-car of the whole series.


  • Each battle-car comes with a light-up rocket boost 
  • Durable and large keyring 
  • Car models are very well done


  • Limited series that could have used more battle-cars
  • Only one chase variant to find
  • Listed as Season 1, but no Season 2 was ever released

JINX Rocket League Small Stress Ball

JINX Rocket League Stress Ball

Though not technically a toy, this JINX Rocket League stress ball certainly comes in handy after a tense round in the arena. Modeled after the iconic Rocket League ball, the stress toy is 2.75” in diameter and made from a durable polyurethane foam rubber. Like most stress balls, it can withstand being squeezed daily, so don’t be afraid to turn to it when your matches go south.

If you don’t want to squeeze it or risk ruining its accurate paint job, you can put it on display, maybe next to your die-cast Octane. For a game as frantic and chaotic as Rocket League, it’s not a bad idea to have something nearby for when your team drops the ball (pun intended) and gives up a goal to the opposition.


  • Durable polyurethane rubber build
  • Game-accurate paint job
  • Great to have on hand when games don’t go your way


  • Not much else beyond squeezing can be done with it
  • Only one style is available
  • Accompanying Rocket League stress battle-car would complete a series

Where to Find Rocket League Toys

While toys like the Hot Wheels Rivals RC set have been discontinued, eBay is a valuable resource to find toys that may no longer be in production. Many of the blind bag toys are still available on major sites like Amazon and, surprisingly, you may be able to find the Hot Wheels Die-Cast model available at Your best bet is to do a Google search for the toy you want and check the “Shopping” tab.

Can We Expect More Toys to Release in the Future?

Though Rocket League is still very popular in esports, with the Rocket League Championship Series still running annually, it’s not very big in the toy market. The only real interactive toy, the Hot Wheels RC Rivals set, was released in 2018. The most recent release in 2021 was the Rocket League pull-back racer battle-cars. So, any efforts to make use of the Rocket League branding may be reserved for the digital space, like how Psyonix and Formula 1 teamed up in 2021 and 2022 for an in-game crossover that featured Formula 1 cars in the Rocket League arena.

What’s muddying the waters is a listing on Midtown Comics for a “Rocket League Light-Up Clip Blind Mystery Box 24-Piece Display” launching in August 2022. However, the product image is of the above-referenced light-up series that’s already been launched. The same goes for a listing for pull-back racers scheduled to release on the same day.

With the longevity the series has, it wouldn’t be a massive surprise if more toys are launched in the future, but for now, it may be best to assume that what’s out there is what we’ll get.

Fan-Made Rocket League Toys

Admittedly, there is a noticeable lack of options when it comes to official Rocket League toys. So, if you’re really looking to build a collection, you’ll need to turn to the fans. From 3D prints to handmade pull-back racers, there’s a decent selection that will round out a collection.

3D Printed Rocket League Octane RC Car

3D Printed Rocket League Octane RC

What’s most surprising is that there hasn’t been an influx of official Rocket League RC cars. Thanks to the wonders of 3D printing, MyMiniFactory user Jason Suter created a 1/32 model print for an Octane RC car.

According to Suter, you’ll need to use the 9115M RC car as the base for the Octane shell. What’s really great about this user-made creation is that you can customize the color as much as you want.

With a little ingenuity, you can even add some cosmetic features, similar to the in-game cosmetics.

Custom-Made Pull-Back Racer

Custom-Made Pull-Back Racer

Etsy is a gold mine for custom-made items for just about every well-known property in existence, Rocket League included. One store, ArtoftheCardsbyKim, has filled the void of licensed Rocket League figures and toys quite well.

Though, thanks to the site’s copyright regulations, they’re simply labeled as “video game-inspired” cars. Creator Kim Szkudlarek has had-painted pull-back racers to creator versions of Octane you won’t find anywhere else. Some are even tributes to other games, like The Legend of Zelda

3D Printed Road Hog XL

3D Printed Road Hog XL

When it came to Rocket League toys, not every car received its just attention. Take Road Hog XL, for example. This beefy battle-car is a bit bulkier than other vehicles and certainly doesn’t have that sporty appearance, which may be why it was overlooked.

Thingiverse user Aannuat594 saw an injustice that needed rectifying and put together a 3D print file for a customizable Road Hog XL. Paint it as you wish and display it proudly amongst your Rocket League collection.  

3D Printed Rocket League Ball

We couldn’t provide the 3D print for a Rocket League RC car without also finding a file for the iconic ball. With two Octane RC cars and this 3D-printed ball from GrabCad user Zack Hammack, you could create your own crude real-life Rocket League matches.

The design is a spot-on replica of the in-game model, all you have to do is lay on the paint. And, you know, prepare to print a spare for when things get a little out of control.


Question: Is Rocket League Owned by Hot Wheels?

Answer: Though Hot Wheels and Rocket League have been connected through a few collaborations, the video game was initially owned by its publisher and developer Psyonix. In 2019, four years after the game was released, Epic Games acquired Psyonix, making Rocket League a property of the same studio behind Gears of War and Fortnite.

Question: What is the Most Expensive Battle-Car in Rocket League?

Answer: In Rocket League, adding new items and cars to your inventory can cost money. The in-game currency is a credit, and each credit is worth $.01. That means, if you spent 24,500 credits on a battle-car, you’d be spending $245 in real cash. And that was the price of the Titanium White Dominus at one point. Prices for rare cars and items will fluctuate, even between platforms, but this Dominus variant has consistently remained the most expensive battle-car.

If you want to keep up on Rocket League prices, I recommend bookmarking That site gives you the most up-to-date pricing on just about every battle-car, accessory, and more.

Question: Is Octane the Best Battle-Car?

Answer: Every battle-car in Rocket League comes with its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, Breakout has a great hitbox, but its air control is pretty rough. Conversely, Aftershock has a small hitbox but is easier to control than in the arena. The most well-rounded car may be considered the best since it appeals to all playstyles, and that honor belongs to the iconic Octane. 


Rocket League is still going strong and has a dominant presence in esports. And I still say it’s a little odd that Psyonix hasn’t pushed for more licensed figures and toys, especially with how much could be done through a collaboration with Hot Wheels.

This selection of the six best at least represents a decent haul that any true Rocket League fan would love to own. More options would definitely be great, but with that Hot Wheels Rocket League Rivals RC Set out there, it may be very easy to forget that it’s not a property blessed with a massive assortment of toys, models, and playsets.

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