Terraria Hellstone Guide

Terraria Hellstone Guide: Bring Your Obsidian

Hellstone is the ore of the Underworld in Terraria.

It’s a reddish-orange with a lava-like texture, and it will put you on fire if you walk over it or touch it.

It is also the strongest ore pre-Hardmode, used in both the crafting of weapons, armor, and a few other select items that can be useful throughout the game.

It makes some cool furniture when combined with Obsidian. Uniquely only the Player is affected by its Burning DeBuff, making it safe for NPC’s to walk over and useless as a trap for enemies.

Here is our complete Terraria Hellstone guide with everything you need to know about one of the “hottest” ores in the game.

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Key Info To Get Started

  • Location: Mined in the lava pools of the Underworld.
  • Pickaxe needed: A Crimtane or Demonite pickaxe is required to mine it.
  • Dangers: Causes the Burning DeBuff. Creates lava when mined. Constantly attacked while mining.
  • Crafting: Weapons, Armor, Accessories, Furniture, and Building Blocks.
  • Quantity: Abundant.
  • Difficulty to Acquire: Medium.
  • Best Use: Molten Armor, Molten Pickaxe, and Lavaproof Bug Net.
  • Powerful Accessory: Needed to craft the Drill Containment Unit.

Firstly, Get Fireproof

The Underworld isn’t just dangerous; like Meteorite, most of the rock down there will cause you to take constant damage. On top of which, the floor is quite literally lava.

To deal with the dangers, you can acquire many accessories.

  • Obsidian Skin Potion: Consumable. Immunity to fire blocks, lava, and on fire! Debuff for six minutes. Craft with Bottled Water, Fireblossom, Waterleaf, and Obsidian by a Placed Bottle or an Alchemy Table.
  • Lava Charm: 7-second immunity to lava. Found in chests in the Caverns and Hellstone or Obsidian Crates.
    Obsidian Rose: Reduces Lava Damage. Dropped by the Imp enemies in Hell.
  • Obsidian Skull: Immunity to fire blocks like Meteorite or Hellstone. Craft with Obsidian (x20) by any furnace.

The following items can all be crafted by the Tinkerer’s Workshop.

  • Magma Skull: Similar to the Obsidian Skull. It also allows your melee attacks to cause the Hellfire debuff on enemies. Craft with a Magma Stone and Obsidian skull.
  • Molten Charm: Immunity to Fire Blocks and 7-second immunity to lava. Craft with a Lava Charm and Obsidian.
  • Obsidian Shield: Immunity to Knockback and Fire Blocks. +2 Defense. Craft with a Cobalt Shield and an Obsidian Skull.
  • Obsidian Skull Rose: Immunity to Fire Blocks, Reduced Lava Damage. Craft with an Obsidian Rose and Obsidian Skull.
  • Molten Skull Rose: Immunity to Fire Blocks, Reduced Lava Damage, Melee Attacks cause Hellfire. Craft with a Magma Skull and an Obsidian Rose or Obsidian Skull Rose OR an Obsidian Skull Rose and a Magma Stone.
  • Obsidian Horseshoe: Immunity to Fire Blocks and Falling Damage. Craft with a Lucky Horseshoe and an Obsidian Skull.
  • Obsidian Water Walking Boots: Walk on honey and water and immunity to fire blocks. Craft with Water Walking Boots and an Obsidian Skull.
  • Lava Waders: Walk on ALL liquids, including lava, honey, water, and immunity to fire blocks. Allows you to submerge in lava for up to 7 seconds by pressing down when walking on lava and reducing lava damage taken. Craft with a Lava or Molten Charm, the Obsidian Rose, and Obsidian Water Walking Boots.

Our Suggestion

Craft and equip the Obsidian Shield. Being immune to knockback is

just as helpful as being immune to fire blocks in the Underworld. Keep a Mirror on you to return home if you get stuck in a pool of lava. Take a few Obsidian Skin Potions if you want to get the most mining done.

The Cobalt Shield for making the Obsidian Shield is a common pickup in chests in the Dungeon.

Possible Problems

There’s a chance you may not find a Lava Charm. If this is the case, you can create a new map and dig about for one in the lower parts of the Cavern. Having a Lava Charm or Crafting Lava Waders is helpful, especially if you later want to make a moat of lava around your cities to deal with raids.

Collecting Obsidian

Dumping water on top of lava creates Obsidian. Mine the obsidian blocks and bring them up to the surface to craft some Fire Block Immunity items.

Make sure to collect a lot of Obsidian, as it will be needed to coordinate your crafting with Hellstone.


Firstly, you must craft a Nightmare or Deathbringer Pickaxe to mine Hellstone and Obsidian until you’ve crafted a Molten Pickaxe. You can make either of those by collecting the items dropped after defeating the Eater of Worlds or the Brain of Cthulhu.

Here’s our complete Terraria Pickaxe Guide.

Hellstone can be crafted into the following.

  • Hellstone Brick: Requires Hellstone and a Stone Block by a Furnace. Used for building.
  • Hellstone Bar: Requires Hellstone(x3) and Obsidian by a Hellforge.
  • Flask of Fire: Consumable. Causes any melee weapon or whip to inflict the On Fire! Debuff. Lasts 20 minutes. Craft with Bottled Water and Hellstone(x3) by an Imbuing Station.

Craft the following furniture by any Work Bench.

  • Obsidian Toilet: Obsidian(x4) and Hellstone(x2).
  • Obsidian Chest: Obsidian(x6), Hellstone(x2) and any iron bar(x2).
  • Obsidian Sink: Obsidian(x4), Hellstone(x2) and a Water Bucket.
  • Cinder, Ember, Magma, or Smoulerding Stone Wall(x4): If crafted by Echo Mist in a Graveyard.

Hellstone Bars

The following items can be crafted from Hellstone Bars by any anvil.

  • Fiery Greatsword: Hellstone Bar(x20) Damage-40, Strong Knockback, Causes the On Fire! Debuff. Best Modifier: Legendary. It is needed to craft Night’s Edge.
  • Flamarang: Hellstone Bar(x10) and an Enchanted Boomerang. Damage-32, Great Knockback, Very Fast, Emits Light, Causes On Fire! Debuff. Best Modifier: Godly.
  • Hellfire Arrow(100): Hellstone Bar and Wooden Arrow(x100). Damage-13, Explode upon impact like a Grenade hitting everything in a small area. Great Knockback.
  • Imp Staff: Hellstone Bar(x17). Summons a flying imp that shoots fireballs. Damage-17, Cause the On Fire! Debuff, Pierces Multiple Enemies. Best Modifier: Mythical.

The Following armor provides a SET BONUS of:+10% melee damage and immunity to the On Fire! debuff

  • Molten Helmet: Hellstone Bar(x10). Defense-8, +7% melee critical strike chance.
  • Molten Brestplate: Hellstone Bar(x20). Defense-9, +7% melee damage.
  • Molten Greaves: Hellstone Bar(x15). Defense-8, +7% melee speed.

You must have all three equipped to receive the set bonus.

  • Molten Fury: Hellstone Bar(x15). A bow. Damage-31, Terrible Knockback, Fast, Makes Wooden Arrows Emit Light and Cause the On Fire! Debuff. Best Modifier: Unreal.
  • Molten Hamaxe: Hellstone Bar(x15). Hammer Power %70. Axe Power %150. Damage-20, Strong Knockback, May Cause the On Fire! Debuff. Best Modifier: Legendary
  • Molten Pickaxe: Hellstone Bar (x20). Pickaxe Power %100. Can mine early Hardmode Ore. Damage-12, Terrible Knockback, May Cause the On Fire! Debuff. Best Modifier: Light.
  • Phoenix Blaster: Hellstone Bar(x10) and a Handgun. Damage-24, Terrible Knockback, Very Fast, Cannot be auto-fired. Best Modifier: Unreal.

You can also craft the following two items.

  • Lavaproof Bug Net: This allows you to catch Lava Insects. Hellstone Bar(15) and a Big Net by a Hellforge.
  • Drill Containment Unit: Hellstone Bar(x40), Luminite Bar(x40), Chlorophyte Bar(x4), Shroomite Bar(x40), Spectre Bar(x40) and Meteorite Bar(x40) by a Mythril or higher level Anvil.

The Drill Containment Unit is an AFTER GAME mount that allows you to dig as you ride and shape your world. It’s best to summon minions while mounted as you cannot attack while using it.


Craft the Molten Armor before entering Hardmode; it is the best pre-Hardmode armor for defense.

The Lava Bug Net is a handy tool as Lava bugs let you fish in lava, among other things.

The Molten Pickaxe is almost a necessity to have before entering Hardmode.

The Imp Staff isn’t bad, but it’s better to summon ONE imp instead of multiple. The reason for this is that piercing damage causes temporary invulnerability. Combine it with other pre-Hardmode Summons like the Hornet Staff for the best use.

Hellstone Arrows are helpful throughout the game.

The Flamarang is valuable, and practicing with it can be wise. Once you’ve got it down, it can be fantastic against enemies like the Queen Bee, an excellent Boss to farm before Hardmode.

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Best Way Down

Mining Hellstone does mean you need to dig to the bottom of the map; there is no way around this. Dungeon tiles can’t be mined in deep levels prior to Hardmode, which would have been the only shortcut.

If massive trees spawn on your world, they will help you quickly scale down a good 1/4 of the way in Small Maps.

Additionally, the Desert Biome and Jungle Biome often have a lot of large open caverns making for a quicker dig to the Underworld. There is a reason to dig closer to home, however.

A Wall of Flesh

Wall of Flesh
Image from Terraria Wiki Fandom

When the Wall of Flesh is defeated, Crimson or Corruption and Hallow are spread in a “V Shape” pattern to the surface. They also continue to spread faster and take over your world, making everything particularly hard. Such is Hardmode.

By digging large, six space-wide holes from the surface down to the underground around your town, you will protect it from being infected as neither Biome can spread over such a gap.

Use Rope to ascend or simply many, single, tiny wooden platforms placed in the center of your hole. If digging is slow and you’ve picked up a bomb statue, rig the bomb statue to spawn a bomb every 3 seconds near where you are digging via a wire and a counter switch.

Return up to collect some bombs (carry gel to craft Sticky Bombs for better placement) every time you get tired. Rinse and repeat until you’ve dug your way to Hell.

Enemies in the Underworld

You can be attacked by the Imps, Demons, Hell Bats, Lava Slimes, and Bone Serpents.

The Demons pose significant damage threats but cannot travel through blocks; they also carry the voodoo dolls used to summon the Wall of Flesh.

Do not kill a Demon with a Voodoo Doll over lava, or you’re in trouble!

Bone Serpents and Imps will often be the most significant nuisance while mining Hellstone. The Imps can teleport through spaces, and the Bone Serpents act as worms moving through any tile with immunity to lava.

Any Tips?

  • Enter the Dungeon and collect the cobalt shield before mining Hellstone.
  • Build a bridge to walk on while in the Underworld mining. It will be useful in many ways.
  • Always bring a Shadow Key with you while mining; the Underworld is riddled with Shadow Chests.
  • I wouldn’t start Hardmode without having some Hellstone equipment, specifically the pickaxe.
Wall of Flesh
Image from Terraria Wiki Fandom


Question: What is the easiest way to get Hellstone?

Answer: Once in Hell, there is an Obsidian/Hellbrick city down there. Get into the lower levels of a structure, and you can mine safely. Hellstone is often pressed up against the walls.

Question: Can I craft Hellstone Furniture?

Answer: No.

Question: Is Hellstone better than Meteorite?

Answer: In some ways. It provides stronger weapons and better defense. Meteorite, however, offers more furniture crafting options and can be used in some Hardmode weapons. So in the bigger picture, it is less valuable.

Question: What’s the Sharanga?

Answer: This is a weapon that only exists in the 3DS version of Terraria. It does 36 Damage and turns any arrow into Spectral Arrows. Craft it with Molten Fury(x2) and Hellstone Bar(x10) by any anvil.

You cannot get this weapon in any release of this game other than on the 3DS. It is named after the bow of the Hindu God, Vishnu.

Question: How do you make Hellstone Bars?

Answer: You need a Hellforge, Obsidian, and Hellstone. You also need a Hellforge, Obsidian, and silk for the Obsidian Armor set while you’re at it.

To Summarize

Remember to mine Obsidian first so you can get some fire resistance to acquire the Hellstone and start crafting Hellstone Bars. It gives you a load of quality equipment options that can help with pre-Hardmode Boss fights and will let you survive long enough to mine Hardmode ores once all Hell breaks loose.

In Terraria, Hell will break loose.

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Embark on a boundless adventure in the pixelated sandbox world of Terraria, where you can dig, build, and explore to your heart's content. With endless possibilities for creativity and discovery, join millions of players in crafting your own epic journey.

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