Wall of Flesh Terraria Guide

Wall of Flesh Terraria Guide

Terraria is a game filled to the brim with challenging bosses, but one of the most difficult for new players is the Wall of Flesh, and this Wall of Flesh Terraria guide is here to help you conquer this colossal barrier.

This boss only appears in the Underworld, the most challenging area in the game at this point, and requires a large amount of know-how or a very long time spent prepping for the battle.

Bottom line up front: If you’re struggling, what you need to know is that you need to make a long bridge across a large portion of the Underworld, increase your speed, and you should also focus on getting your defense up by obtaining better armor.

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Key Info

  • The Wall gets very fast and will drag you back and damage you if you fail to keep up.
  • You will die if it gets to the end of the Underworld before you kill it.
  • The eyes and mouth will move according to your environment to stay damageable.
  • It will summon the Hungry, which are many small enemies that can impede you while you attempt to fight them.
  • It also tends to shoot at you with lasers from the eyes, another thing to watch out for.
  • The eyes have less defense than the mouth, so they’re what you should generally be aiming for.
  • You are forced to fight it in the Underworld, which has an unruly environment and can mostly be conquered by an extended platform (aka a Hell bridge) or a Water Walking potion.
  • The Underworld contains many enemies you must look out for during the boss fight.
  • You can summon it by killing the Guide, letting him fall into the lava in hell, or throwing his voodoo doll into the lava.
  • Killing the Wall of Flesh sends you into hardmode, a crucial step in the progression of Terraria.

Prepare for Hardmode

Before you take on the Wall of Flesh, you should understand that you will be immediately jettisoned into Hardmode, where everything gets more complex, and the enemies can kill you in only a few hits.

There are quite a few things you may want to consider trying before you even attempt the boss to prepare yourself for what comes after.

  • Getting Money and storing it in your piggy bank for later will be helpful in many things; whether it be buying potions, better ammunition, or more explosives, buying from NPCs will be crucial.
  • Dig a Hellavator connecting your main base of operations to the Underworld for quick and easy navigation; you can do this with a pickaxe or dynamite and rope if you have the money.
  • Obtain a Molten Pickaxe by getting the nearby Hellstone ore and combining it with obsidian at a Hellforge, which you can find in the houses in the Underworld; I myself am guilty of forgetting this, fighting the Wall, then having to go right back down to hell to grab the pickaxe.
  • Gear up to the best of your abilities; extra armor and firepower will help a ton with the new enemies and threats that will be introduced.

The Best Armor for the Wall of Flesh

molten armor

Due to how the game works, there is technically no “best” armor for any given boss, but the Molten armor is a great middle-ground for every class, especially if you plan on playing melee.

The Molten armor will give you melee damage, besides having the highest defense in all of pre-hardmode. If you want a general-use armor that will make you take less overall damage, go for Molten.

If you’re like me, though, you may be more inclined to shoot for Crimson or Shadow armor; both provide advantages such as solid regeneration or extra movement speed, so if you don’t get hit a ton, this is what I would usually suggest.

If you’re playing something other than melee and would rather be doing more damage, you can go for Necro if you’re playing ranger, Meteorite or Jungle if you’re playing mage, and Bee if you’re playing summoner.

However, I don’t typically feel the need to go for any of these sets in particular (except for Bee armor) since they all require you to go a little out of your way, and the damage buffs they provide aren’t extremely noticeable.

The Best Weapons for the Wall of Flesh

best weapons for the wall of flesh
My melee layout I use when fighting the Wall of Flesh

Regarding the best weapons, the answer will depend entirely on the class you want to play, so I will provide a list of the most effective weapons in each class against the Wall.

For Melee

  • The Night’s Edge will generally be the best weapon you can use against the Wall of Flesh that doesn’t take an insane amount of grinding. In my own experience, I’ve found it to do some frankly insane damage against it, especially if you can try and hit multiple segments at once. This is the only weapon I can say for sure you can use with absolutely no other weapons to complement it.
  • The Cascade may be worth getting if you want extra range in your melee build. However, considering you can get it just by killing enemies in hell, you probably already have one by complete happenstance.
  • The Sunfury is a bit overkill when you have the above two weapons, but it is a great close-range damage dealer and “get off me” tool nonetheless.
ranger loadout for wall of flesh
My Ranger loadout for Wall of Flesh

For Ranger

  • The Hellwing Bow is a widespread, fast-firing bow that can do some insane damage to both the hungry and the Wall itself, be sure to bring both Jester’s arrows and Hellfire arrows for both piercing and raw DPS.
  • The Pheonix Blaster is technically the best gun you could get right now, but it’s relatively slow. Honestly, using the Minishark with Meteor shot would be what I prefer; even if it does less damage, it doesn’t feel like it does less damage, y’know?
  • The Star Cannon is something I recommend keeping on hand, you don’t need to grind out a million stars, but you should grab some as you play and spend them on this boss, specifically. And, if you want to embarrass this boss absolutely, you should try using the Star Cannon on Journey mode with an unlimited supply of stars.
  • Beenades are similar to the Star Cannon in that they’re annoying to acquire a large amount of, but the payoff is worth it. Just think of it like every time you fight the Queen Bee for more Beenades, you get another free 10th off the Wall’s health. Make sure to combine it with the Hive Pack for that sweet, sweet damage.
mage loadout for fighting the wall of flesh
My Mage Loadout for fighting the Wall of Flesh

For Mage

  • The Space Gun, combined with Meteor armor, is essential. This will reduce your mana cost to 0 and give you free and insane damage. If only they kept it so you could get this before fighting a single boss.
  • The Zapinator is legally also a Space Gun by the Meteor armor’s rules, so you also get to use it at 0 mana cost. Something to consider with this one is that it is entirely luck based but could do even more damage than the standard space gun if you trust in the heart of the cards.
  • The Waterbolt is exceedingly helpful at taking out the Hungry and hitting the Wall. You should use this one while aiming for the ceiling, then use your Space Gun of choice.
  • The Bee Gun proves that bees are the most powerful thing on this planet. Like Beenades, when combined with the Hive Pack, this can tear through that massive health bar.
summoner loadout terraria
My Summoner Loadout for fighting the Wall of Flesh

For Summoner

  • The Imp Staff is the greatest damage summon at this point and is also acquired with the Hellstone you’ve probably used to make a million things at this point. How convenient!
  • The Hornet Staff is something you should consider having a single summon slot dedicated to, as it can poison enemies and who doesn’t love piling on those status effects?
  • A Spinal Tap or any other whip, namely the Snapthorn, is essential for modern-day summoners. You should not go 5 seconds without hitting that whip.
  • A Ballista Rod or any other stationary sentry is negligible in this fight. The sentry cannot move, and the Wall is constantly on the move, so unless you want to trouble yourself with re-summoning it every few seconds, the damage it provides is entirely unnecessary.

The Best Accessories for the Wall of Flesh

hermes boots terraria

Regarding your accessories, movement is the main thing you need to worry about.

At full speed in expert mode, the Wall will outrun a player with Hermes boots, and those, among other things, are essential to being able to survive and dodge attacks.

Regardless of Class (I heavily recommend):

  • A Pair of Boots to outrun the Wall, at least for most of the fight. You need at least Hermes boots, which you can find anywhere underground, but the first thing I would recommend is spending the time exploring to upgrade them into Lightning boots for that extra movement.
  • A Shark Tooth Necklace for extra armor penetration, AKA additional damage. This becomes especially helpful when you need to hit the mouth, which has extra defense compared to the eyes.
  • A Cobalt Shield from the Dungeon comes in handy due to the enemies that are sometimes running around on your Hellbridge; I’ve lost the fight on more than one occasion from running into a random enemy and being knocked directly into the Wall.
  • (Expert/Master Only) A Worm Scarf prevents you from taking more damage than you need to. This makes the greater difficulties more bearable since you take less damage and survive longer.
  • (Expert/Master Only) The Shield of Cthulu gives you a quick dash to help dodge lasers or the hungry. This burst movement option is so handy that I genuinely can’t go back to classic mode; using the shield is permanently ingrained into my muscle memory.
  • Use Whatever You Like because using the accessories you’re more comfortable with or enjoy will always lead to a more enjoyable fight and usually take fewer attempts than trying to adjust to a loadout you have never tried before.

That isn’t all, though. Each class has some valuable accessories just for the weapons specific to them. You should consider picking these up if you’re dedicating yourself to one class.

  • Feral Claws and their many upgrades make your melee attacks faster, and thus you do more damage. Simple, right?
  • The Titan Glove and its many upgrades will make your melee attacks larger and easier to hit the Wall and the Hungry with, and you can also combine this with the claws for maximum effect. These are recommended for summoner and melee since they work just the same for whips.
  • The Band of Starpower is an easy recommendation for mage if you plan on doing more than just space gun spam since it gives you an entire extra star of mana.
  • A Band of Mana Regeneration may be preferable, as it will help regenerate mana during downtime when you aren’t using your weapon.
  • A Mana Flower is also great if you want to use more than just the space gun, as it will automatically drink mana potions for you, letting you focus on aiming and dodging.

For ranger specifically, there are no accessories in this stage of the game that help beyond just general Terraria gameplay. But it isn’t like it needs it, considering ranger is pretty powerful through the whole game and already grants you the opportunity to focus more on dodging than attacking just by nature.

The Best Buffs for the Wall of Flesh

ironskin potion terraria

Potions and passive buff items in Terraria are essential to getting optimal damage and an easier time on a boss in exchange for putting in the time.

There are potions you will want, no matter the class you’re playing, that will significantly increase your chances of success against the Wall of Flesh.

  • Ironskin increases your defense and makes you take less damage from everything; this is a must for any boss fight.
  • Regeneration ups your natural HP regen and means for every hit you take; you will be back on your feet in no time.
  • Food can be tricky to obtain but will provide small buffs to almost every stat in the game, which means more than you think. I would recommend going for something like Pumpkin Pie, which is very easy to get. But if you must have the best, spend a ton of time catching golden creatures and try cooking them into a plate of Golden Delight.
  • Calming potions may require fishing to craft, but it is worth it, as it will dramatically decrease enemy spawn rates and prevent an Imp from spawning on your bridge and knocking you into a combo of pure agony.
  • Water Walking is essential if you want to forgo the Hellbridge and walk on lava. It might also be helpful to take anyways if you fall through your bridge at any point and don’t particularly favor dying.

It would be best to consider some more difficult potions to acquire. These aren’t necessarily essential but can help out considerably.

  • Wrath and Rage both require fishing in your evil biome of choice, and both buff your DPS, consider these if you’re like me and love fishing and don’t understand what everyone means when they say it’s boring. Just relax, dude!
  • Endurance is an increase to your damage reduction but requires fishing underground. So again, if you despise fishing, feel free to skip it, but the boost is appreciated.
  • Lifeforce gives you extra health, you cannot craft it at this stage, but you can find it occasionally in shadow chests.
  • Obsidian Skin makes you immune to the lava that fills the Underworld; however, there is an argument to be made that by the time you fall into the lava that will slow you down immensely, you could already be dead. So take this how you will, but I wouldn’t even bother, don’t fall in.
  • Gravity may sound strange, but consider that the roof of the Underworld is completely solid and free of houses and lava, so sometimes you may want to run on the top and avoid all the obstacles at the risk of being slightly disoriented and having to think about your movement more.
  • Luck potions also require fishing, but I completely understand not wanting to do it this time. Of course, you need to fish for pearls in the desert and catch ladybugs on windy days, but these potions increase DPS and a wide variety of other benefits.
  • A Slice of Cake can be tricky to acquire since you need the Party girl, who can only spawn when you have many NPCs. However, it is still possible and gives you a significant movement speed boost if you can get your hands on it.

It would be best if you also considered grabbing some buffs for your class, as the more damage potential, the faster you can finish the fight, and the less risk you take of dying to the Wall.

  • A Sharpening Station makes you penetrate armor with your melee weapons (which includes whips), so essentially, more damage.
  • A Party Flask is not at all beneficial in raw stats and whatnot, but it’s silly and makes your whips and melee weapons fun.
  • An Ammo Box and Ammo Reservation Potion both serve the same purpose: Conserving ammo. I think these are necessary for any players running the Minishark or if you don’t have the time to craft many of any particular ammo.
  • Archery potions will buff your bows; there is no reason not to get this if you use arrows for damage.
  • Magic Power and Mana Regeneration both bring up your potential as a mage and do precisely what you’d expect; Extra magic damage and quicker MP regeneration.
  • A Summoner Potion and a Bewitching Table a day keep the doctor away; they also give you an entire extra summon slot each, so that’s good too.

The Best Arena for the Wall of Flesh

the hellbridge terraria

As I have mentioned several times up till now, making a large, long bridge across hell is the best way to deal with the Wall of Flesh.

In particular, you should try and use obsidian platforms if you’re playing on Expert or Master mode. Lava slimes will drop a small puddle of lava when they die in these greater difficulties, and these tend to break every other kind of platform. These small holes will pile up quickly and get quite annoying.

Another thing to consider is passive buffs; what I have here is unrealistic as you probably won’t space these out this closely or have more than a single bast statue. So you should get campfires and sunflowers (with grass seeds from the Dryad) and watch your buffs in the top left, making sure to space them out perfectly, so you’re never out of range of either.

Feel free to grab some Bast statues, Heart lanterns, and, if you’re playing as a mage, stars in bottles, and place them throughout. These can get quite expensive, but their buffs are more than worth it.

If you get to any particularly cramped sections of the map, rely on our good ol’ pal, dynamite. Blowing up hell houses or ceilings that are too far down will help free up your movement and make projectiles and the Hungry easier to dodge.

Suppose you want to ignore the bridge building completely. In that case, you could go for the strategy that Youtuber ChippyGaming champions, which is downing a Water Walking potion before the fight and clearing a path through the terrain and hell houses beforehand. This allows you to walk directly on the lava, but making the bridge is far and away recommended if you’re not super comfortable with movement in Terraria.

The Stats of the Wall of Flesh

The Wall of Flesh has some beefy health bars, and the mouth has even more defense than the eyes.

  • Max Life: 8000 (11200 in Expert, 14280 in Master)
  • Eye Defense: 8 (12 in Expert and Master)
  • Mouth Defense: 12 (18 in Expert and Master)
  • Wall Damage: 50 (150 in Expert, 225 in Master)
  • Hungry Defense: 10-40 (16-40 in Expert and Master)
  • Hungry Damage: 30-75 (60-150 in Expert, 90-225 in Master)
  • Immune to Fire and Confusion
  • Inflicts Horrified, preventing escape from the Underworld.
  • Inflicts The Tongue when attempting to run past the Wall, or if the Wall gets past you, dragging you back in front of it.

Rewards for Beating the Wall of Flesh

pwnhammer terraria

While what you should primarily be after with this fight is game progression and your entrance into hardmode, the Wall of Flesh doesn’t skimp on item rewards.

  • Pwnhammer (100% chance)
  • Breaker Blade (25% chance)
  • Clockwork Assault Rifle (25% chance)
  • Laser Rifle (25% chance)
  • Fire Cracker (25% chance)
  • Emblem for a Class (100% chance, 25% for any specific one)
  • Healing Potions (100% chance, 5-15)
  • Badger’s Hat (100%, if defeated on the same day as the Eye of Cthulu)
  • Wall of Flesh Mask (14.29% chance)
  • Wall of Flesh Trophy (10% chance)

On the Expert and Master modes, there are a few exclusive rewards

  • Demon Heart (100%, Expert and Master)
  • Goat Skull (25%, Master only)
  • Wall of Flesh Relic (100%, Master only)

Summoning the Wall of Flesh

The easiest way to summon the Wall of Flesh is to grab a Guide Voodoo Doll from a voodoo demon, then throw it into the lava beneath your feet.

This will only work if the Guide is alive, so be patient and wait for him to respawn if he hasn’t yet.

Another strategy you could do is building a small house in the Underworld, forcing the Guide to move in, and then breaking the blocks underneath him, dropping him into lava. This is usually faster unless you have excellent luck finding voodoo demons.

Once the Guide has gone up in flames, the Wall will spawn either to your left or right. If you’re more toward the right of your world, he will spawn on your right, and vice versa.

The Fastest and Hardest Method to Kill the Wall of Flesh

fastest and hardest method to kill the wall of flesh
MacReady would be proud.

An alternative and time-tested strategy used for years by speedrunners would be killing the Wall of Flesh with dynamite.

If you want to go for this strategy, you will need a lot of practice, coins, and patience.

You will want to forgo the platforms for solid blocks, any will do, but you probably have an excess of stone and dirt.

While the fastest way may sound appealing and relatively simple at first, understand the difficulty of this method. You must throw the dynamite at a specific tempo and rhythm. (Some speedrunners opt to use a metronome for this, but I usually try and throw it every second or so.)

There is also a significant danger to this; not only will you be blowing up a substantial portion of your world, but you’re also at risk of blowing yourself up, which is why regular dynamite is recommended over sticky dynamite; you can roll it towards the Wall and have less danger of hurting yourself.

At the end of the day, once you get this method down, it kills the Wall extremely fast. That can be done from near the beginning of the game, leading to insanely quick Wall of Flesh kills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What’s the Fastest Way to Kill the Wall of Flesh?

Answer: Dynamite or the Star Cannon are both extremely quick, but one is complex, and the other is expensive; for a more reasonable method, use the Night’s Edge.

Question: What Class should I Use for the Wall of Flesh?

Answer: Whichever you want, but if you want a suggestion, go for melee for the most damage or ranger for the most effortless time keeping your distance.

Question: Do I Need a Bridge for the Wall of Flesh?

Answer: If you’re willing to use a Water Walking potion and navigate around the hell houses, that works, but generally, you should make a bridge covering a large portion of the world.

Question: How Long does My Wall of Flesh Bridge Need to be?

Answer: Your Hellbridge only needs to be as long as you’re comfortable with; for a reasonable estimate, go for about a fourth or a third of your world or about a thousand to two thousand blocks.

In Conclusion

The Wall of Flesh is a generally tricky boss in Terraria, demanding good movement, good equipment, and some prep time, even for speedrunners.

You should be prepared to spend a lot of time in the Underworld, making a bridge, mining Hellstone, and modifying the environment to your liking.

Once you have surpassed this fleshy barricade, you can officially enter hardmode, where you will get a cavalcade of new options, bosses, and enemies that will probably destroy you at first.

Good luck with your fight, and have fun!

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