In Stars and Time Full Walkthrough – How To Beat The King

So, after all those loops, all those keys gathered, and all those Sadness enemies killed on our way to the King, he still managed to kill our entire party in one hit. One Hit! Come On! 

I suppose it would have been a little anti-climactic if we got to the end and beat the final boss in one single try. After all, this is a time-loop game.

So I guess we need to go again, talk to some people around Vaugarde, and come up with a way to equip ourselves for a second round with The King. 

So, let’s hop back into it again, starting at the beginning. This is Indie Game Culture’s In Stars and Time Full Walkthrough – How To Beat The King Guide

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The King 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Our quest to dismantle the King begins back in the town from the beginning of our adventure. We will have our usual chat with Mirabelle to begin proceedings, and then when this concludes, you’ll want to speak to her again when she moves to the Library on the right.

She will tell you that there may be a way she could learn of a shielding craft to help defend against the King, but she isn’t aware of it. So she asks you to check the Library in town. Which, conveniently, you are stood right outside of. 

Head inside and talk to the Librarian, who will inform you that they have nothing of the sort there, but there may be something in the Secret Library in the Castle, which can be accessed through the Castle Library, where you find the Paper Key on the Second Floor. 

There are a lot of new things you can also discover in the town now that you have completed several loops. Such as the Banana Skin that will instantly kill you if that’s something you want to do, or the merchant that will give you the Open Phrase to the Storage Room on the First Floor of the Castle.

However, the most important of these is the now accessible door to the building near the Blind Man. Use the Open Phrase ‘Change’, and this will open. Then inside, you will be able to grab the ‘Long Thingy-Thing’ needed for the Bomb. 

At this point, your goal is to work your way to The Library to gain a new skill to beat The King, but I’ll touch on some other things you can do along the way, having looped back to the beginning. 

The most obvious is the Storage Room that can now be unlocked with the Key Phrase you learned from the Merchant in town. The Phrase is ‘StoStorage Roomom.’ In truth, this only gives you access to some Broths and Tonics, as there is nothing else in this room, at least right now, that will prove useful. 

You can also make a point of choosing specific Snacks when at the end of each floor, as there will be a quest later in the game where you will need to know three of Bonnie’s favorite foods, which just so happen to be Rice, Pineapple, and Samosas, specifically without cheese and with potatoes. So, it may be a good plan to try as many of these as you can along the way. 

Other than that, though, it’s a case of retracing your steps to the Library, so get to it! 

The Secret Library

now that you’ve made it to the Library in The Castle, things will look a little different this time around. You will immediately spot that there is a glowing spot near the posters on the wall.

You’ll want to head through here, past the single Sadness monster in the hallway after, and you’ll then find yourself in the Secret Library. 

There are a few gag books to look at here, but the book you want is glowing on the third bookshelf from the door. This is a book on Shield Craft Magic and will grant you some much-needed knowledge on how to protect yourself against devastating attacks.

After Mirabelle reads and learns just how simple the process is, she learns ‘Adorable Moving Shield.’ The skill that will help you withstand The King’s Vision attack. 

With this skill attained, you technically have all the tools in your arsenal needed to take on the King and potentially win, and you can remind Mirabelle of how to do the skill at the beginning of any loop. But there are a few things that you might want to do before you head straight to him. 

Things to Do Along The Way

For example, if you used a Star Crest to go to the room where you learned the Open Phrase ‘OpenPhrase123’, you will now be able to open the door to the right of the area where you must choose between the Age Alliance and the Beauty Alliance. 

Here, you will find Croissants, much to Siffrin’s dismay, some Salty Broths, and some folks frozen in time. But for now, it’s not worth your time hanging around. 

The only other thing you’ll need to make a slight detour for is the Small Gadget Gizmo found in Mirabelle’s room in her Roommate Claude’s Closet.

This will allow you to craft a bomb a little later, but otherwise, Floor Three is the same process as it was before. It can also be a good opportunity to grind your level a little higher for these save points by killing some Sadness enemies along the way and making trips back to your save point. 

After beating the Third Floor Boos, you’ll want to press on, collect the Secret Ingredient from Claude; and if you interact with the Secret Ingredient in your Bag, you’ll be able to craft a Bomb, which will come in handy when in battle with The King. 

Which, speaking of, is right up ahead. After the same preamble with a few minor differences, the fight begins. 

How To Beat The King

Okay, so this time around, I can actually give you a strategy that will help you defeat the King. First and foremost, you need to ensure that in your first four turns, you apply Mirabelle’s Adorable Moving Shield Craft, as this will protect you from the King’s Vision attack. You will still take a hit, but you’ll survive this time. 

After this breakthrough, we can settle into a rhythm and really work out a clear winning strategy. The first thing to know is that The King is a Rock Type, meaning Paper-type moves are going to be the way to go in the fight.

So when you aren’t applying buffs, you’ll want to be using these attacks, or guarding when you can’t, as this will ensure you perform the maximum amount of Jackpot attacks possible. 

Another thing to note is that Stat-buffs and Nerfs are your friends in this fight, because the longer this drags on, the more Tonics and Crafted Waters you’ll need.

In order of priority, you’ll want to use Slow crafts to stop The King from attacking as often. You’ll also want to lower their Attack and defense when possible, and you will also want to up your defense as well. 

Another thing to note is that the Adorable Moving Shield buff will fade, so you’ll want to keep an eye on that, and when it drops off, you need to prioritize getting it activated again. If it means using a Salty Broth, use it. 

It’s also worth noting that during the fight, The King will use Frozen Tears to heal himself, but there isn’t much you can do to combat that other than maintain your rhythm and keep chipping off their HP. 

Then, of course, you have the Bomb in your pocket, which is a great thing to have in this fight, as this will allow you to take off a huge chunk of The King’s health without the hassle of chipping away bit by bit, but when you use this item is up to you. 

When you get the King down to about 10-15% health, Mirabelle will take over, calling for the group to perform a huge finishing attack that will take out the King, and, with that, will restore Vaugarde to how it once was. So effectively, you’ve saved the world. Yay! 

The Epilogue… Or So We Thought

After you decimate the King, you will be free to travel up to the top of the Castle, where you will find the Head Housemaiden, who will grow her gratitude for all of your efforts, and heap praise on Mirabelle as the unlikely hero of Vaugarde. 

Then, she will give you a moment to talk with each of your companions, essentially offering a moment away from everyone to have a private and intimate moment before the grand adventure ends. Then, after you talk to everyone, you can return to her to wrap things up. 

You might think this is the point where the credits roll and the game ends, but no, that would be all too simple. 

Upon mentioning the word ‘Time’ the entire scene changes; the world begins to slow to a halt, and before the Head Housemaiden can explain what the hell is going on, the loop glitches out, and you find yourself right back at the beginning. AGAIN! 

If you aren’t much of a completionist, you could easily walk away from In Stars and Time now, but I don’t think many of you will feel satisfied with all of these unanswered questions hanging over you.

So we will be pushing forward to uncover more secrets in this time loop adventure, and that all starts with a trip to see Loop at The Wish Tree. But that’s something we can save for our next guide. 

A Bitter Sweet Ending

You did it; you beat the King and broke Vaugarde free of their time-loop misery. For a few minutes at least before it all went wrong again.

That’s the thing with time travel; nothing is ever straightforward. At least we can hang our hats on the fact that we took down a literal deity, and everything from here on out will be a piece of cake.

I hope this guide helped, and if you want to dig deeper into In Stars and Time and unlock the true ending for this game, then I will see you next time. Thank you for reading Indie Game Culture. 

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