In Stars And Time Full Walkthrough – The Final Loop

If you’ve been following our guides to this point, then you’ll have just witnessed a pretty harrowing scene where the King shows that no amount of reasoning will deter him from his goal of preserving Vaugarde in time forever.

The sight of Bonnie in his clutches still haunts you, but it’s time to move on and figure out how to end this loop once and for all. 

Most of the hard work is done now. You’ve tried almost everything you can, but there are still some angles to experiment with, some nooks and crannies to explore, and a grand finale that awaits you.

So join us as Siffrin descends into madness. This is Indie Game Culture’s In Stars and Time Full Walkthrough, and how to finally break the loop! 

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This is just a little disclaimer before we get going. It is possible to get to this point in the game without having all the necessary components in place to allow the player to progress the story forward. The game will give you the Memory of Memories ability after you talk to Loop regardless, but if you try to read books that were previously impossible to read, Siffrin will say that he’s not in the mood to look at them right now. So, to push the story onward, you have to do the following:

  • Learn all you possibly can about The King
  • Help all of your friends and get to the end of the loop
  • Learn all you can about Time Craft, Loops, and your Country

Realistically, the only one you are likely to miss, as the game doesn’t make it a necessity, is the Hangout Quests, so just make sure you do this at some point. 

Act Four – Wish Craft

Loop One

We could dig down deep into the story and the narrative as we go here, but we are going to try and keep it as streamlined as possible, as there are still quite a few loops to go and a few things that need to be done to trigger the final loop.

Firstly, you’ll want to have the ‘Memory of Memories’ equipped as this will allow you to read all scripts from your home country. You can trigger this as and when needed, but seeing as you shouldn’t have too much trouble with Sadnesses at this point, best to have it on so you don’t forget. 

Starting from Dormont, head to the Banana Peel in town and kill yourself immediately, and provided you have enough Memories of Skirmish, jump straight to Floor 2 without the Keys unlocked.

You’ll want to work through and go to the Secret Library. Here, you should read the books on the first set of shelves about Color Theory. You may have already done this, in which case, you can skip this step. 

In Stars And Time Walkthrough

You then need to head to Floor Three, so use a Frozen Tear to skip ahead, but don’t unlock all the doors, as you will need to get the Star Crest. Firstly, head to the Phrase Door, and using your new skill, you’ll be able to open it. Once inside, read everything, and you’ll learn more about the mysterious practice of Wish Craft.

In Stars And Time Walkthrough observatory

Then, finally, before you loop back, move on to the Observatory, provided you have the Star Crest already, and read everything in there too. 

Loop Two

After the Observatory, use a Frozen Tear to loop back to Floor One, and then head through the hallways on the right until you reach the Storage Room Phrase Door. Head inside, and you’ll now be able to read a book detailing more interesting facts about Wish Craft. 

In Stars And Time Walkthrough crafting wishes

Then, skip forward to Floor Two and head back to the Library. Enter the secret library and read the book on the second set of shelves. 

Loop Three

With all of this new info on Wish Craft, you need to loop back to Dormont and talk to all of those around town, asking them one by one what they wished for at the Favor Tree.

In Stars And Time Walkthrough head housemaiden office

Then, with the knowledge that the Head Housemaiden was documenting information on the wishes made by those in Dormont, head to her office on the Second Floor and look at the list on her desk. 

In Stars And Time Walkthrough list of people wishes

At this point, you should push forward through the Castle, Beat the King, and talk to the Head Housemaiden.

In Stars And Time Walkthrough corrupted wishes

She informs you that even with all this knowledge about Wish Craft that, she herself cannot help as the wish has been corrupted, this will cause you to loop back once more, and thus, will begin the final loop! 

Acts 5 + 6 – The Final Loop


When you loop back after this discussion with the Head Housemaiden, talk to Loop immediately, and after revealing that you think that you alone must land the final blow on The King, Loop will all but reveal that there is no true way to escape, and they knew this all along. 

In Stars And Time Walkthrough kings quest

This acts as the final Straw in Siffrin’s mind, and he will, at this point, try to gamify the system, ensuring that all of his party members are in prime condition to run this loop as fast as possible.

So you’ll need to do all of their hangout quests again. However, because of Siffrin’s impatience and borderline lunacy, he will ruin each of these quests, and will alienate the group entirely. 

In Stars And Time Walkthrough tower

At this point, you’ll need to head to the Tower, where you would usually have the sleepover, but when you arrive, you’ll overhear that they intend to leave without you, as you cannot be trusted, which will then prompt Siffrin to go ahead on his own, running the castle gauntlet solo. 

The Castle Floors Solo Run 

In Stars And Time castle floor solo run

As you would expect, the run from the First Floor to the King is very similar to every other that you have done, but due to Siffrin’s poor mental health, this one will feel a little broken and disjointed.

I won’t give you step-by-step directions as the items needed and the general points of interest to hit remain the same, but here are a few things you should know to avoid getting lost and disorientated: 

  • On each of the floors, the left and right hallways will be reversed, so remember this when planning your route.
  • Most doors will lead to rooms that they did not before, so don’t be afraid to double back on yourself, as this may open up a new point of entry. 
  • If you enter a door and it loops you back to the door last entered, just repeat the process a few times, and eventually, the door will work as desired. 
  • The developer has made a number of the hallways much longer; this is intentional, and you are not going mad. 
  • You’ll kill all bosses instantly, so don’t sweat preparing for these fights.
  • You can’t pick up items, so don’t waste your time trying to stock up. 

The Fight With The King

In Stars And Time scissors damage

You will then reach the King, as you have done many times before, but this fight will be a little different. The good news here is that you can’t actually die. If you run out of HP, things will loop back, and you can proceed anyway.

So, really, it’s just about staying alive to keep things moving at a steady pace. The best way to do this is by landing 2-3 Paper attacks on The King, then pop a Speed Boost or a Health boost, depending on which is a higher priority, then rinse and repeat until your battle concludes. 

When the King is at about 20% health, he will begin to cast Slow Down crafts on Siffirn, and this will cause them to fall asleep, giving up the fight entirely, and will usher in a new fight with a manifestation of yourself known as Mal Du Pays. 

Mal Du Pays

In Stars And Time mal du pays

This battle isn’t so much an actual fight as it is a vehicle to deliver more of the plot. There is no point in thinking about your attacks and buffs in this segment, as no matter what you choose, it makes no difference.

So, when given control, just keep spamming basic attacks to keep the ball rolling. Then, you’ll intermittently have some intrusive thoughts, weakening Siffrin’s resolve. 

In Stars And Time king freezes in time

However, just when you think that all hope is lost, your party will come to your rescue, reviving you, and taking down the King on your behalf. Only this time, they reflect the King’s time paralysis spell on him, causing him to freeze himself in time, thus breaking the loop for real this time!

The Aftermath

In Stars And Time the aftermath

In the aftermath of the battle with the King, pretty much everything you do from here on out is story content, and while I could go into detail on the different things that happen, I think that should be yours to enjoy without any spoilers on my end, so here is a quick rundown of things you should do before calling it a day with In Stars and Time: 

  • Talk to the Head Housemaiden and cue the ‘real final battle’ 
  • Talk to all your friends one more time
  • Head back to Dormont and see everyone 
  • Return to the Favor Tree and Talk to Loop

Loop Broken

And with the finale done and dusted and the perfect ending achieved, that’s a wrap on In Stars and Time, and what a journey it was.

I hope this game was as enjoyable for you as it was for me, and I hope these guides made the monotony of the loops a little more manageable, I know the repetitive nature of this game isn’t to everyone’s taste, but it is worth it in my opinion. Until next time, thank you for reading Indie Game Culture. 

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