In Stars and Time Full Walkthrough – Act Three

If you’re like me, you probably finished the battle with The King, looped back against your will after talking to the Head Housemaiden, and then witnessed an overwhelming feeling of disappointment and emptiness. A feeling that Siffrin can very much relate to at this moment. 

However, before long, this hollow feeling morphs into one of curiosity as the game poses a series of questions begging for an answer. How can I help my friends? How can I find out more about the loops? How can I learn more about the King?

Through talking to Loop, you can reveal hints regarding what to do next, but if you’re stumped already, you’ve come to the right place. 

In this guide, we will be going through the third act of In Stars and Time, as I put together a guide that will help you uncover the secrets of Siffrin’s past in as few loops as possible. So without further delay, here is Indie Game Culture’s In Stars and Time Full Walkthrough – Act Three Guide. 

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In Stars and Time Act Three Walkthrough 

Here We Go Again

Alright, so let’s kick things off as we usually do; we will need to talk to Mirabelle, who will tell us to talk to her in front of the Library, which we can do if we want to pursue our companion’s Hangout Quests. However, before all that, you’ll need to talk to Loop, who will debrief you after all that has happened and offer you some leads on where to go next. It’s pretty threadbare, to begin with, but beating the loop and talking to the Head Housemaiden again is the main task at hand. 

In Stars and Time Full Walkthrough - Act Three

So here’s how we will break it down. If you do this properly, it should take you another seven forced loops to beat Act Three, but you will need to make sure to do very specific things in each loop if you want to work through the content this quickly. So let’s go through it loop by loop. 

Talk To The Housemaiden Again

This loop is pretty simple, but there are a few extras that the player can do along the way to save time later, and also further some side quest content, which will offer some nice benefits in later loops. Firstly, you’ll want to head around Dormont asking your party members what they need help with, which will start each of their respective Hangout Quests. 

In Stars and Time Full Act Three housemaiden

After this, head to the Dormont Library and speak to the Librarian. Ask them about Family tales, and this will allow you to grab some info on this when you visit the Library later. 

After this, you’ll want to press forward to floor two, where you will want to visit the Library. Head through to the Serect Library, and here you will find a Dossier listing all the books checked out from the Secret Library, including a Familytale, which is currently checked out by the Boulanger in Dormont. This will allow you to further this side quest when you loop back to the beginning. 

In Stars and Time Full Act Three library

After this, push on to Floor Three where you will need to visit Mirabelle’s Room, and using a moment when she is distracted, you can look in her dresser to gain some understanding about the Papers she carries around all the time. Which will allow you to further her Hangout Quest. 

After this, you can then head to the King, and during the fight, you will be able to use a new Craft to Ask the King questions. Exhaust these options, and you will learn about Time Craft, a type of craft that The King is using to manipulate the world. After learning all you can, then defeat them. 

In Stars and Time Full Act Three king

Then, finally, head to the Head Housemaiden and try to change the course of events by saying something different. Sadly, she will stick to the same script, the Loop will break once more, and you will be looped back to the beginning. 

Understanding Time Craft

Okay, so now you have an actual lead and a trail to follow. You’ll need to learn more about Time Craft. So begin by heading to the Dormont Library again. The Librarian will tell you that all they have are the basic craft books in the corner. However, he thinks there may be a Craftonomy book in the Castle, and also can’t stop thinking about Candles. Somewhere on the First Floor, perhaps?

In Stars and Time Full Act Three time craft

Before you set off, though, you should have all the information needed to do each character’s (except Isa’s, so do his last) hangout quests, provided you took my advice and learned Bonnie’s favorite foods in a previous guide. So take the time to do these, as the rewards are worth the effort. T

Then you’ll want to head to the First Floor, where you’ll find that very book on Time Craft you are looking for in the room with all the ‘Pie Smell’ Candles. 

In Stars and Time Full Act Three craftonomy book

After this, don’t skip right to The King. Instead, head to the Second Floor and visit the Head Housemaiden’s office, where you will find some notes on The King. Allowing you to question him about just why he calls himself The King. 

In Stars and Time Full Act Three the kings note

Then, as you might have guessed, you’ll want to head to The King, exhaust all the new Dialogue options, and then defeat them, and then head to the Head Housemaiden.

In Stars and Time Full Act Three the king how to defeat

The script will change slightly this time, but despite your best efforts to repair the loop by helping your friends, the loop will break again, and you’ll begin the process all over again. Only this time, your friends are now aware of the pain that the end of the loop brings. 

Hangout With Loop

After another gut-wrenching moment for Siffrin to endure, breathe in and out, and then you’ll want to head to Loop and have another conversation with them, where you can discuss theories about the Loop. They won’t have any theories to offer you, but she does suggest that you hang out with them, have a long chat, and sneak out before your assault on the Castle, effectively skipping a loop. 

In Stars and Time Full Act Three the king's vision power

Do this, and you’ll watch as your friends are killed by the King’s Vision power as you take in the blinding light from a distance. Then after another internal breakdown, Siffrin will force a loop, where you can then confront Loop about their plan. 

They will inform you that it was to help you make sense of what actually makes time loop. It’s not just Tears and dying; there’s more to it than that. 

After this Hangout Quest, head to Floor One, where you can find Newspaper Articles about The King. It’s in the same room that you find the Broken Egg Key. Here, you will be able to analyze The King’s Armor, which is made up of Stars. Which is now your cue to look for information on those shiny things in the night sky. 

In Stars and Time Full Act Three star the kings newspaper

If you remember using your Star Crest to explore when on Floor Three, you’ll likely recall that there was an Observatory Room opposite where you find the Pottery Room. You’ll need to get a Star Crest and unlock the way there. 

Once inside this room, ignore all the literature lying around, as you will not be able to decipher it yet. Instead, head straight to the window and take in the night sky. This will prompt Siffrin to think about what The King wants them to remember at the start of each fight. 

In Stars and Time Full Act 3 memories

Take this knowledge of this mysterious place you can’t seem to remember and head to the King once again. You can then ask him what you should remember, and where they are from. You will get no clear-cut answers, but you’ll gain more breadcrumbs to follow. Then, you can either win the fight or die to save time. 

A Picture As Proof

You’ll now need to cement this knowledge of the region that no one can recall by doing two things. You will want to begin this loop by heading to The Castle Library on the Second Floor again, and reading a Diary in the bookshelves closest to the Secret Passageway. This will talk about an island north of Vaugarde that suddenly disappeared, raising more questions about the King and Siffrin’s background. By this point, it should all be pretty obvious to you, but there is one final step to make sense of the King’s goal. 

In Stars and Time Full Act Three the king memories

You’ll want to head to the Third Floor and go straight to the Mirror Room and have it take a picture of your party. At this point, you will hold it as proof that your friends existed, which in turn will help Siffrin understand the motive and intentions of The King. He doesn’t want this to happen again, and at any cost, he will preserve the future of the nation of Vaugarde. 

In Stars and Time Full Act Three loop

With all the dots beginning to line up, it’s time for another chat with the King. During this fight, simply attempt to say the name of the lost region. Your Home. And, after a few tries, Siffrin will die, causing them to loop back to the beginning once more. 

The King Must Teach You A Lesson

After this loop, Siffrin is left short of options, and decides that the best course of action is to try and reason with the King, talk them down, and make them understand that even though their home is lost, that this course of events will not bring it back. 

So, once again, skip straight to the fight with the King and ask them to stop fighting. Which they will agree to do. This will exit the combat menu, and you will then learn of their backstory, their reasons for freezing Vaugarde in time; and he states that if Siffrin helps them cast a reverse Craft, they can break the Time Craft and release Vaugarde. 

However, this proves to be a trick, as the King catches Siffrin off guard, as well as your party, and freezes them in time. It’s very similar to how a defeat at the hands of the King plays out, but this time, the King wants to teach Siffrin a lesson, so they will not mess with his goal of preserving Vaugarde again. So, forcing Siffrin to watch, he grabs Bonnie and tightens his grip, killing her before your eyes. Siffrin then forces a loop and restores things to as they were. 

in stars and time how to progress past act 3

Despite the horror of this moment, it does teach you something that will prove invaluable. You know now that you have the power of Wish Craft upon you, the King said as much. Plus, you also have The Memory of Memories, a skill that will allow you to read all books in Languages that were previously illegible. 

Which sets Act Four in motion, and puts all the pieces in place for a grand finale, which we will tackle in our final In Stars and Time Walkthrough Guide. 

Wish Craft Will Save Us

After more loops than we dare count, we are finally nearing the end, and despite every hardship that Siffrin has had to endure, I know that you won’t be able to help yourself. You’ll need to put them through more loops to see what happens in the end. It’s the hope that kills you, I guess. 

I hope that this guide helped you gain all the backstory you needed on the King, clear all the Hangout Quests, and work out how the Loops work. Check in for our final guide if you want to see how In Stars and Time concludes, and as always, thanks for reading Indie Game Culture. 

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