In Stars and Time Full Walkthrough – The First Floor

Okay, so if you’ve arrived here from our last guide, you’ll have just gotten over the trauma of being smushed by a big boulder in your first loop.

Not ideal, but the good news is that it seems you are more than capable of looping as many times as you like until you get the outcome you want, which surprise, surprise, is going to be a recurring theme here. 

So we now move on to Act Two, which will see us take on The Castle, and eventually take on The King in a bid to free Vaugarde from time paralysis.

Plenty of hurdles await us, but with this guide, you’ll see all this game’s nasty tricks coming a mile away, so let’s get into it; this is Indie Game Culture’s In Stars and Time Full Walkthrough – The First Floor Guide.

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Deja Vu

Finding the Cast Again

This is perhaps the dullest point of the game, because it essentially asks you to repeat your actions from the first loop again, with the caveat of knowing what happens during the course of this day already.

This means that some of your interactions with characters will be slightly different, and you’ll be able to alter decisions slightly for different outcomes. Not to mention that you’ll be able to obtain a few more souvenirs with this knowledge. However, the task remains the same, go and find Odile, Bonnie, and Isa in the positions they were before. 

The good news is that you can use a prompt that will allow Siffrin to zone out during conversations that are unchanged by recent loops, so you won’t have to sit through everything again, thankfully. You do risk missing some minor detail changes, but generally, it’s fine to skip most things. 

After talking to all three characters, you will then be urged to go to The Wish Tree again, as, according to Isa, it looks a little weird.

Go check it out, and you’ll notice a pair of legs poking through the leaves. This is where you meet Loop, a spectral being who knows you, knows about your looping abilities, and has suspiciously turned up to act as your looping guide. 

You can keep this conversation going by pressing them for more information if you wish, then after that, you need to head to The Tower again. 

You can pretty much skip all the dialogue at The Tower by zoning out, and before you know it, you’ll be back inside The Castle again. Where you will need to defeat the First Sadness as you did before, but you can skip the following enemies if you wish by running past them. 

You will then want to collect the Tonics from the left room, grab the Circle Key from the right room, and then enter the room with the huge boulder that killed you before.

Okay, all caught up again, phew. 

The First Floor

When in the Death Room, you’ll see that one of the Pillars glows this time. You’ll want to go over there and investigate. When you do, Siffrin will see a hidden switch he missed before, and will flick it, causing the Boulder to slam to the ground. 

After everyone recovers from the shock, you can keep moving, and this will take you to the First Floor. Ahead of you will be a Door that is locked and will need a set of keys to be opened. So you’ll want to explore the halls to the left and right. For the sake of this guide, let’s head left first. 

In the first room in this hallway you will find a Sword on the wall that can be equipped as a weapon. Note that all weapons and accessories are kept even after you loop, so it’s good to find these if possible. That wraps up everything on the left for now, so head to the halls on the right. 

After a hallway with a single enemy, you’ll come to an area with a doorway and some Frozen tears. Before looking at the Tears, head through the door. Here, you will find some Salty Broths, which lower your Craft Cooldowns. 

After this, head out and toward the Frozen Tears. These are entities in the game that allow you to freeze yourself in time rather than die.

It still resets the loop, but gives you the freedom to trigger it as and when you feel it will benefit you. No matter what you pick in the dialogue options, you will be forced to engage with this, but because you accessed Floor One, you can start from an advanced position, so not so bad. 

Finding The Egg Key

Get yourself back to where you were and head on past the Tear that got you before. You will then want to interact with the Storage Room ahead. It will be locked with a Vaugardian lock that can only be opened with an Open Phrase, but the Storekeeper in town knows what it is, so keep that in mind. 

Push on forward to the right, and you will enter an area with an area south, which is blocked by a line of Frozen Tears. You won’t be able to get through right now, so head back up again and head right and through the door ahead. In this room, you will find a new type of Sadness which you will need to take on. 

This Sadness is a little different as it will not telegraph its type, so you will need to do some initial guesswork to work out the best way to take this one out. But if you want to know here and now, it’s a Paper Type. 

After you defeat this enemy, you will gain a Star Crest, which is an item that can be used to clear any Frozen Tear that you choose. So, with this new item acquired, you can now head through the Frozen Tear blockade and onto the area beyond. 

In this new room, you will find some Tonics, and also, where there is a shimmering light, you will be able to acquire the Egg Key, which will open up the locked door in the left hallway. 

Finding The Broken Egg Key

On the way to the door, you might want to backtrack and save your parties XP to this point, and then go ahead and unlock that door.

You’ll then walk to the end of the hall and find doorways to the left and right. On the left is a room with Sour Tonics, and a few fun snippets of dialogue, but nothing of note beyond that, so head to the right. 

On the right, you’ll find a room that has an Eight of Pentacles Card souvenir in the Cupboard, and the Broken Egg Key. This will also mean you earn the Memory of Keys, which allows you to remember where all keys are from loop to loop. perfect for any forgetful types. 

After this, work your way back to the main room and then use your Two Keys to open the Main Door.

First Floor Boss Sadness

This will lead you to a hallway where you will encounter your first Boss Sadness of the run. This is a slightly higher-powered enemy that doesn’t telegraph their typing, and also will change their typing after a few turns, forcing you to work out their type multiple times in the fight.

It sounds tough, but it’s pretty easy, in truth.  The best way to win is to utilize Jackpot Attacks, and use some tonics if you really get in a pickle. 

This will lead you to a room where you will be able to take a break, and this will be the area where you will be able to respawn if you want to start your loop from Floor Two onwards.

However, before we sign off, Bonnie will announce that it is snack time, and you will be able to choose a snack to replenish you, and the rest of the squad. I chose a Cookie, but the choice is yours. 

One Floor Down

So there you have it, another step forward as we work toward the King. At this pace, Vaugarde won’t be frozen in time for much longer. I hope that this has helped you conquer Floor One of The Castle in record time, and as always, thank you for reading Indie Game Culture. 

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