Best Lethal Company Mods Worth Trying

While scrounging up scrap in Lethal Company, you may have gotten through quite a lot of the game’s content and felt it was a bit monotonous after a while, wanting your experience to get varied past the random layouts and weather conditions. If that’s you, then you should probably know that there’s an absolute ton of mods for the game, changing up just about every aspect it contains.

These mods can all be installed on a PC using a program called R2ModMan, which will also allow you to browse for new mods and mix and match everything till you’ve got a mod pack that suits you and your friends. These mods can range from quality-of-life changes to heavy gameplay overhauls, so I’ve compiled some of the best of the best for you to consider.

How to Install Mods

r2modman lethal company mod
Image by Monica Phillips.

If you’re familiar with Risk of Rain 2, you’ll already know how to use R2ModMan and install mods for Lethal Company; just be sure to update it. If not, I’ll give you a quick rundown on installing mods for Lethal Company without giving yourself too much of a headache and giving you an excellent place to manage your mods, update them, and download new ones.

Step one: First, grab the r2modman-Setup file on the GitHub page, install it, and then scroll down the list of games until you find Lethal Company. If you’re only planning on playing Lethal Company, feel free to set it as default, but regardless, I’d recommend favoriting it so it stays pinned at the top of the page, and you don’t need to scroll past the myriad of other games R2ModMan supports.

Step Two: Now create your profile (you can also use this menu to import a profile, which is how mod packs are shared around by sane people), and click Online to browse mods that you can sort or filter through, including searching for the ones in this guide.

Step Three: Download the Mods you want, and click Play Modded in the top left. You’ll have to click that every time you want to launch with mods, as clicking play on Steam will launch vanilla.

Quality of Life and Minor Additions

qol mods lethal company
Image by Monica Phillips.

First, let’s get into this game’s most prevalent category of mods. There’s very little in the way of proper content mods currently, but there’s a ton of quality of life and minor alterations that can improve your work ethic and get you that promotion. However, These are simpler, so I’ll be bullet-point listing them off quickly.

  • MoreCompany by notnotnotswipez does what you’d think it does. It lets you go with a crew of up to 32 people instead of the cap of four (though nothing is scaled correctly, so prepare for chaos), which means you can include more friends in the action. You can also select little hats and aesthetic bits on the title screen, which is fun.
  • LateCompany by Anormaltwig is just how the game should function normally, letting players hop in during the middle of a game as long as you’re up in the air on the ship. It’ll balance everything the same, but you won’t have to back out to the title screen anymore. Neat.
  • ShipLoot by tinyhoot gives you a little indicator in the bottom right whenever you scan inside the ship, giving you an accurate measure of how much money you’ve got on deck. Scanning everything on the ship can be frustrating and weird sometimes, so this one is helpful when you’re stressed about making ends meet.
  • LetMeLookDown by FlipMods lets you look down. Looking down is typically capped at around a 20-degree angle for some reason, but this enables you to look straight down, which is nice when you’re trying to grab stuff off the floor (and it just feels pretty weird not being able to look down, anyways).
  • More_Suits by x753 and various other suit mods are entirely aesthetic, and while you can buy a few incredibly overpriced suits in the base game, having a few more to choose from is excellent both for shenanigans, and so you can quickly and easily identify your friends when you’re not all wearing the same getup.
  • AlwaysHearActiveWalkies by Suskitech fixes one big issue I had with the game: I can’t hear walkies unless I’m holding them. If you’re standing next to a friend holding a walkie, or you set your walkie on the ground, now you can actually hear your friends screaming their lungs out about a Jester.
  • LCBetterSaves by Pooble gives you infinite save slots, whereas the normal game only allows three. On top of that, you’ll also be allowed to name each save something unique, so if you’re playing with a particular server, you can name your save after that server. Neat.
  • HDLethalCompany by Sligili gives the game graphics settings. If you’ve read the reviews I’ve done here on IndieGameCulture, you’ll know games not having graphics settings is my personal (and probably very valid) pet peeve, and games in Unity have NO excuse, so here we are.

Comedic Mods

funny lethal company mods
Image by Monica Phillips.

Let’s get real, at its core, Lethal Company is a comedy game, not a horror game. Adding to the incredibly dumb and funny moments you can have with your friends by default, you can download quite a few mods to make everything just a bit more amusing. Every content mod can also do this, but these are exclusively focused on being funny.

  • MetalPipe by Isbjorn52 replaces the Shovel with a lead pipe, making the loud and funny noise of a lead pipe falling and hitting the ground. I don’t know why; I have the brain power of an insect, but this makes me burst into laughter every single time I hear this stupid sound effect.
  • PushCompany by Midge lets you push your crewmates by interacting with them, which is never helpful, always an active detriment, and usually really funny. Push them off a ledge, push them off the railing on the ship, push them into the corner, push them into a dog; the possibilities are endless, really.
  • YippeeMod by Sunnobunno replaces the Hoarding Bugs’ noises with an enthusiastic yippee! It has no other purpose than just making me and my friends giggle whenever we enter the facility and realize we have to deal with the most annoying, non-threatening creature, to be honest.
  • More_Emotes by Sligili adds a variety of silly actions you can do, including the Griddy, middle finger, clapping, saluting, and a few others. Being just a bit more expressive, this game is an excellent addition that can add to the comedy of moments like your friend walking on a landmine so everyone else can pass.
  • Custom_Boombox_Music by Steven lets you customize the games’ boombox to play whatever songs you want, and it’ll play for your teammates as well, though you’ll have to sync up your config folders and files and whatnot. It’s pretty funny, if relatively high effort, to play Despacito.
  • FreddyBracken by OrtonLongGaming replaces the Bracken enemy with Freddy from Five Nights at Freddys, and that’s hilarious. Another mention goes to GokuBracken by Bizzlemip, which replaces the Bracken with Goku. Pick your poison because they’re both funny and also somehow scarier.

Content Mods

teleporter trap lethal company
Image by Monica Phillips.

The game is still kind of in its infancy, which means most content mods are, well, light on content. Still, these significantly alter the gameplay experience in ways I find to be pretty fun, and I think you’ll enjoy them if you give them a shot next time you’re scrounging for scrap with your friends, even though they aren’t as substantial as mods for other games.

  • LethalExpansion by HolographicWings brings you a bunch of new settings to customize your experience, as well as being a platform for adding new moons. It’ll let you change settings like the stats of each moon, being able to drop objects on landmines, and generally give you a ton of customization options.
  • LethalThings by Evaisa is a general, vanilla-ish collection of things: scrap, store items, decorative items, an enemy, and a new silly teleporter trap. My favorite change from this mod is they’ve added a feature where you can try to charge a metal item in the ship’s coil, and you’ll explode and die instantly. Good mod.
  • Skinwalkers by RugbugRedfern delivers entirely on one of Zeekers’ original pitches for Lethal Company, which is “What if Phasmophobia recorded your voice and used it for a monster?” the Skinwalkers mod does this whenever one of your friends dies, though I do find it to be a bit laggy and buggy. Still, when it works, it’s incredibly cool.
  • Lategame_Upgrades by malco offers you some pretty cool new items, like one that rewards you for killing monsters, a way to heal damage, a diving kit that lets you finally swim if you want to trivialize flooded moons, and protein powder that gives you crits. All of these are neat, and I can tell this creator is cooking.
  • ReservedItemSlotCore and various other mods by FlipMods allow you to carry a multitude of tools and gizmos with you without them having to take up a slot in your inventory. Personally, I enjoy the dynamic of only having four slots and having to carefully decide what you do or don’t take with you, but playing the game without that dynamic can be fun as well and is something to consider.
  • Helmet_Cameras by RickArg gives the Terminal Guy™ a bit more agency and options, letting them see through the perspective of every player they could usually only see from a vague bird’s eye radar view. This mod feels a bit out of balance since manning the Terminal doesn’t usually give you this much information, but it’s pretty cool to try.
  • Movement_Company by 2018 adds infinite stamina and the bunnyhopping mechanic from Source engine games. This mod feels fun, and it is, but it’s infinitely less satisfying to play the game after a long while when every single threat can be prevented by just jumping and running. It’s really funny, though.

Questions and Answers

Question: How do I get mods for Lethal Company?

Answer: Get R2Modman from the GitHub page, set it up, choose LethalCompany, download mods using the online tab, then click Launch Modded.

Question: How do I use modpacks in Lethal Company?

Answer: Modpacks come in three forms. Either you have to download a mod from the online tab that uses every mod included as a dependency, or you have to import a profile on the first screen you’ll see after selecting Lethal Company, which comes in the form of either a code or a file. Once you import this profile, you will have every mod.

Question: Are there any big content mods for Lethal Company?

Answer: Since the game is only a few months now, there aren’t as many big, impactful mods for Lethal Company as there might be for other games. The game is made in Unity and is pretty accessible to mod, so we’ll probably see bigger stuff soon.


fire exit mod lethal company

I wish there were more extensive, more expansive mods for this game, but it’s really funny seeing Goku snap the neck of a friend, lurk back into the dark, and then I promptly walk backward onto a little pad that teleports me into a random spot in the map, so I don’t care too much. At the end of the day, these mods do enhance the game a bit, which is what all mods are really meant to do.

I do think some can be cheaty, though. Namely, mods that give you a bunch of inventory slots or mods that make the movement “better” without bothering to balance every enemy that now feels incredibly underwhelming. I can’t wait to get more cool content for this game, but the stuff we have is really fun and/or funny, which makes the process of getting mods pretty worth it.

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