Quirrel Hollow Knight Guide

Quirrel Hollow Knight Guide

In this Quirrel Hollow Knight Guide, we will see where Quirrel started and why he came back to Hallownest. Quirrel is an exploring Hollow Knight character, a wander, drawn into Hallownest by a call he can’t explain. This is The Story of Quirrel.

Hallownest is, how Quirrel describes it, a land of dreams, of danger, of wonders. It beckons him through a dark path, that only accepts the strongest. The call to enter Hallownest is one that he can’t fathom.

On his way through the sandy lands, he meets Boon, who is surprised by Quirrel’s helping hand. They find shelter and enjoy a meal together; Quirrel hardly remembers when he last had one. Their ways part there.

Quirrel needs little food and rest to continue, but upon arrival to Hallownest, he is overcome with exhaustion and lays to sleep and dream. He sees a kingdom looking unreal but almost familiar to him in his dream. He sees many things, but a door with something calling from within is always present.

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He awakens to an open passage leading him back into the howling wastes, with the wind seeking Hallownest as well. He recognizes the King’s crown, remembering that the King is the one that rendered the end to the wastelands.

Before entering the kingdom, he is met by Hornet, telling him to turn back, saying that this sacred place brings only death. She says she will protect it against anyone who will try to desecrate it.

Quirrel, taken aback, says that he is only an explorer, but Hornet recognizes his martial stance. Hornet says Hallownest already suffered enough like him, and they step into battle. After hitting his mask, she realizes that it is the same as of Monomon the Teacher.

Hornet then realizes that Quirrel isn’t on his path to tarnish Hallownest or anyone living within it and allows him to enter the kingdom, saying: “Something else calls you here, simple bug, seek your wonders, but know that you might find someone waiting”, referring to Monomon the Teacher.

Quirrel climbs up the Howling Cliffs and enters the kingdom. Just like the little knight (you, the player), he has no memory of Hallownest and doesn’t know what had drawn him into the land of dreams. He sees the Lumaflies still shining and continues traveling through what is now the straight path right into the kingdom.

In-Game Events

Quirrel Hollow Knight

Long before the events in the game start, we know that The Pale King needed a way to stop the Radiance’s infection from spreading, and that is when a vessel to contain the infection was placed into the Temple of The Black Egg, and the Dreamers were put as a seal. From that point on, Hallonest was in stasis.

When Quirrel first arrives in Hallownest, he has completely forgotten everything about it. The first time we meet Quirrel in Hollow Knight is at the Temple of the Black Egg. He says how it is good to see another traveler like himself on those forgotten roads.

He then talks about his obsession with uncharted places and how he felt drawn into coming to Hallownest for a long time. He mentions that Hallownest is a place of many mysteries. He is fascinated by the huge warm stone egg that gives off “a unique air”.

He doesn’t know if it can be opened and doesn’t recognize the marks on it. He is happy that he came into this dead kingdom right when it sprung to life.

He tells you that your Nail is no match for the challenges of this kingdom and that many, much better equipped, have come before you and parished.

As he is here only to look around, he says that the dead wouldn’t mind an explorer relieving them of their tools. “It’s a kindness really. The dead shouldn’t be burdened with such things.”

If you Dream Nail him, his thoughts will hint at a familiar feeling. “Drawn forward yet repelled. And those shapes upon the door… To gaze directly at them turns my mind to fog.” This might be the Radiance’s doing as he is wearing one of the Dreamer’s masks on the Black Egg on his head.

In Greenpath, he is bewildered that the old dusty caves led him to a lush and lively place. He recognizes that the building he is in served as a form of worship for an idol that is clearly long forgotten. He says that Hallownest is perfect for explorers like him and you.

Dream Nailing him in Greenpath will give you this monologue: “That lake… a revered presence once slept deep within… Did it? What would make me think such things?”

Greenpath Hollow Knight

You can see him exhausted, crouching and looking down, surprised that he discovered a Stag Station in Queen’s Station. You can hear the bell ringing in this part of the game, and he mentions that.

Using the Dream Nail on him here, it will read: “Even those great stags bowed to Hallownest’s King. What devotion he must have inspired.”

In the Mantis Village, he recognizes that the sickness in the air didn’t pollute the minds of the mantises. He guides you to a city nearby where he heard a Nailsmith resides and notes that he is heading that way as well.

Here his Dream Nail dialogue suggests that he remembers more, saying that he can even picture the Nailsmith in his head but doesn’t remember who told him he was there.

In the City of Tears, you see him resting on a bench, looking at the rain. He says he’s found the capital and that it holds many answers. He says he’s been drawn there, but now he’s hesitant to leave. He doesn’t know if it’s fear holding him back or something else.

He wants to know why there is rain underground and says that he must find out where all of that water is coming from before he leaves the kingdom. “What a sight it must be!”

You can next see him in Deepnest resting in a Hot Spring. He hints at a village in Deepnest that never accepted the Hallownest’s King, referring to the Spider Tribe here and the hidden Hive.

If you Dream Nail him, you’ll see that he believes that you’re also trying to find the Hive, “What mystery the purpose that sees it share my path.”

You can next find him in Crystal Peak talking about how the miners, overcome, still fulfill their duties. “Strange to know such ancient facts. I wonder from where my knowledge comes from?” he says without Dream Nailing him.

You can see him in the Fog Canyon, confused, outside of the Teacher’s Archives. If you Dream Nail him, you’ll hear him realizing that someone was dragging him there.

After entering the Teacher’s Archives, he will help you fight Uumuu. You can’t deal damage to him until Quirrel comes and staggers Uumuu. When Quirrel comes, the text: “…LIGHT…FOR…MONOMON…” appears on the screen.

You can then go to the Dreamer Monomon and Quirrel will ask, “Did she call you too then? I realize it’s no coincidence we arrive together.”

He clarifies that the Teacher’s Archives were used to store the kingdom’s knowledge, and at its core Monomon stored herself. He explains how, just like the other two Dreamers, Monomon willingly became a seal, but she placed additional protection on herself.

He can’t recall it happening, but he knows he played a part in that event. He then takes his mask off gives it back to Monomon the Teacher. He says: “Don’t hesitate. The choice was hers, not mine.”

If you Dream Nail him here, he’ll say: “To think, such a small creature would bear this kingdom’s fate.”

After you fight Monomon, the Teacher, her seal on the Temple of the Black Egg will break. At this point, Quirrel knows that both of you are there to stop the infection from spreading and tells you that you’ve proved yourself capable and that Monomon believed so herself. He says that he’s starting to feel his age with the deed done.

If you get here without the Dream Nail, Quirrel will guide you to the Moth Tribe (Seer) and explain that they have the means of accessing minds, memories, and dreams.

Quirrel may have spent a lot of time outside Hallownest as when the Dreamers were put as seals on the Temple of the Black Egg, the time in Hallownest stopped, leading some to believe that Monomon the Teacher kept Quirrel’s age in stasis as well.

Moth Tribe (Seer)

Meaning Quirrel didn’t age outside of Hallownest, and we don’t know for how long the infection was kept from spreading.

Without Monomons mask, he heads to the Blue Lake to find out where the rain in the City of Tears was coming from. He says that he finally feels at peace. He now does know that he’s seen Hallownest twice and that his service stripped his memory of the first time he’s seen it.

If you Dream Nail him, you get his last thoughts: “To live an age, yet remember so little… Perhaps I should be thankful? All tragedy erased, I see only wonders…”

You can sit next to him and watch the source of the rain as this will be the last time you see Quirrel. The next time you come to the Blue Lake, all that you will see is Quirrel’s Nail standing upwards in the sand.

After doing this, you will get the Witness achievement.


Question: Is Quirrel Dead?

Answer: Team Cherry says that they don’t know what happened to Quirrel; it’s up to interpretation. We don’t see Quirrel’s spirit after he leaves his Nail at the Blue Lake as we do with Cloth. Quirrel’s Nail that you see at the Blue Lake is called Quirrel_death_nail in the game files, so Team Cherry thinks Quirrel did die in one way or another.

Question: What Happened to Quirrel Hollow Knight?

Answer: Quirrel may have spent a lot of time outside Hallownest as when the Dreamers were put as seals on the Temple of the Black Egg, the time in Hallownest stopped, leading some to believe that Monomon the Teacher kept Quirrel’s age in stasis as well.

Meaning Quirrel didn’t age outside of Hallownest, and we don’t know for how long the infection was kept from spreading.

Question: Where Does Quirrel Go After Blue Lake?

Answer: We don’t know where Quirrel disappeared to, but we know he wouldn’t leave without his Nail. He said we should relieve the dead of their tools as such things shouldn’t burden them.


We don’t know where Quirrel disappeared to, but we know he wouldn’t leave without his Nail. He said we should relieve the dead of their tools as such things shouldn’t burden them, but when he arrived, he didn’t know what gave “life” to Hallownest.

He went outside of Hallownest without any recollection of being Monomon’s apprentice. He shed Monomon of her mask when she became a Dreamer to protect the seal further, so maybe he has that engraved in his memory.

We don’t see Quirrel’s spirit anywhere in the game afterward as we do with other NPCs in the game. I say he isn’t dead. I say he left the kingdom.

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