Among Us Dead Body Guide

The Ultimate Among Us Dead Body Guide

Among Us is one of my favorite ever multiplayer games. I love its simplicity, and it’s so nice to be able to just log on to the app on my mobile, and keep myself entertained for a few minutes (although I have no impulse control, so it ends up being hours). First and foremost, it’s a game of social deduction.

While you do have to complete various tasks by playing minigames, your main focus should be on figuring out who the impostors are. But of course, being a crewmate on a ship with murderers is risky business. It’s inevitable that some players won’t survive the journey, and that means dead bodies.

In this Among Us Dead Body guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about dead bodies in Among Us. You’ll learn what they look like, how to report them, what to do if you die, how to kill, and more.

Important Questions Answered Up Front

  • When does a dead body appear? As soon as a crewmate is killed.
  • How long does a dead body last? Until the end of the round.
  • How can I report a dead body? Use the red ‘Report’ button when it appears.
  • What happens if I die? You become a ghost.
  • How many kill animations are there in total? 4.

Where Can I Play Among Us?

Due to its popularity, Among Us is now available for most gaming platforms. You’ll need internet connectivity in order to play. Most players download the game digitally, however, there are collectors editions available physically.

Currently, the only physical version is the Crewmate Edition, which retails at $29.99 and is available for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. There are two more collectors editions set to release in 2022.

  • MobileAmong Us is available on both iOS and Android, and it’s a free download from the Play Store or App Store. It does require you to have an account, though.
  • PCYou can download Among Us on Steam for $4.99.
  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The game is available on Xbox consoles for $4.99, and you can also purchase DLC from the Microsoft Store. However, if you have Xbox Game Pass then Among Us is included for free as part of your subscription.
  • PS4 and PS5If you own either of the PlayStation consoles, you’ll be able to download Among Us for $4.99.
  • Nintendo Switch. Finally, you can play it on the Nintendo Switch by downloading it from the Nintendo eShop. The price is… You guessed it… $4.99.

What is a Dead Body in Among Us?

When an impostor commits a kill, the crewmate that they targeted will cease to move, and instead, that crewmate will become a dead body. The body will retain the same color as the crewmate who died, but instead of showing the full character, it will instead depict the lower half of the body with a bone sticking out the top.

This means that visually it’s immediately obvious that somebody has died. Although this sounds gruesome, it is still shown in the same cartoon style as the rest of the game, so it’s not particularly scary to look at. There’s also no blood, presumably to keep the game suitable for children.

If the murdered crewmate had a pet with them, the pet will remain in place, sat next to the dead body. This is only visible to ghosts and impostors though, so as not to distract crewmates. I always find this to be a heart-breaking feature of Among Us, and it’s sad to see the little babies sat there all confused, waiting for their owner to come back.

A dead body will only remain until the end of the round. That means that once a body has been reported, or someone calls an emergency meeting, then all the dead bodies on the map will disappear. This is to avoid reports happening for players that are already known to be dead.

For this reason, you should be careful when calling emergency meetings. Otherwise, if someone is dead, you won’t know the location of the body, and you won’t be able to learn any more information about who might’ve killed them.

Sometimes a dead body may appear immediately next to the emergency meeting table on The Skeld at the start of the next round, but this is a well-known glitch and should be ignored.

What Happens if I’m the Dead Body?

Oh no, you’ve been killed! What next? Don’t worry, it isn’t actually the end of the game for you. When you die in Among Us, instead of it being Game Over, you actually become a ghost. This means that living players can’t see you, but all the other dead players can.

You take on a new form in the shape of a ghost, and you’re a translucent version of your color. You also move considerably faster, and you can zip around the map incredibly quickly, ignoring any walls and surfaces. This makes it a lot easier to complete any remaining tasks that you may have. It’s important to remember that even though you’re dead, you’re still a crewmate.

As such, your progress still counts towards the taskbar. You mustn’t forget to finish your tasks, as that could risk the living crewmates losing because the taskbar isn’t complete. If you don’t know who the other impostors are, you can have fun watching the other players and trying to figure it out. Bear in mind, there’s technically no benefit to working it out, other than your own satisfaction.

You can also chat with the other ghosts, even if there’s a dead impostor. Although your allegiance doesn’t change when you die, it would be lonely if the impostor had nobody to talk to, so there’s just one ghost chat for everyone. You can talk not only during meetings but also when you’re out and about on the map.

During an emergency meeting, you can see everyone’s messages, including the living players. But whilst you can still interact in the chat, living players won’t be able to see your messages. Having said that, there is an incredibly rare glitch (it’s happened to me twice) where a living player may see ghost messages.

I remember when it happened to me, and the dead ghost was able to reveal the identity of the impostor! Of course, nobody in chat believed me when I told them that I could see ghosts, and they kicked me off!

What Should I Do If I Find a Dead Body in Among Us?

Finding a dead body can be a shock if you weren’t expecting it, so it’s important to keep your wits about you. When you’re in proximity of a dead body, the ‘Report’ button on your screen will glow red. Before this, it would’ve been grayed out and unclickable, so you’ll notice once it’s available.

The report function works on distance, so if a dead body is on the other side of a wall, you may not be able to see it. In this scenario, it may be best to first find the body so you can give an exact location when others ask you in the meeting.

Once you’ve ascertained where the body is, you should press the report button, which will call a meeting. It’s important to know the location, so you should quickly check your map beforehand if you’re not sure which room the body is in.

In the meeting, it’s important to be prompt with answering any questions. People will usually ask ‘where’ to kick off the meeting, and you should respond with the location. You should give this answer as soon as possible, and only include additional information once you’ve revealed the location or other people will start to suspect you.

The only exception to this is if you’ve actually seen the kill, and know exactly who the impostor is. If you only think you know the impostor, then say the location first in a separate comment before mentioning your suspicions afterward. Try and give as much information as possible, such as if you saw anyone else nearby, or if the dead body was on/ near a vent (Check out our complete Among us Venting Guide).

Try to ascertain if anyone was watching the cameras, and if they were, ask who they saw near that area. You may get accused of self-reporting (when the impostor kills and immediately reports), and it’s important not to get overly defensive. Instead, try to give details about where you were beforehand, and if anyone else can vouch for your innocence.

Where is the Best Place to Leave a Dead Body in Among Us?

If you’re an impostor, every meeting is a chance where you could be discovered and voted out. As such, you benefit from getting as many kills per round as possible. Whenever a body is found and reported, the round will end, so it’s in your best interest to stop the bodies from being found. Try and pick secluded locations that don’t get as much traffic.

For example, Navigation on The Skeld is a great location as there are very few tasks in that area of the ship. You can also use sabotages to your advantage to try and move crewmates to other areas of the map where they’re not near the body.

You can also do this to get kills in the first place. For example, one of my favorite tactics as impostor is walking straight to Electrical on The Skeld, and standing in front of the Calibration task, as that one can take a while so it’s not sus to be there a long time.

Then, when someone else walks in, pull up your sabotage menu, and select oxygen. That will start an emergency, and you can quickly kill the crewmate, then run to fix oxygen. The other crewmates will see you helping to save the ship, and nobody is likely to come into Electrical and find the dead body because they’ll be heading to Admin or O2.

Although you should consider the location where you’re leaving the dead body, it’s also important to take advantage of opportunities. If you find yourself alone with a crewmate and you think you can get away with killing them, it might be a good idea to go for it.

Even if that means that the body will soon be found, at least you were able to get a kill. There are even times when a self-report is a good idea, as it reduces the risk of the body being found by someone else. Just make sure that nobody saw you with that other player, or they’ll know that you were the one who killed them.

How Can I Make Sure I’m Not Caught Killing in Among Us?

Ah, impostor tactics. You’ve come to the right place because I assure you, I’m as sneaky as they come. Whilst I prefer playing as a crewmate, I can’t deny that I have a certain skill when it comes to (quite literally) getting away with murder. Luckily for you, I’m willing to share my top tips for how to not get caught with a dead body.

  • Always have an escape plan. The last thing you want is to get a clean kill on a crewmate but then be seen running away from the dead body. You should have a good idea of what you’ll do once your target is dead. That could mean killing near a vent so you can jump straight in and move somewhere else. Or it could mean turning the lights off just beforehand so that nobody would see you running away. There are multiple escape plans that can work, just make sure you have one in mind so you can make a quick getaway after the kill.
  • Get people on their own. You need to make sure that you’re killing crewmates one at a time, and not leaving witnesses around. To do this, consider closing doors to trap you and your intended victim (only if there’s a vent for you to hide in, and nobody else saw you go in that room). That way, you can be certain that the coast is clear before you kill them. An exception to this is if you and another impostor are in a room with two crewmates. In this situation, you could try to perform a double kill. That means that you each kill one of the crewmates at the same time as the other so that neither has time to report the kill.
  • Act innocent. If people are sus of you, they’ll start to follow you, and you can’t commit kills when you’ve got a tail. To throw people off the scent, try to gain their trust. Be alone in a room with a crewmate and don’t kill them. Sabotage something and then go to fix it. Pretend to complete the tasks on your fake task list. In meetings, engage with the conversation and act like you’re really trying to figure out who the impostor is. You’re unlikely to be followed if people think that you’re safe.

What are the Different Kill Animations in Among Us?

There are currently a grand total of four kill animations in Among Us. Whilst the death animation for being voted off changes depending on the map, the kill animations are consistent throughout. The four maps in Among Us are The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus, and The Airship. They each have a different aesthetic, but it’ll look the same when you’re killed.

Only the murdered crewmate will see the kill animation, as the impostor just sees the body falling to the ground. If another crewmate walks in on the kill, they will just see the same thing as the impostor does. The four kill animations are:

  • Neck snap. The impostor stands behind the crewmate, puts their hands on either side of the crewmate’s head, and twists.
  • Stabbing. The impostor stands behind the crewmate with a knife, and then repeatedly stabs the crewmate in the back until they fall down dead.
  • Gunshot. This one is brutal. The impostor punches the crewmate in the face, causing them to fall to the floor. The impostor then pulls out a gun and shoots the downed crewmate for good measure.
  • Spiky tongue. For want of a better name to call it, ‘spiky tongue’ pretty much covers it. The impostor tilts back their head and out punches their tongue, as thin as a needle. It pierces the crewmate’s helmet, killing them instantly.


Question: When was Among Us first released?

Answer: InnerSloth launched Among Us in June 2018, but it wasn’t until 2020 that it gained international success. Initial sales were quite low, but after an onslaught of Twitch streamers discovered the game, the numbers started to rise. Driven by hype, the game grew to millions of monthly users, and it’s remained popular ever since.

Question: Is Among Us suitable for children?

Answer: Obviously, every parent will have their own ideas on what they’re happy for children to be exposed to, but my answer to this would be yes, with a caveat. The chat is usually focused on the gameplay, but some players do try and engage in personal conversations as well. If you’re planning to let your child play Among Us, it’s important to discuss internet safety with them, and remind them not to give out personal details to anyone. However, there’s no private chat in the game, and so if a player did try to start up an inappropriate conversation with your child, one of the other players in the lobby would almost certainly shut it down. There is also cartoon violence with the kill animations, but nothing particularly gruesome.

Question: What is a self-report in Among Us?

Answer: This is where an impostor kills a crewmate and then immediately reports it so that nobody else can find the body. There’s no way of proving this is what happened, and so it’s always worth considering in an emergency meeting. However, sometimes innocent crewmates will be accused of self-reporting when they haven’t actually done that.


Among Us is a fun and social game, and killing is a big part of that. There’s always a possibility of finding a dead body on the map, so now you can feel prepared for when you find yourself in that situation.

This guide has talked you through the basics of reporting, being a ghost, and killing. With that in mind, you should be ready to jump into a game and do what needs to be done. Hopefully, this has been helpful for you!

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