Blasphemous 2 Devotion Incarnate Guide

Devotion Incarnate horrified me. Even if I found the Miracle’s child’s attack relatively easy for a final boss, I adored the religious imagery surrounding them and their fascinatingly gross visual design.

Still, though their fight is mildly challenging, the path to Devotion Incarnate is frighteningly laborious. From braving brutal foes that can knock us off into the fleshy spikes below to challenging Father Evernito in a breathtaking boss battle, our Penace is nigh.

In this Blasphemous 2 Devotion Incarnate guide, I’ll review how to find and defeat Blasphemous 2’s final boss and thwart the Miracle for good. As a bonus, I’ll detail how to get the secret good ending for defeating Devotion Incarnate.

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Blasphemous 2 continues the dark and atmospheric journey of its predecessor, inviting players to delve deeper into a macabre world filled with grotesque enemies and haunting landscapes. With its stunning pixel art and challenging gameplay, prepare to test your skills and uncover the secrets hidden within this twisted realm.

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Quick Facts

  • Quest Locations: Crimson Rains
  • Quest Giver: Anunciada
  • Requirements: All abilities, Incense of the Envoys (optional)
  • Length of Quest: 1 hour
  • Difficulty: Hard

How to Reach Devotion Incarnate

How to Reach Devotion Incarnate
Image by JT Hussey

Reaching Devotion Incarnate is one of the most challenging trials of the game and can even prove more frustrating than the boss itself. We must traverse a set of thorny platforms with several enemy gauntlets and foes that can launch us to the depths below.

Though I highly recommend obtaining every health and fervor upgrade and a fully upgraded Alterpiece of Favours beforehand, this area will still prove challenging even for a fully upgraded Penitent. Once we’ve freed every black Raven, we can start from the Chapel of the Five Doves and go up through the Crimson Rains.

Part 1: Bloody Beginning

How to Reach Devotion Incarnate Part 1: Bloody Beginning
Image by JT Hussey

To begin our trek through the most dangerous part of Blasphemous 2, we’ll start by taking the upper left exit of the Chapel of the Five Doves and head left into the start of the Crimson Rains. With the ominous backdrop of a massive heart in the background, we’ll start making our way up the ledges and rest at the Prie Dieu before heading into the next area.

How to Reach Devotion Incarnate golden warrior Blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

Upon climbing up a few ledges and heading leftward, we’ll encounter a golden warrior we can dash past with a floating coffin enemy hovering around. I recommend skipping these enemies; they sometimes throw themselves into the spikes below, heading upward and right and leveraging our air dashes to reach the exit at the room’s right.

How to Reach Devotion Incarnate Part 1: Bloody Beginning Blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

Entering the next area greets us with another tombstone-carrying enemy we can dash past before jumping between a set of two spikes with a red projectile that occasionally falls downwards. Upon making it through the spikes and dashing past another Golden enemy, we’ll find a robed ghost figure in the next area.

These robed ghost enemies are challenging foes that quickly teleport around and can even hit us into the spikes below, so I recommend leveraging the Alchemical Time figurine synergy, made with the Nacimiento and the Estatic Novice figurines, and drinking a Bile Flask so we can finish the robed enemy while time’s paused.

How to Reach Devotion Incarnate golden masked flagellant enemies Blasphemous 2
These robed enemies feel me with more dread than the bosses. / Image by JT Hussey

On the next ledge to our right, we’ll encounter two golden masked flagellant enemies we can dash past before finding a tricky platform area; we’ll have to drop down, air dash, and then air hop to reach the ledge across. Next, we’ll have to make our way up a narrow vertical shaft while more damaged goop rains down from above, compelling us to get our timing right.

Upon reaching the top, we can perform a leftward air dash followed by an air hop to reach the ledge across from us. Unfortunately, we’ll find another robed ghost enemy waiting for us, so we’ll have to pop another Bile Flask and damage them while time’s stopped or engage in a brutal, being sure to attack them after they finish a volley of swings.

How to Reach Devotion Incarnate Part 1: Bloody Beginning Blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

After the fight, leverage the golden rings above us to reach a switch that triggers a moving platform at the end of the area beneath a thorn mound.

Part 2: Platform of Doom

How to Reach Devotion Incarnate Platform of Doom Blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

To get to the room’s end, we’ll have to ride a challenging platform that goes past several mounds of spikes. Upon riding the platform, jump over the pile of thorns, then duck to ride under the upper mass of thorns.

How to Reach Devotion Incarnate Platform of Doom Blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

Next, we’ll have to leverage several rings to jump over a mound of spikes and dash onto the platform once it’s cleared the spikes, followed by an immediate duck before we reach the other side. Unfortunately, this next area is an enemy gauntlet, forcing us to fight several waves of enemies before opening the shortcut down.

Enemy Gauntlet 1

How to Reach Devotion Incarnate Enemy Gauntlet Blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

For the first wave of the gauntlet, we’ll fight two golden-masked flagellants with a floating skull. I recommend leveraging an enflamed Veredicto to deal with these few easy enemies before moving on to the next wave with two floating tombstone enemies and a giant worming enemy.

Fortunately, Veredicto’s long-range and powerful fire mode makes quick work of these opponents. However, I recommend airdashing through the massive worming enemy to leverage the invincibility frames to avoid its fire while gradually taking down each foe.

For the third wave, we’ll encounter two floating skull enemies and a fireball shoot bed enemies that can deal massive damage; I recommend leveraging a Bile Flask to stop time here and sliding past the fireball enemy before they launch a fireball. After a few dashes past, while being sure to destroy the Skeleton Heads’ projectiles with Veredicto, we’ll emerge victorious to enter the most challenging part of the gauntlet.

This next phase forces us to fight two of the robed ghost enemies, which can be brutal; I highly recommend pausing time with a Bile Flask and then leveraging a flaming Veredicto to deal with these foes as quickly as possible.

Upon our victory, the platform rises, and the area to our left becomes an elevator shortcut to the Prie Dieu we should return to and regenerate our Bile Flask. Once ready, we can take the rock ledge to our right raises, allowing us to hop up towards the next room.

Part 3: Ruinous Red Rain

golden sword enemy Blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

As we head leftwards, the start of this room is similar to the first, with a golden sword enemy and flying coffin for guarding the area upwards, followed by another robed ghost. I recommend the same strategy of pausing time with a Bile flask to defeat the enemy, then swinging a flaming Veredicto to enjoy a nice ghost BBQ.

Afterward, we’ll have to get past one of the tightest, most challenging platforming sections that spits us into an enemy gauntlet. To begin, drop down onto the golden ring, then dash between the red thorns to reach the platform across.

Next, we’ll have to airdash back leftwards and up to reach a set of vertical ledges beset with falling red goop. I advise jumping between each red goop falling to safely reach the top, then dashing between the red thorns at the top to get to the second enemy gauntlet.

Enemy Gauntlet 2

After landing on the platform, we’ll face off against three flagellant enemies, two red and one golden mask. While these are easy foes, we must ensure we don’t send one of the enemies over the ledge, or the game will bug out, and the next set of enemies won’t spawn for us to warp back to the Prie Dieu.

For the second wave, we’ll fight my archnemesis of the dashing chandelier enemies with the purple variant and a floating tombstone enemy to make dodging a little more tricky.

I recommend using a Bile Flask if you can manage it, prioritizing the purple enemy, and waiting for the enemies to finish a volley of dashes before stun-locking them with Veredicto and then taking out the flying foe. With the third wave, we’ll face a single golden sword enemy that sends a flurry of glowing balls in our direction. Though the enemy is relatively easy to defeat if we can get behind them, they still deal massive damage, so look out.

Once we defeat that enemy, I advise jumping up to defeat the two skull enemies immediately spawning in so we can deal with the robed ghost enemy on our own. If we have any Bile Flasks left, use them and try your best to stun-lock the robed ghost so we can finish the gauntlet.

After our victory, the platform we’re standing on raises, allowing us to reach the area above, and we can take the area back to our left to get back to a Prie Dieu in case we need to rest. This final section of Blasphemous 2 is brutal, so prepare before heading on.

Part 4: The Leering Last Enemies

Enemy Gauntlet blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

As we ascend into the final regular enemy area of Blasphemous 2, we can hop past a golden enemy to our left and reach a set of spaced platforms across a field of spikes. Though it seems relatively deserted, there’s a robed ghost waiting for us across the chasm, so be sure to retreat to the central platform or risk the floating foe sending us into spikes beneath us.

After dealing with the enemy or manically jumping past and climbing up the narrow platforms, we’ll reach the final enemy gauntlet of Blasphemous 2.

Enemy Gauntlet 3

Enemy Gauntlet 3 blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

Luckily, the gauntlet area is massive, so we don’t need to worry about getting knocked into the spikes. To begin, we’ll face off against a floating skull enemy and two forms of the easier red-robed ghosts that are far less of a challenge than their purple variant.

While dealing with these two shouldn’t be too challenging, we’ll have plenty of time to stun-lock them with Veredicto; the next wave spawns two flaming enemies on their deathbeds at opposite ends of the area with a floating tomb enemy shooting spikes. I recommend dashing toward the end of the arena, dashing behind that particular red enemy and thwacking them, then going for the other before attacking the flying enemy.

For the third wave, we’ll face two flagellants and a golden enemy that should be easy to deal with so long as we quickly eliminate the weaker duo and dodge behind the shining knight.

The final wave begins with two large flame enemies wielding giant bell weapons. While these enemies have a mountain of health, they’re easy to dodge past if we jump up, air jump for maximum height, dash past, and slash at their backside.

Though red blotches begin to fall from the ceiling, we can safely deal with these foes if we stay behind them or leverage Veredicto’s superior range.

After our victory, the next room reveals a hand-teleporting door followed by a Prie Dieu above, so ensure we rest before facing the penultimate boss of Blasphemous 2: Eviterno, Father of the Penitents.

Tips for Eviterno, Father of the Penitents

Even if they’re not the final boss of Blasphemous 2, Eviterno, Father of the Penitents, is arguably the most demanding boss in the game, with a brutally challenging second phase that is terrible to dodge past. Though I don’t have enough time to review this boss, I highly advise confronting them with Veredicto and air dashing between the boss’s orbs and lighting attacks during the first phase before delivering a few slashes.

Once we enter the second phase and the boss’s speed gets much faster, we can leverage the Alchemist’s Time Figurine Synergy with Nacimiento and the Estatic Novice figurines to pause time and demolish the boss’s health with a fiery Veredicto. Though it may take several attempts, leveraging this strategy at least makes the boss a fair enemy we can reliably defeat rather than a brutal foe that takes many attempts to get right.

Once we’re victorious, a scene plays of the wrappings around the sword Crisanta used to stab herself disappearing, allowing us to ascend to fight the Miracle.

Devotion Incarnate Tips

While we’ll likely find that Eviterno, Father of the Penitents, was a more demanding fight, Devotion Incarnate is still challenging and can take several attempts to destroy. I recommend sticking to the tips below to give Devotion Incarnate a righteous smiting.

Weapon of Choice: Veredicto

With its superior damage, range, and powerful fire mode, Veredicto is the best choice for tackling Devotion Incarnate. I highly suggest relying on Veredicto’s fire mode while time’s paused and leveraging its ability to destroy projectiles and keep enemies at bay.

I highly recommend obtaining the Sacred Bronze Weapon Memory to fully maximize the weapon’s damage.

Best Figurines

While plenty of Figurine builds for dealing with Devotion Incarnate, this build offers the most damage with a few synergies that allow us to pause time and increase our defense during their attacks.

  • The Purified One – Increases Fire Damage. Though it lacks a synergy here, the Purified One is an excellent addition to Veredicto in drastically increasing its fire mode’s damage and making it more worthwhile to trigger this ability. We can find the Purified One in the Aqueduct of the Costales in the room just after defeating Radames.
  • The Traitor – Raises Physical Damage. Like the Purified one, the Traitor lacks a synergy here, but it is excellent for increasing Veredicto’s regular damage so we can quickly bring the fight to a close and obtain the Traitor from the woodcarver after meeting them for the first time.
  • The Anointed One – Increases Veredicto’s Damage: the Anointed One is another powerful figurine we can leverage to maximize Veredicto’s damage. We can find the Anointed One in the area where we would’ve found Veredicto if we chose the swinging bell as our starting weapon or purchased it for several thousand tears of atonement from the merchant at the upper left end of the streets of Wakes.
  • The Scribe – Increases the Fervor Generated When Attacking Enemies; the Scribe is an excellent figurine for activating Veredicto’s fire mode. We can obtain the Scribe from Regina in the City of the Blessed Name.
  • The Alchemist – Increases Miasma Damage; the Alchemist is a descent figurine if we upgrade Veredicto to produce Misma damage. We can find the Alchemist in the Palace of the Embroideries in the bottom middle right room after defeating a small enemy gauntlet.
    The Pillager – Decreases Dodging Cooldown; the pillager is fantastic for continuously staying away from the boss. We can find the Figurine in the Labyrinth of Tides in the bottom right of the area.
  • Nacimento – Improves Bile Flask Regeneration, Naciemento is one of the most valuable figurines throughout the game and combines with the Estatic Novice to make the best synergy. I highly recommend this fantastic Figurine that we can find in the bottom right of the Ravine of the High Stones by performing a Weight of Sin attack with the Ruego Al Alba and breaking the thorns away, masking this Figurine.
  • The Ecstatic Novice – Increases Stun power; the Ecstatic novice may not be very useful against bosses on its own, though it combines to create the most powerful synergy in the game that can freeze time. Though I only advise this Figurine if we have Nacimento in hand, we can find the Ecstatic Novice in the Sacred Entombments bottom left after dropping one of the metal crates from above onto a broken glass floor and sliding into the small space.

Best Synergies

  • Gregal’s Favour – Increases Veredicto’s Strength. Another excellent addition for maximizing Veredicto’s damage, Gregal’s Favour, is a powerful Synergy we can obtain by combining the Anointed One and the Scribe.
  • Briar and Thorn – Dodging creates a barrier of thorns that deals damage and protects the user, Briar and Thorn is an excellent synergy for dealing passive damage to environmental foes and attacking bosses. We can create the useful Synergy by combining the Alchemist with the Pillager.
  • Alchemical Time – Arguably the most valuable synergy that trivializes most bosses and regular enemies, Alchemical Time briefly pauses time after we drink a Bile Flask. I highly recommend this synergy for confronting Devotion Incarnate and spamming excessive hits during this time to maximize damage.

Devotion Incarnate Attacks

While they deal heavy damage, Devotion Incarnate Attacks are relatively easy to dodge compared to Father Evernito but require us to leverage every ability. Though we can avoid most attacks by air dashing, I recommend the tips below for confronting the final boss’s moves:

Beam Outward

Devotion Incarnate Attacks Beam Outward blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

Devotion Incarnate summons two vertical beams from the center of the Arena, both heading in opposite directions. This attack is fairly straightforward to dodge, compelling us to mid-air dash through the beam once, giving us ample opportunity to deal damage. If we’re struggling to perform this attack, I recommend equipping Cristanta’s Figurine, which increases our window for performing a dodge.

Beam Inward

Devotion Incarnate Attacks Beam Inward blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

A more advanced version of Beam Outward, this variant sees the two beams of light coming from both ends of the arena inward, forcing us to dodge two beams to avoid the dangerous assault. I recommend performing an airdash through the beam closest to you and immediately a second airdash through the next beam.

Furious Flowers

Devotion Incarnate Attacks Furious Flowers blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

The most frustrating of Devotion Incarnate’s attacks is when the being sets the floor on fire and summons four flowers that shoot three projectiles and render the boss invincible until all the plants are destroyed. While we can extinguish each flower and the projectiles reasonably effortlessly, the flowers can regenerate if we take too long, potentially turning this into a prolonged attack if we draw it out for too long.

I advise leveraging the range of Veredicto to take out the two center flowers at once, then quickly moving to the flowers at each end.

Floor Bombs

Floor Bombs blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

A series of bombs go off across the breadth of the floor, obliterating everything in their path. While this attack can deal brutal damage, it’s fairly easy to dodge if we double jump and airdash the opposite direction of the blasts. I advise acting quickly on this attack, or we’ll miss the window to avoid it.

Petal Rain

Petal Rain incarnate devotion blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

One of Devotion Incarnate’s rarer attacks; indeed, I’ve gone through entire fights without seeing it; the boss sends several petals raining from above and impacting the floor. Though the petals go in five sets going back and forth, with a final row falling from the ceiling, we can easily dodge between the puzzles to escape their wrath.

I recommend jumping in between the petals, double jumping, then air dashing opposite the petal direction before the return wave of petals arrives. Likewise

How to Get Devotion Incarnate’s Good Ending

Blasphemous 2 Canvas Of Light And Time How to Get Devotion Incarnate's Good Ending
Image by JT Hussey

Unless we confront Devotion Incarnate with the Incense of Envoys, the fight’s ending sees us merge with the Miracle’s Child as an object of worship for the miracle. While this is a rather horrific end after all the work we did to defeat the miracle, we can get a better ending if we collect and destroy four specific Figurines for an ending that ends the Miracle’s child and sees us reunited with our friends.

To get the best ending of Blasphemous 2, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Golden Figurines

To begin, we’ll have to get the four figurines, Cierzo, Lebeche, Gregal, and Jaloque, and have them face inward in our figurine menu. We can obtain the Cierzo figurine for completing the Forgotten Tribute quest, in which we give a spooky horse several Forgotten Tribbutes that take us to new areas.

The final area in the Severed Tower holds a box containing the Figurine in quest.

For the next Figurine, Lebeche, we’ll have to complete the Candle Daughters quests in which we blow out five candles of sleeping women. Afterward, we can engage in 5 subsequent enemy gauntlets in women’s dreams on her deathbed in the Streets of Wakes, with the final gauntlet awarding the item.

Thirdly, for Gregal, we’ll have to find and free all 33 cherubs to reach the top of the Garden of the High Choirs, with a wall at the top left leading to a secret room with Gregal and some other rewards inside. Though I don’t have enough time to review every Cherub’s location, we can find them all here.

Lastly, for Jaloque, we can purchase the Figurine from the traveling merchant at the bottom of the Crimson Rains.

Step 2: Brazier Bonfire

For our next step, we’ll have to align each of the figurines in our Alterpiece of Favours menu to have each of the figurines point inward so that they’re glowing golden. With all the figurines aligned, we can access the passage at the top right of the Chapel of the Five Doves and interact with a Brazier to obtain the Incense of the Envoys.

WARNING: Figurine Destruction

Interacting with the Brazier will destroy all four of our figurines, so take caution if we want to use these figurines for the end of the game. I advise at least waiting to defeat Father Evernito so we don’t have to worry about being unable to use them for a brutal fight before battling Incarnate Devotion.

Step 3: Righteous Reunion

A relatively easy step: once we defeat Father Evernito and interact with the wrappings, we can use the Incense of the Envoys to get Ending A after defeating the boss. Once we defeat the boss, we’re treated to a wonderous scene of the Penitent One Rising through the heavens to be greeted by his friends from Blasphemous 1 and 2.

With the Miracle defeated, our Penance is finally over.


Question: Where is the Miracle’s Child?

Answer: Devotion Incarnate, or the Miracle’s Child, lies at the top of the Crimson Rains, which we can reach after freeing all five doves and exiting the top left of the Chapel of the Fives Doves and continuing upwards. After enduring several platforming sessions, enemy gauntlets, and a fight against Eviterno, Father of the Penitents, we can battle Devotion Incarnate after interacting with the floating wrappings in the creepy church.

Question: How do I beat Devotion Incarnate?

Answer: Leveraging Veredicto and its flame mode is a fantastic way to reduce the length of the fight. You can also focus on air-dashing the beam attacks and leveraging the Alchemist’s time Figurine to pause the fight after using a Bile Flask, giving you plenty of time to deal massive damage.

Question: How do I get Blasphemous 2’s Good Ending?

Answer: Equipping all four of the golden figurines obtained from character quests and burning them in a brazier creates the Incense of Envoys item that allows us to get Blasphemous 2’s Good Ending. After reaching the wrapping before fighting Devotion Incarnate, we can choose to use the Incense of Envoys, which gives us the good ending after beating the boss.


Devotion Incarnate explained blasphemous 2
Image by JT Hussey

Well done, Penitent One! You’ve slain Devotion Incarnate, finally freeing the world from the grips of the Miracle’s Child and reuniting with your long-lost friends!

Even if I thought the final boss was a cakewalk after enduring the path to get there, I adored the vile creativity that went into Devotion Incarnate’s rotting form and strangely sweet words. Though I doubt I’ll fully grasp what Devotion Incarnate was, they were a fantastic end to my Penitent’s journey that satisfied me as I watched the Penitent One ascend through the Heavens.

Though the end of the Penitent One’s journey could spell the end of Blasphemous, the brief teasing of Cristanta’s wraps could mean the return of everyone’s favorite Spanish inquisitor in the DLC sequel. Whether we play as a Cristanta in the sequel or the developers add a new ending that alters Blasphemous 2‘s cannon, I’m sure our righteous journey is far from over.

Enter the Dark World of Blasphemous 2 | GOG

Blasphemous 2 continues the dark and atmospheric journey of its predecessor, inviting players to delve deeper into a macabre world filled with grotesque enemies and haunting landscapes. With its stunning pixel art and challenging gameplay, prepare to test your skills and uncover the secrets hidden within this twisted realm.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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