Blasphemous 2 All Endings Explained

Blasphemous 2’s endings are lovingly bizarre. The mixture of religious allegory, eldritch nightmare, and superb animated cutscenes captivates and horrifies me.

Even so, while I adored the frustrating futility of the bad ending and the good endings’ final reward, these conclusions can be monstrously challenging to achieve, compelling us to endure hours more of arbitrary torture to put ourselves to rest finally. And yet, if we want to dethrone the Miracle for good and reunite Deogracias, Esdras’s sister, and every friend we’ve ever made, we’ve got some penance ahead of us.

In this Blasphemous Endings Explained guide, I’ll review how to get Blasphemous 2’s two endings and their meaning for the overall plot of the Penitent One. As a bonus, I’ll detail the hidden secret ending that hints at Blasphemous 3 or a Crisanta-based DLC.

Bottom Line Up Front: To get Ending B (the second Psalm), defeat Devotion Incarnate without using the Incense of the Envoys for the bad ending where the Miracle enslaves us.

For Ending A (Canvas of Light and Time,) repeat the same steps but acquire four golden-robed character quest figurines, make them point inwards in your Altarpiece of Favours, interact with the brazier in the right of the Chapel of the Five Doves, and obtain the Incense of the Envoys to use against Devotion Incarnate where you complete your Penance and ascend.

A Penitent Prelude

walks into distance Blasphemous 2 All Endings
The Penitent One can’t seem to catch a break. Image by JT Hussey

Before we get into Blasphemous 2’s endings, we should review the overarching story of the game and the tie-ins to the first game. To recap, we play the role of the Penitent One, a religious adventurer on a quest to destroy the Miracle, an eldritch abomination mistakenly worshipped as a God that feeds on the power of belief.

While we managed to slay the first incarnation of the Miracle in the form of the Higher Wills in Blasphemous 1, the Miracle leverages the faith of two parents trying to conceive a child to resurrect itself and create a child of its own. With the birth of the Miracle’s child, we embark on a treacherous quest to stop the childbirth and defeat the Miracle once and for all.

Ending B: The Second Psalm

2nd psalm Blasphemous 2 All Endings
If you want a horrifying, heartbreaking ending, the 2nd Pslam is made for you! Image by JT Hussey


  1. Free All Five Black Doves
  2. Ascend the Crimson Rains
  3. Defeat Eviterno, Father of the Penitents
  4. Don’t Use Incense of the Envoys
  5. Defeat the Devotion Incarnate
  • Location: Crimson Rains
  • Time: 20-25 Hours
  • Difficulty: Medium
penitent one and miracle's child combining Blasphemous 2 All Endings
If only I could throw the Penitent One a rope. Image by JT Hussey

Located at the top of the Crimson Rains, which we can reach after freeing all five black doves and proceeding to the top left of the Chapel of the Five Doves (an apt name), we can get Ending B, the Second Psalm after defeating the final boss Devotion Incarnate without using the Incense of the Envoys.

evil combination time Blasphemous 2 All Endings
Image by JT Hussey

Effectively the bad ending of Blasphemous 2, the Second Psalm, sees us merge with the Miracle’s Childe in a bloody baptismal sacrament to become an icon of Devotion towards the Miracle.

bad ending Blasphemous 2 All Endings
The Miracle’s back and it’s here to stay. Image by JT Hussey

Very much in the vein of I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, this ending is as horrifying as it is frustrating, effectively undermining everything we’ve worked to achieve and leaving us a powerless, immovable monster. For the world, this entails that the Miracle has assuredly returned and is likely to subject the world to its whims for the foreseeable future.

Even if I adored the superbly delivered voice acting with a grossly fascinating transformation into a monster, I felt utterly helpless, feeling like I had achieved nothing and let everyone down. All in all, while I had a strange enjoyment from feeling disempowered and miserable, I recommend Ending A if we want some well-earned closure on the Penitent One’s harrowing journey.

Ending A: Canvas of Light and Time

peninent one ascends Blasphemous 2 All Endings
I swear, they better not drop me. Image by JT Hussey


  1. Get all four figurines with a golden cloth
  2. Arrange them so they’re all facing the Center
  3. Burn them at the Special Altar
  4. Using quest item before the Final Boss
  • Location: Crimson Rains
  • Time: 25-30 Hours
  • Difficulty: Hard

The effective good ending of Blasphemous 2 (unless they add another in a DLC), Canvas of Light and Time sees us defeat the Miracle and complete the penitent One’s Penance, reuniting us with our companions across both games.

To get this ending, we’ll have to collect four figurines from character quests and sacrifice them to get a unique quest item that unlocks this new ending. Given the heavy work to get the Canvas of Light and Time, I’ll review how to get each figurine and where to go once we have all four.

Step 1: Gregarious Gregal

giant baby Blasphemous 2 All Endings
Image by JT Hussey

We can find the first figurine, Gregal, from the Children of Moonlight quest, where we have to free every imprisoned cherub and then report back to Proximo in the Garden of the High Choirs. Though I don’t have enough time to go over rescuing all 33 Cherubs, you can check out our guide to find each One here.

After we’ve rescued all of Proximo’s brothers, we can head back to Proximo, climb the top of the tower, then head up the left side of the wall to reach a hidden area containing the figurine. Gregal automatically regenerates fervor, so I recommend this figurine if we enjoy leveraging prayers or Veredicto’s fire mode.

Step 2: Lecherous Lebeche

battle challenges Blasphemous 2 All Endings
Image by JT Hussey

After freeing the last baby, we earn the next figurine by completing a series of Battle Challenges in the Streets of Wake. To start these challenges, we’ll have to talk to the woman on her deathbed in the far right of the Streets of Wake, then find and snuff out the five candles of her sleeping daughters.

If you need help finding each of her daughters, you can find each here.

Once we’ve returned, we can engage in five Battle Challenges, with the last rewarding Lebeche, a modest figurine that increases our critical chance by 10%. We can leverage Veredicto’s high range and devastating fire mode to trivialize these fights if we’re having trouble.

Step 3: Cunning Cierzo

horse person Blasphemous 2 All Endings
Image by JT Hussey

Following that set of battles, the next figurine requires us to complete the Procession of Shadows quest by obtaining every Forgotten Tribute and delivering it to the horseman.

The Forgotten Tribute items lie across a series of secret spaces found here; however, we can look on our map for the blue coin icon to locate the grim horse rider. After delivering our last one, we’re taken to a location in the Severed Towers, where we’ll find Cierzo in a golden chest to the right.

With Cierzo equipped, our attacks deal 25% more elemental damage while our fervor is maxed. Though this sounds significant, I don’t recommend Cierzo as it’s only beneficial for weapons like Sarmiento and Centella that deal lightning damage without draining our fervor, like Veredicto, the best weapon in Blasphemous 2.

Step 4: Joyous Jaloque

shopkeeper Blasphemous 2 All Endings
Image by JT Hussey

After all our work beforehand, we can purchase the last figurine outright from Medardo and Escolástico’s shop at the bottom of the Crimson Rains. The figure only costs 6000 tears of atonement and should be an easy purchase after everything we’ve been through.

If we don’t have enough tears of atonement, we can briefly grind enemies in the Crimson rains, preferably with the Obolus of Proximo and the Price of Blood Rosary Beads that increase our tear of atonement gain. We can acquire the Obolus of Proximo after saving 24 of Proximo’s brothers and obtain Price of Blood in the Grilles and Ruin’s sewers behind two illusionary walls.

This figurine heals us for every critical hit we deal with and wonderfully synergizes with figurines that increase our critical chance, like the Unwavering One or Lebeche, which drastically increases our rate of critical hits. I highly advise this pairing if we enjoy playing risky in combat and endangering ourselves with the slow swings of Veredicto.

Step 5 Great and Golden

Once we’ve obtained all four figurines, noted in the menu from their golden cloth, we’ll have to rearrange them in our Altarpiece of favors to point towards the Center of the screen. Upon correctly placing a particular figurine, it turns golden, letting us gradually piece together where each figure should go.

lore blasphemous 2 Blasphemous 2 All Endings
These figurines’ lore reveals the story behind the Miracle’s Child in Blasphemous 2’s typical bizarre and allegorical writing style. Image by JT Hussey

These figurines also explain how the Miracle came back to life in how a destitute, starving boy stumbled upon a city only to find it in ruin and desolation. Amid his grief, the young boy wished for an icon of pain that would let all those in the city know they were not alone.

The boy then spied a glowing cloud in the sky that he imagined resembled that of a beating, which, in effect, made it into the beating heart of the Miracle’s child. Even if this nameless boy had unintentionally brought the people to further ruin, he was strangely happy to know everyone was suffering together.

Upon our completion, we should have four golden figurines in the Altarpiece and will find the door at the top right of the Chapel of the Five Doves has opened.

Step 6: A Figurative Sacrifice

upper right door of chapel of the five doves Blasphemous 2 All Endings
Once we have all four figurines equipped, we can access the Chapel of the Doves’ upper righthand door. Image by JT Hussey

After the last task, we should have four golden figurines in the Altarpiece and will find the door at the top right of the Chapel of the Five Doves has opened.

Blasphemous 2 All Endings sacrifice
Ensure you’re ready to give up these figurines before interacting with this brazier. Image by JT Hussey

After walking through the passage, we’ll find a brazier that permanently destroys all four of our golden figurines if we interact with it.

WARNING: If we want to leverage these figurines for battle or grinding enemies, I recommend holding onto them until we reach the top of the Crimson rains and have beaten Eviterno, Father of the Penitents. These figurines provide some valuable benefits, like Jaloque healing us for every critical hit we apply or Lebeche significantly increasing our critical hit chance.

After choosing to part with these figurines, the brazier acknowledges our sacrifice, turning all four into unusable burnt figurines and giving us the Incense of the Envoys quest item, which grants access to ending A: Canvas of Light of Time.

ending choice Blasphemous 2 All Endings
Ensure you select agree if you want the good ending of Blasphemous 2; otherwise, clicking deny will give us the bad ending once more. Image by JT Hussey

To get the good ending of Blasphemous 2, we’ll have to climb the Crimson Rains, defeat Eviterno, Father of the Penitents, and use the Incense of the Envoys when choosing to expiate with the floating red cloths.

Canvas of Light and Time Explained

pentinent one goes to heaven Blasphemous 2 All Endings
Image by JT Hussey

While this ending’s start is identical to the Second Psalm, after defeating Incarnate Devotion, the boss is upset at its defeat, both physically exhausted and emotionally distraught. The Miracle’s Child believes it has been punished for daring to question the purpose behind their creation and dies “reconciled with the mystery of their birth.”

penitent one sees god Blasphemous 2 All Endings
I almost feel paternal affection seeing the cherubs we’ve saved grown up. Image by JT Hussey

With the Devotion Incarnate defeated, the Miracle’s designs are finally put to an end, and we begin to stumble before Anunciada.

canvas of light and time Blasphemous 2 All Endings explained
Reuniting with friends like Deogracias and the barefoot pilgrim was a delightful end to Blasphemous 2. Image by JT Hussey

Seeing us stumble, a host of Cherubs carry our body and soul into the heavens, where every iconic character from Blasphemous 1 and 2 greets us. From Deogracias, the rope-faced narrator that was cradling our coffin at the start of the game, to even Esradius and his sister who helped us free Cvstodia, and of course, the barefoot pilgrim and the lady with an uncomfortable amount of swords sticking out of her chest.

I am unashamed to say this ending brought me to tears from the sheer relief of knowing that despite all the pain and suffering each character endured, they were ultimately vindicated and found peace.

With that, resting beside our dear friends, surrounded by the cherubs we’ve freed, the warm voice of the narrator announces that our Penance is complete, and we can finally rest.

Secret Ending: Crisanta’s Wraps

secret ending blasphemous 2
Could Crisanta have survived? I hope so! Image by JT Hussey

If you stick around after the credits of Ending A: Canvas of Light and Time, we’ll find a string of red cloth, the same that wrapped around the sword that Crisanta used to kill herself, floating through a rocky area, likely the Ravine of the High Stones.

This small scene implies that Crisanta miraculously survived her stabbing and teases her return in a Blasphemous 2 DLC or even Blasphemous 3. Indeed, Crisanta is notably absent during our reunion with our comrades during our ascension, and destroying the Devotion Incarnate could mean reversing Crisanta’s fate.

Though this could be a throwaway gesture, and Crisanta could still be dead, I appreciated this final scene teasing more content on the way. Given Blasphemous 1 adding two complete updates of content, each with its own ending and one being the cannon end to the game, it’s fair to say that there’s more to look forward to on the way.

Memorable Quotes

  • Merging with the Miracle’s Child: “Thus we will be reborn as a new symbol incarnate, overflowing with devotion.”
  • The Miracle Resets their Clock: “The beginning of a new era for the Miracle. The Second Psalm.”
  • Defeating the Miracle’s Child: “For the Icon Falls and with it the Miracle’s designs and its will so capricious.”
  • Penitent One Goes to Heaven: “And so you shall ascend, both in body and soul. Through Dreamed Kingdoms”
  • Penitent One Commissions Art: “And once there, you will be captured within the ancient canvas of light and time.”
  • Penitent One Retires: “The Penitence is thus complete.”


Question: How Many Endings Does Blasphemous 2 Have?

Answer: Blasphemous currently (they may add more later) has two endings: Ending A Canvas of Light and Time and Ending B The Second Pslam. The Canvas of Light and Time is the good ending of Blasphemous 2 and sees us defeat the Miracle’s Child and complete our Penance as we reunite with our trusted friends from both Blasphemous 1 and 2.
The Second Psalm, however, is the bad ending of Blasphemous 2 and sees us merge with the Miracle’s child to become an icon of Devotion to the Miracle and waste away in religious slavery.

Question: How Do I Get Ending A: Canvas of Light and Time?

Answer: After acquiring four specific figurines from the character quests surrounding Proximo’s brothers, the Procession of Shadows quest, Battle Challenges, and Medardo and Escolástico’s Shop, we must position each figurine in our Alterpiece of Favours to point inward so they all turn golden.
Once we return to Chapel of the Five Doves with this condition set, the door to the upper right opens, allowing us to access a brazier that burns all four of these figurines and gives us the Incense of the Envoys. As we ascend to battle Devotion Incarnate, we should choose to use the Incense of the Envoys; then, we can defeat the Miracle’s Child to get Ending A: Canvas of Light and Time.

Question: What is the Cannon Ending of Blasphemous 2?

Answer: Though neither Ending A: Canvas of Light and Time nor Ending B: The Second Psalm has been stated to be cannon, we can likely assume Ending A is the cannon ending. While more players are likely to get ending B as it requires far less work, Ending A gives us closure to the Penitent One’s story and teases at a Crisanta-DLC or even Blasphemous 3. Then again, the developers could add an entirely new ending in an update to Blasphemous 2 and make that the cannon ending as they did in Blasphemous 1.


Blasphemous 2 All Endings story of blasphemous from an onlooker
Even if it was strange, I adored Blasphemous 2’s quirky, heartfelt end. Image by JT Hussey

Well fought, Penitent One! We finally stopped the Miracle’s Child’s Birth and ended our Penance or joined with the Devotion Incarnate and became one of the horrors we’ve sought to destroy!

Even though the story was slightly weaker than the first game (i.e. there’s no grand reveal behind the Miracle’s intentions, and the bad endings don’t leave you quite as hopeless as the first), I appreciate the commitment to ending the Penitent One’s story. After all the suffering and horror the Penitent One has been through, it felt nice to finally give ourselves some peace after two contiguous games of Penance and grossly bizarre bosses.

All-in-all, even if the conditions for getting the good ending were poorly explained, the conclusive end to the Penitent One’s narrative thread was a welcome conclusion to a heartwarmingly strange story. From here, we can expect a continuation of Crisanta’s story and see what otherworldly religious horrors await us in the game’s DLC or Blasphemous 3!

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