Cult of the Lamb is Free on Nintendo Switch Temporarily

Cult of the Lamb was an Indie smash hit in 2022; that’s undeniable. If you haven’t tried this silly and dark game yet but want to know what the hype was all about, you might want to consider picking it up for free* on Nintendo Switch.

There is an asterisk on that free, though, because it’s exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers and only from 10/25 to 10/31.

There are ways to circumvent the subscription, which I’ll go over, but if you already have it to play Smash or Splatoon online, you can think of this as a nice little bonus. For everyone else, though, let’s get into it.

How to Get Cult of the Lamb for Free

This is part of Nintendo’s Game Trials initiative, where a random game goes free for a week to entice you to buy the full game and get Nintendo Switch Online to try it.

The entirety of Cult of the Lamb is here for the last week of October, and then anyone who got it through game trials will have to pay money to pick it back up again.

So, what if you don’t have Nintendo Switch Online? Well, there are a few options, the easiest being just using the Free Trial, which also lasts a week, making it convenient.

If you’ve already used yours, you could create a new Nintendo account with a new email and add it to your Switch, or consider buying NSO for a month.

Nintendo Switch Online: Prices and Features of the Family Plan | Together  Price US
Image from Nintendo.

If you want a more permanent solution that’s even cheaper than just getting a month, you could hop on a family plan with a few others, and you’ll all get Nintendo Switch Online for a year with it costing less and less per person the more people you add to the plan. This requires having a bunch of friends who don’t have NSO but want it, which is tricky.

Any way you choose to get Nintendo’s weird online services, you can then click on the Nintendo Switch Online tab on the home menu (the one that’s bright red and doesn’t fit in with the style of the other icons in the slightest), then go to Special Offers, where you’ll find Cult of the Lamb and be able to download it and play it.

cult of the lamb
Image from Massive Monster.

If you enjoy the game a lot after that, you can buy it, and your save progress will carry over, and you won’t have to renew NSO to play it (though you can play Kirby Golf on Nintendo Switch Online, so maybe it is worth the money).

Either way, you can probably get through the entirety of Cult of the Lamb in a week, but if you don’t, you can continue after October.

Further Reading

If you’re hopping on Cult of the Lamb now due to this deal, you might end up struggling in some parts of the game, so here are some excellent guides to help you get going!

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