Chara Undertale Guide

Chara Undertale Guide

Chara was the first human to fall into the Underworld. Like Frisk, Chara’s name can be different depending on your game. If you don’t want to meet Chara, you don’t have to.

If you want to talk to Chara, you have to go for the Genocide ending. It plays into the evil nature of the character in the Undertale. You hear a bit about Chara when you finish the True Pacifist route. This is where Asriel tells you a little about who Chara was.

With such limited screentime, in this Chara Undertale guide, I’ll bring up Flowery and Asriel. These three characters are very close together.

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Key details Up Front

  • Character Type: NPC
  • Difficulty: N/A
  • First Encounter: During the Genocide ending and the Pacifist ending.
  • Optional: Yes
  • Personality: Chara is described as being evil and hating humanity.
  • Skills: It’s unclear what Chara’s powers are. She mentions being able to destroy and remake the world.
  • Side Quests: Genocide route. If you choose to kill everything, then you can meet Chara.



Chara isn’t mentioned by name much during the game. I missed a lot of the backstory about Chara when I first played. If you go for the True Pacifist ending, then you will get the story of the relationship between Asriel, Chara, and Flowery.

Chara is initially portrayed as a sympathetic character during a True Pacifist playthrough. A young child trapped in the underground then befriends the monsters and gets adopted into the royal family.

As you get closer to the end of the game in True Pacifist, you learn that everything was not as it seemed. Chara wanted to punish humanity. It’s explained that she was not a good person and hated humanity. A lot of this gets explained by Asriel in the epilogue.

With the Genocide route, your character gets compared more to Chara. You also see her at the end.

This is a case where the mystery about Chara is what makes her a compelling character. You learn that she was evil, but you don’t know much more than that. The only way for you to learn more about her is to beat the game.

Key Moments

There aren’t too many key moments for Chara in the game. She only appears in the True Pacifist route and the Genocide Ending. The only dialogue she has in the Genocide Ending. Let’s talk a bit about each of those moments.

Genocide Ending

This is where Chara appears. You don’t see her too much during the game, and she doesn’t have much to say. With this ending, you get to see and hear her.

She thanks you for bringing her back to life, and she asks if you want to erase the world. She is talking about the game that you just played. This tells you a lot about Chara.

Any assumption that she might have been a good person is thrown out here. Chara is evil, and she didn’t intend to do something good for the Underground.

Chara gives you the option of erasing the world or not erase it. If you choose to erase it, then Chara calls you a “good partner.” This is a little creepy. It implies that you have been working together this whole time.

Chara asks if you think you were in control if you choose not to erase the world. If you do a second Genocide route, Chara starts to question what you’re doing. It almost feels like Chara thinks you have gone too far.

True Lab Tapes

true Lab

This is where you learn more about Chara and her relationship with Asriel. You find some VHS tapes informing you about Chara and Asriel’s plan. They wanted to break the barrier.

However, Asriel has second thoughts about the plan they had come up with. This points to a suicide plan between the two of them. Initially, it isn’t presented this way. It was explained that Chara died of an illness. With these tapes, it sounds different.

I like how these tapes change up the story we’ve heard about the relationship between Chara and Asriel. They also add some more interesting things about the story of Undertale.

True Pacifist Ending

You can hear about Asriel’s feelings towards Chara by going for this ending. This goes along with the True Lab Tapes as well. With the tapes, you hear about Asriel changing his mind, and in the True Pacifist Ending, you hear a little about why.

This is where some speculation comes into it. We know that Asriel doesn’t think that Chara is a good person and that he had second thoughts about their plan. What we don’t know is what the plan was supposed to be.

They wanted to break the barrier, but we can only guess Chara’s motivation. Asriel’s motivation was to help his friend. We can spend a lot of time thinking about and looking through the text for evidence to support our theories.

Key relationships

Chara doesn’t have many relationships with the characters in the game. Most of them don’t seem to know anything about the other humans that fell here. There doesn’t seem to be any memory of the first human to fall into the Underground.

However, there are still some characters that we know interacted with Chara. Asriel even remembers talking with her. We also have Flowery, Toriel, Asgore, and Alphys. Of course, there is also Frisk, the player’s character.



Chara and Asriel have a fascinating relationship! Chara was adopted by Asgore and Toriel, making the two of them siblings. It seems like they spent a lot of time together, and I think they were friends.

At the end of the True Pacifist route, it seems like their friendship wasn’t exactly what it seemed. I felt that they were the only two kids, so they hung out together. Asriel appears to have just gone along with what Chara wanted to do.

From what I gathered, Chara came up with a plan to destroy the barrier. She merged her soul with Asriel, and they wanted to collect the necessary souls. Asriel didn’t want to do this but went along with it because he wanted to be friends with Chara.

I don’t think Chara liked Asriel or any other monsters in the Underground. Asriel put it best when he says that Chara “hated humanity” and that she “wasn’t really the greatest person.”

Chara’s motivations for destroying the barrier are a little murky. If Chara wanted to go home, she could have done so at any time because a human soul is needed to cross the barrier. I think it makes more sense that she had ill intentions when you either completed the True Pacifist route or the Genocide Ending.

Those two endings make me feel that Chara used Asriel to get revenge on people who hurt her.


This one is a little weird. I think that both Asriel and Chara make up Flowery. When Chara died, her soul was absorbed by Asriel. They became one person. So, when Asriel died, he still had Chara’s soul, which was passed on to Flowery.

Frisk (You)


Chara’s relationship with your character changes based on your actions in the game. Especially if you take the Genocide route.

If you follow this route, then you meet Chara at the end. It’s revealed that your determination is what brought Chara back to life. She then asks if you want to erase the world. If you beat the game on the Genocide route a second time, then Chara questions what you’re doing.

In the Normal route, you can find Chara’s casket. This is where she was laid to rest after dying of a terminal illness after eating buttercups. She is mentioned a few times in the game, but not by name.

Asriel will comment on how different you are from Chara in the Pacifist ending. You also learn how Chara was influencing Asriel’s actions in the game. While you don’t talk with Chara in this ending, you learn a lot about the relationship between Chara and Asriel.

You also learn more about Chara as you go through the True Lab during the Pacifist Ending. There are a series of tapes that you can play. These explain how Chara wasn’t exactly a nice person. Chara had a plan and manipulated Asriel into going along with it.

Asgore and Toriel

After Asriel finds and rescues Chara from the ruins, she is adopted by Asgore and Toriel. It seems like Toriel cared for Chara quite a bit. This goes along with Toriel’s character during the rest of the game. With Asgore, he acted as a father.



This one is also a little weird. The relationship between these two is all down to how Alphys created Flowery. She didn’t know that Chara and Asriel’s souls were what made Flowery. At least, I don’t think she knew. However, her actions resulted in some form of Chara being able to live on in Flowery.


Chara doesn’t have many lines of dialogue in the game. So, I picked some of the references to Chara and some of the things that she said that I found interesting.

“Young one, when I look at you… I’m reminded of the human that fell here long ago… You have the same feeling of hope in your eyes.”

Asgore says this if you have killed Flowery in a previous playthrough. I think he is referring to Chara here. I believe this is because of the use of “long ago.” I think the other human souls had been taken recently.


Chara tells you this during the Genocide Ending if you choose not to erase the world. It’s kind of interesting. I’m not sure if she is saying that she was in control of you or if she is breaking the fourth wall and telling Frisk that the player is controlling her.

“We’re still inseparable, after all these years… Let’s destroy everything in this wretched world. Everyone, everything in these worthless memories… Let’s turn ’em all to dust.”

This comes from Flowery during a Genocide Route. Because you have been killing everything you come across, Flowery mistakes you for Chara.

“The demon that comes when people call its name. It doesn’t matter when. It doesn’t matter where. Time after time, I will appear. And, with your help. We will eradicate the enemy and become strong.”

Chara says this after you have completed a second Genocide Route. It’s a little different from the first and shows that Chara seems to have grown in power a bit.


Some of this might go into fan theories a bit. There isn’t much information about Chara, and she only has one appearance where you can make choices. Anyway, here are some things I could find on Chara.

Question: Is Chara possessing Frisk?

Answer: I don’t think so. You do land on some Golden Flowers at the beginning of the game, and Asriel’s ashes were spread over Golden Flowers. However, I think Flowery has both Asriel and Chara inside of him.

Question: What happens if you sell your soul to Chara?

Answer: At the end of the Genocide Route, you can do this. If you say yes, then the ending is permanently changed. This means the conclusion of a Pacifist Route will be different than the true ending.

Question: What is Soulless Pacifist?

Answer: At the end of a Genocide Route, you can sell your soul to Chara. If you do this and then start a new game to try the True Pacifist Route, you will do a Soulless Pacifist Route because the Genocide Route permanently changes the ending.

Question: If I sell my soul to Chara, can I get it back?

Answer: Unfortunately, no, you can’t get it back. This means you can’t get the True Pacifist Ending.


Chara is interesting to me because she affects so much of the game without really being in the game. You don’t see her, but you hear the other characters talk about her. When you start to go down an evil path, the other characters say you remind them of Chara.

I like stories like this. You have the hero, and the big evil in the game is an example of how your character could have turned out. Undertale’s story is one of my favorite stories in video games.

Undertale: Shape Your Destiny Beneath the Surface | GOG

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the underground world of Undertale, where every choice you make shapes the fate of monsters and humans alike. With its charming retro graphics and innovative gameplay mechanics, immerse yourself in a tale of friendship, determination, and the power of mercy.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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