Frisk Undertale Guide

Frisk Undertale Guide

Here is the thing about Frisk in Undertale. It’s the default name for the character you play as. So, there is a different Frisk for each person playing the game. Whatever you bring into the game is what Frisk will become.

I can tell you about the Frisk I played as, but remember, your experience will probably be different. The first time you play will always be different from the second or third time you play the game. In this Frisk Undertale guide, I’ll do my best to be as general as I can.

The route that I’m going to go down is the neutral route. However, I’ll talk about the deviations between the Genocide and Pacifist routes.

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Key details Up Front

  • Character Type: The Player’s Character
  • Difficulty: Depends on the route and experience with the game
  • First Encounter: In the ruins, after you fall down a hole
  • Optional: Not optional
  • Personality: We don’t get any dialogue from Frisk. So, the personality will depend on what the player’s goal is.
  • Skills: You can attack, take action depending on who you’re fighting, flee from combat, and spare enemies.


Frisk is a human who fell into the Underworld. This is where Monsters have been imprisoned after a war with the humans. It’s a fascinating idea.

You find out that Frisk isn’t the first human to stumble into this place. Also, you can pass through the barrier that keeps the Monsters in the Underworld. This has to do with your character’s soul.

It’s explained that the human soul is strong, and the monster’s soul is weak. This is something that is talked about throughout the game. The bad guys want your soul! They believe if they capture enough human souls, they will be able to break the barrier.

Let me tell you about the Frisk I played as. I try to play as a pacifist but often can’t stick to that path. I’m not very good at the combat in this game. I can’t move the character’s soul around to avoid things.

My Frisk is going to look like yours visually. It’s the default sprite that looks like a retro game. I always thought it was a little boy because that was part of the bias I brought into the game. Looking at it a bit closer, I think it could go either way.

Here is a brief description of what the character looks like.

  • Black hair
  • Stripped shirt
  • Either purple or teal pants. It’s hard for me to tell so I could be wrong on the color
  • Black shoes

These are some of the things about Frisk I learned during the game. Let’s go through the key moments in the game and see if we can unravel some of the other things that make Frisk interesting as a protagonist.

Key Moments

Here are some of the big moments you will experience during the game. I’ll be sticking to the main story here for the most part.

The Ruins

When you start the game, you meet both Flowery and Toriel. Flowery teaches you the basics of the attacks in Undertale, and Toriel gives you a more in-depth tutorial. We’ll get more into Flowery later.

One thing Flowery does is tell you not to trust everything you’re told. He tells you that this world is kill or be killed. Toriel ends up saving you from this encounter.

Toriel tells you that she is the caretaker of the ruins. You’re not sure how long she has lived in the ruins, but she seems very happy to see you. She tells you that you are the first human to come by in a long time.

She leads you back to her home. Along the way, she shows you how to solve puzzles and how to fight. Then she leaves and tells you that she will be back. You can just move on.

There are a few simple puzzles like moving rocks, walking on the right path, and finding the switch to flip in the correct order. These do an excellent job of easing you into the rest of the game.

You also run into Napstablook. He’s a ghost and a bit of a shy person. In some ways, he reminds me a bit of myself. I think that Frisk would be friends with him.

Eventually, you guide Frisk to Toriel’s home. This is where things get a little tricky. You can go on a few different routes.

After you get told that Toriel intends for you to live here with her, you can try to leave. When you do, you end up getting into a fight with her. This is where you can start one of two routes. You can kill her, or you can spare her.

I’m not going for the genocide ending, so I’m going to spare her so we can be friends. Because who wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who can cook pies!

Snowdin, Sans, and Papyrus

This is where you learn some new mechanics, like blue attacks, and you meet other monsters. To this point, it’s just been Toriel.

The puzzles are more complex, like the turn Xs into Os. This is also where the comedy of the game shines for me.

Frisk has to fight Papyrus before she can leave the town. Along the way, she meets Sans and his brother Papyrus. One thing I like is that you can befriend Papyrus. It goes along with the way Undertale tries to get you not to fight in the game.

I decided to have my version of Frisk befriend Papyrus and go on a playdate with him. This is easy. Just let Papyrus beat you in battle three times. He’ll catch you, but he is not good at catching you.

Undyne and Learning to Run Away

You meet two characters here. Undyne, who is trying to capture Frisk, and Monster Kid, Undyne’s unnamed sister.

Monster Kid befriends you before she knows that you’re a human and that Undyne is hunting you. It’s interesting how this all plays out. Monster Kid is pretty funny. I like how she seems oblivious to what Frisk is, and once she finds out, it doesn’t change what she thinks of Frisk.

As you make your way through this section, you can learn more about the war between the Humans and Monsters and why the monsters are trapped here. You also learn why your soul is so vital to the Monsters.

Hotland and a Confusing Friendship with Alphys

This is an interesting section. You enter a lab where you can see yourself on a monitor. Then you meet Dr. Alphys and Mettaton. Get used to Mettaton because he will be the main protagonist throughout the Hotlands.

Initially, Dr. Alphys helps Frisk get through some of the puzzles. You also learn a lot about her. Like her favorite TV show, how she built Mettaton to kill you, that she has a crush on Undyne, and how she led you through the puzzles so you would be friends with her.

You learn a lot about other characters, like how Sans and Toriel know each other, how Napstablook and Mettaton are related, and a social media network in the underground.

Eventually, you beat Mettaton and can continue through to the end of the game. There are still a few more tasks for Frisk to complete.

Throne Room and Escaping the Underworld

Once Frisk gets past Mettaton, she can continue to the throne room where Asgore is waiting for her. You can also go back and do some other stuff depending on the ending you’re trying to get.

Asgore leads you, Frisk, to the Barrier and shows the six other souls he has captured. He destroys the Mercy button, which doesn’t matter because you can still spare him at the end of the battle.

This is when Flowery shows up again. He kills Asgore and steals the human souls. I was a little confused when the game closed on me. Especially when I thought I had lost my progress! This was supposed to happen. You load up the saved game, and you fight Photoshop Flowery.

By calling for help, you can get the human souls Flowery absorbed to turn against him. This lets you defeat him and then exit the Barrier. Sans will call you to fill you in on what happened. This is the normal ending.

True Pacifist Ending

I’ll briefly talk about this. To get this ending, you have to:

  • Completed the Neutral Route
  • Remained at LVL 1 and gained no EXP
  • Befriend Papyrus, Undyne, and Alphys

This ending involves you exploring The Lab and discovering Flowery’s origins. Then return to the Throne Room. Here you find out that Flowery has been influencing the decisions of several of the monsters. Such as whispering to Papyrus; he mentions something when you talk with him.

You end up fighting Flowery again. This time he absorbs all the souls of the other monsters and turns into Asriel, the son of Toriel and Asgore.

Once this fight is over, you can forgive or not forgive Asriel. You can then backtrack through the Underground, and eventually, you meet up with Asriel again. Once you’re ready to finish the game, you can decide to stay or leave the Underground.

Genocide Route

This ending is achieved if you kill everyone. In the end, you are confronted by Chara, the first human to fall into the Underground.

Key relationships

This is a strange one to talk about. You can skip many things in this game, depending on what you want to do. Ignoring things will change the relationships that Frisk can make during the game. You also have the option to build stronger relationships with the characters you meet.

Here are some of the relationships that my Frisk had during my playthrough.


Flowery is the first monster you meet in Undertale. He tricks you into letting him kill you. However, Frisk is saved by Toriel.

You meet Flowery a few times during the game. He constantly taunts you and makes vague threats. He is the final boss in Undertale. He is also Asriel.


This is a mother-child relationship from Toriel’s point of view. Toriel wants to protect you. She wants you to stay with her in ruins. It creates a creepy feeling in my mind.

I understand that Toriel wants to protect Frisk. The way she is going about it is not okay. She wants Frisk to forget her past life and start a new one where she would be dependent on Toriel.

Just think about it. She wants Frisk to give up her friends, family, and everything she enjoyed so Toriel can be happy. Then, when you try to leave, she fights you.

I understand people saying that Toriel is a nice person, but her actions in trying to keep Frisk in the Ruins don’t sit well with me.

Depending on the route you choose, Toriel changes. In the genocide route, she sees you as evil, and in the other routes, she thinks you can handle yourself and understands that she was wrong.


You meet Sans shortly after leaving the Ruins. I like him. He is very laid back and does what he can to keep you safe.

Sans is the brother of Papyrus. The two live together and have the kind of relationship you think they would have. Papyrus is overly serious, and Sans just wants to live his life.

Sans warns you about his brother, tells you about his brother’s attacks, and tells you not to be worried about him. He is a good guy and one of the better characters in Undertale.

He pops up throughout the game. Like he can teleport around and do anything. He seems to like Frisk.

Near the end of the game, Sans has dinner with Frisk. This happens earlier in the game as well. Sans says that he is rooting for you. It’s a very heartwarming scene.

He talks about how he would tell knock, knock jokes to a woman. I’m assuming the woman was Toriel. She made Sans promise to protect a human if they come through the door. I’m guessing that’s why Sans has appeared throughout the game.


Papyrus is one of the characters that Frisk can turn from an enemy into a friend. Frisk can even go on a date with our want-to-be Royal Guard. It’s really up to you what you want Frisk’s relationship with Papyrus.

Papyrus initially thinks capturing Frisk is his ticket to being popular. As you go through his puzzles, Papyrus slowly gives up on this. You can beat him up or kill him with kindness, depending on what you want to do.

I wanted to be his friend. So, my version of Frisk decided not to fight Papyrus.

Undyne and Monster Kid

I’m going to add these two together. You talk with Monster Kid the most here as Undyne is preoccupied with killing you.

Frisk and Monster Kid probably would have been friends no matter where they lived. Monster Kid doesn’t even realize that Frisk is a human until she is told so. She represents innocence, which is kind of nice.

While Undyne can be turned into a friend, Monster Kid is always your friend. I like the way these two are. Their relationships with Frisk start different but seem to end the same. Depending on the way you play the game, of course.

I also like the dynamic of Frisk, Monster Kid, and Undyne. It makes for some funny moments where Undyne tries to kill Frisk, and Monster Kid gets in her way. Monster Kid seems oblivious to what is going on between Frisk and Undyne.


He is a ghost that Frisk meets in the Ruins and comes back a few times during the game. He is somewhat insecure with himself. You can befriend him by hanging out with him and listening to some of his Ghost music.

Alphys and Mettaton

This is another strange one. Alphys is always watching Frisk during the first part of the game. As you go through this section, Mettaton attacks you. Each time, Alphys does something to intervene.

You find out that Alphys does this because she wants Frisk to be friends with her. I think this is a weird way of doing this, but I’m not a monster, so maybe this is normal. Alphys built Mettaton to kill Frisk, which isn’t a great way to make a friendship, in my opinion.

This is a time that I wish we could have gotten some dialogue from Frisk. I would want to know what she is thinking during all of this. However, that would break the immersion of having the protagonist act like this. It’s about your thoughts about this.

When you meet Alphys, she doesn’t have a lot of confidence. She is kind of down on herself. As she “helps” you, Alphys gets more confident even though she sets all of this up so you can be friends.

It is revealed that all of the traps in Hotland were made by Alphys. She helped Frisk through them so they would be friends. My version of Frisk wanted to be her friend, yours might be different, and I completely understand it.


Your character doesn’t talk during the game. You have a few options during the game, but there are no lines of dialogue. So, this section will be some of my favorite quotes that the characters say about your character directly.

“Papyrus… finds difficulty in interesting places. Last week he got stuck trying to ‘solve’ the horoscope.”

Sans says this about his brother after an argument over which was harder, the Junior Jumble or a Crossword puzzle.

“Yo! You’re a kid too, right? I can tell ’cause you’re wearing a striped shirt.”

Monster Kid says this to you when you first meet her. I like this because she doesn’t see you as a human; you’re just another kid.

“Your continued existence is a crime!”

Undyne says this right before your first fight with her.

“Curse you, human! Curse you, Dr. Alphys, for helping so much!”

Mettaton says this after you defuse the bombs during the MTT segment. I love how B-movie villain this quote is!


Here are some interesting facts about Frisk that I found.

Question: What color are Frisk’s eyes?

Answer: Her eyes appear black or closed. The only time you see her eyes is in the Soulless Pacifist ending. In this ending, they are shown to be Red. I don’t know if this is just in this ending or if it is always like this.

Question: What is Frisk’s full name or last name?

Answer: As far as I can tell, it’s just Frisk. I can’t find a source that gives her first and last name or if Frisk is a nickname.

Question: When does Frisk meet Chara?

Answer: Frisk meets Chara at the end of the Genocide Route.


That was my experience with Frisk. Having a silent protagonist can help you to get into the character. That’s something that works very well with Undertale.

Undertale has a lot of fun things in it. Every interaction adds to the game. It’s a delightful journey through the world of Undertale. Depending on how you play Undertale, your version of Frisk will be uniquely yours.

Undertale: Shape Your Destiny Beneath the Surface | GOG

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the underground world of Undertale, where every choice you make shapes the fate of monsters and humans alike. With its charming retro graphics and innovative gameplay mechanics, immerse yourself in a tale of friendship, determination, and the power of mercy.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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