Vampire Survivors Combinations Guide

Vampire Survivors Combinations Guide – Every Evo Rated and Explained

One of the coolest features in Vampire Survivors is the Evo system, where several items combine to create something new and powerful.

The recipes for these combinations are shrouded in mystery and are revealed to the player when they are stumbled upon by chance.

In this Vampire Survivors Combinations guide, I’ll show you every Evo combination in the game, explain what they do and how useful they are if you’re going for a win. If you’re ready to unlock the mightiest powers Vampire Survivors has to offer, let’s begin!

vampire survivors combinations
Image by Anthony Yates

Bottom Line Up Front

Combinations/Evos mark a significant damage increase and are an easy way to take your game to the next level. If you forget the recipes, you can check the ones you’ve already seen in the Pause menu.

With so many weapons and items, Evos blow the doors off in terms of how creative your builds can be and are a big reason why so many players are hooked on Vampire Survivors.

What Is an Evo?

An Evo occurs when several items combine to create something new. This is usually a weapon enhancement, but sometimes, it dramatically alters how something works and can even free up a slot after the Evo has occurred.

Aongside your base stat upgrades, Evo’s are the best way to forge a powerful build. If you can secure a couple of great Evos, you’re in a solid position to win the entire run.

vampire survivors evo
Image by Anthony Yates

How Do I Combine Items?

When you have the necessary items for an Evo, you need to invest in them when you level up until they reach their max rank. Once you’ve done this, the Evo can appear in Treasure Chests.

vamp survivors combining items
Image by Anthony Yates

Where Can I View Evo Recipes?

You can view all of the Evo’s you’ve seen so far in the Grimoire. This is accessible through the pause menu. The list will grow through time as you obtain more items, and many components will be hidden by a question mark until you’ve stumbled across the Evo naturally.

The Combination Compendium


In this section, I’ve covered every Evo in the game, explaining what they do and how powerful they are. I’ve graded each Evo with a rating out of 10, but your mileage may vary if you’ve already got other powerful items in play. If you’re after the DLC Evos, they are toward the bottom of this section.

Holy Wand

vamp survivors combination compendium
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Magic Wand + Empty Tome
  • Rating 8/10

The Holy Wand unleashes a never-ending stream of projectiles. This Evo performs much like the Magic wand but without the cooldown between bursts, and it’s incredible versus single targets.

Your biggest threat in Vampire Survivors is getting swarmed by hordes of enemies, but single-target damage is excellent against bosses, which you always need to consider.

Unholy Vespers

vamp survivors unholy vespers

  • King Bible + Spellbinder
  • Rating 6/10

The Unholy Vespers summon a ring of symbols that quickly rotate around the player, much like the King Bible. The big difference between them is the Unholy Vespers never disappear and serve as a barrier of death to any enemies that come close. The Vespers hit hard and double as a decent defensive tool as enemies hit by them are knocked back.

This Evo loses a few points as big enemies can still penetrate the Vespers and can lead to awkward situations with the knockback making their movements unpredictable.

La Borra

  • Santa Water + Attractorb
  • Rating 8/10

Santa Water is a powerful AoE attack that covers the floor in random pools that disappear after a short while. La Borra makes these pools permanent, and they slowly follow the player dealing incredible damage to any enemies that wander through them. If you patrol an area, it’s possible to have multiple pools stacked on top of each other, which amplifies the damage.

If you combine La Borra with other close-range weapons like Garlic, and you have something that can burst down powerful enemies like the Holy Wand, you can leave your PC, make a cup of tea and leave the game to play itself! La Borra is incredible and requires minimal effort to get a ton of value out of it.


  • Runetracer + Armor
  • Rating 10/10

This Evo is phenomenal thanks to its hefty damage and how good each ingredient is before they are combined. Runetracer is a powerful weapon that slices through enemies, and Armor is an excellent survivability item.

NO FUTURE upgrades the Runetracer with bouncing lasers that explode. These explosions kick out serious damage and hit a massive area to boot.

Death Spiral

vamp survivors no future
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Axe + Candelabrador
  • Rating 7/10

I have a love/hate relationship with Death Spiral. On the one hand, it does exceptional damage and hits enemies all over the screen. On the other, it loses the directional damage of the Axe that makes it.

Death Spiral morphs the Axe attack into a flurry of scythes that spiral out of the player. These scythes hit hard but could be better for single targets.

Thousand Edge

vamp survivors thousand edge

  • Knife + Bracer
  • Rating 7/10

Thousand Edge is similar to the Holy Wand in that it turns a weapon that fires in bursts into a constant stream. The stream is excellent against single targets, and its damage can be increased with the Slash XIV Arcana.

Thousand Edge is a great Evo but loses out to the Holy Wand because it doesn’t target.


  • Firewand + Spinach
  • Rating 6/10

Hellfire is fine, but it would only score a 5/10 if Spinach wasn’t one of the ingredients. Spinach is powerful in any build, giving a respectable global damage increase.

Hellfire morphs the Fire wands projectiles into giant meteors that pierce enemies and do a fantastic amount of damage. Beware, you cannot control where the meteors go, which can work against you.

Soul Eater

  • Garlic + Pummarola
  • Rating 6/10

Soul Eater is most useful as a debuffing weapon instead of a damage dealer as it increases knockback and weakness to freezing. This Evo also has the rare ability to generate health in the form of hearts. Soul Eater can’t carry a run by itself but is versatile and works alongside every other weapon in the game.

Thunder Loop

vamp survivors thunder loop
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Lightning Ring + Duplicator
  • Rating 9/10

Thunder Loop is widely regarded as one of the best combinations in the game. Even before you get the Evo, the Lightning Ring and Duplicator are fantastic.

When Combined, Thunder Loop rains lightning strikes all over the screen, which can be amplified to ridiculous levels with the Candelabrador.

I docked points from Hellfire for lacking a way to aim it, but Thunder Loop hits so much of the screen so rapidly that it’s not a disadvantage.

Bloody Tear

  • Whip + Hollow Heart
  • Rating 4/10

Bloody Tear is fine, but it’s got stiff competition from many other combinations. Bloody Tear increases the Whip’s range and damage but, most importantly, grants life steal. Life steal ‘feels’ good, but many other Evos work so well you’ll rarely get hit.

There’s also an odd damage calculation with the Bloody Tear that lowers the weapon’s critical chance versus the standard Whip. Bloody Tear’s saving grace is it’s an ingredient for a much better Evo, which I’ll cover next.


vamp survivors fuwalafuwaloo

  • Vento Sacro + Bloody Tear
  • Rating 10/10

This Evo feels like an apology to Whip enjoyers as, without being rude, Whips suck in Vampire Survivors. Fuwalafuwaloo has hefty requirements, as Bloody Tear is an Evo on its own, but if you combine that and the Vento Sacro Whip, you’re almost guaranteed a win.

This Evo morphs the whips into an attack that spirals around the player, grants lifesteal, and adds explosions to critical hits. Oh, that’s ANY critical hit regardless of what weapon it comes from, and if that wasn’t enough, this unity frees up a weapon slot as well.

Heaven Sword

  • Cross + Clover
  • Rating 6/10

Heaven Sword deals decent damage but feels weak compared to many other Evos. Heaven Sword flings a sword at the closest enemy, which starts to spin before whipping across the screen. The blade pierces and often lands critical hits. The only issue is that’s all it does. It lacks burst damage for bosses and only impacts a small area.


vamp survivors vandalier

  • Peachone + Ebony Wings
  • Rating 9/10

Vandalier is the unity between both bird weapons. Peachone and Ebony Wings work well together even before combining as they hurl projectiles in a circle around the player. Vandalier does the same, but with a massive damage boost when fully upgraded.

The best thing about this Evo is it removes one of the birds from your inventory, granting you a free slot for something else.


  • Phiera Der Tuphello + Eight The Sparrow + Tiragisu
  • Rating 10/10

Phieraggi is the first combination on the list to feature three ingredients, and as you may expect, it’s incredible.

Phieraggi is the unity between both pistols and Tiragisu. The guns are fun, but it’s hard to get value from the awkward projectile pattern. When combined with Tiragisu, the pistols become a giant ring of lasers that rotate around the player.

Grabbing the Empty Tome reduces Phieraggi’s cooldown so much that the lasers never disappear and become a spinning ring of death that can clear the entire screen. Much like Vandalier, this unity frees up a weapon slot for whatever you need to survive the rest of the run.

Gorgeous Moon

vamp survivors gorgeous moon

  • Pentagram + Crown
  • Rating 4/10

I don’t rate Gorgeous Moon, nor do I like spending inventory slots on the Pentagram and Crown to make it happen. The Pentagram periodically clears the screen but doesn’t leave the gems from defeated enemies until it’s leveled up.

I hate leaving gems up for grabs and seeing a screen of them vanish really stings. Gorgeous Moon makes up for this as it creates special gems which grant EXP, but with a long cooldown between attacks, I don’t recommend this one.

Vicious Hunger

Vicious Hunger could be worth a couple more points if you’re on the gold grind, but if you’re not, better Evos are available. Vicious Hunger unleashes floating cat eyes across the screen that do decent damage when they hit enemies.

When killed, enemies sometimes become gold instead of gems, and this is where Vicious Hunger’s middling rating comes from. Gold is lovely, but when it comes at the cost of EXP, that’s a hard sell.


vampire survivors mannajja

  • Song of Mana + Skull O’Maniac
  • Rating 6/10

Mannajja is interesting because getting it is a real pain. The issue is you need Skull O’Maniac, which makes enemies faster and stronger. Song of Mana is excellent for dealing with enemies above and below you.

Mannajja boosts that effect and gives the attack some range to either side. You’ll want to pair Mannajja with a weapon that covers your sides, but it’s a decent Evo and works well with some cooldown reduction.

Valkyrie Turner

  • Shadow Pinion + Wings
  • Rating 7/10

I may underrate Valkyrie Turner, as I’m not a big fan of how the weapon works. If you’re OK with that, the Evo could easily be a 9/10. Shadow Pinion attacks the area in front of the player whenever they stop, and that’s the problem.

To get value from the weapon, you must constantly let go of the movement stick. If you don’t mind that, Valkyrie Turner morphs the attack into a powerful laser, and flames appear behind the player to protect your blindside.


  • Bracelet + Bi-Bracelet
  • Rating 7/10

Tri-Bracelet has a unique recipe in that you only need one item. Once you’ve fully ranked up the Bracelet, it becomes the Bi-Bracelet. Do the same with the Bi-Bracelet, and the Tri-Bracelet is yours.

Tri-Bracelet throws projectiles at random enemies and does a deceptive amount of damage. Thanks to the low investment, Tri-Bracelet is a combination you should try if you have a free weapon slot.

Crimson Shroud *Massive Spoiler Warning!*

vamp survivors crimson shroud
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Laurel + Metaglio Left + Metaglio Right
  • Rating 10/10

Crimson Shroud is so powerful that it can defeat Death itself! The unity between Laurel and both sides of Metaglio grants a shroud that caps incoming damage. On top of that, the cape deals revenge or retaliatory damage, and against Death, that’s a big deal.

I recommend avoiding the Metaglio items unless you’re trying to beat Death, as Metaglio Right increases the strength and speed of enemies. This end-game combination is how players break the 30min cap on runs.

Infinite Corridor *Massive Spoiler Warning!*

  • Clock Lancet + Silver Ring + Gold Ring
  • Rating 10/10

You won’t see the Rings until much later, but they combine with the Clock Lancet to create one of the most broken weapons in the game.

The Infinite Corridor fires a freezing beam that targets areas matching the numbers on a clock face. When the beam hits the peak of its rotation, the screen explodes in a rainbow flash, halving every enemy’s health.

The Infinite Corridor is a sight to behold. It makes short work of Death, although you will still need the Crimson Shroud to survive its onslaught.

Sole Solution *Massive Spoiler Warning!*

vamp survivors sole solution

  • Victory Sword + Torrona’s Box
  • Rating 10/10

Considering the lofty requirements, most players will never see this combination. The Victory Sword can only be unlocked once you have the final secret character, Queen Sigma. Sole Solution makes the world periodically merge with a galaxy, and you become invincible whenever this happens. Needless to say, Sole Solution is insane, and if you’ve made it this far, you’ve earned it.

DLC Exclusive Evos

The Legacy of the Moonspell DLC adds new items and characters to the game and a few extra Evos. Each of these uses an item already featured in the Evos above, so you can double dip. For example, Garlic + Pummarola makes the Soul Eater, and adding the new Silver Wind also gets you Festive Winds!

vamp survivors dlc evos
Image by Anthony Yates

Festive Winds

  • Silver Wind + Pummarola
  • Rating 9/10

Silver Wind releases petals that loosely follow the player. They don’t look like much, but they quickly take down foes, even deep into a run. Festive Winds add a weakening effect to Silver Wind, turning the petals from white to green.

We don’t have exact numbers for the weakening effect, but it transforms Silver Wind into a boss shredder. Combined with an AoE Evo like La Borra, it can take down the most formidable enemies in seconds.

Godai Shuffle

vamp survivors godai shuffle

  • Four Seasons + Spinach + Candelabrador
  • Rating 9/10

Godai Shuffle is a great, high-damage Evo made better by how good its ingredients are before they combine. Four Seasons is a decent explosive weapon; Spinach and Candelabrador are high-value items for many builds, so picking them up is never a hassle.

With all three combined, Godai Shuffle summons a ring of orbs to circle the player and increases the number of explosions from Four Seasons. This combination comes with a massive damage boost and area of effect increase.

Echo Night

  • Summon Night + Duplicator
  • Rating 8/10

Summon Night is an underwhelming weapon, but combined with the Duplicator, it’s part of a fantastic Evo. Echo Night summons long, fang-shaped projectiles that linger for a short while. These projectiles appear across the screen’s top and bottom and hit many enemies thanks to their unique shape. Echo Night is good against swarms, and it’s not too hard to run bosses into the projectiles, either.


  • Mirage Robe + Attractorb
  • Rating 2/10

It pains me to say this, but this Evo stinks and is arguably worse than the Mirage Robe that comes before it. Mirage Robe is an interesting weapon as it spawns stationary clones behind you that hurt enemies that run into them.

J’Odore brings these clones to life, and they do immense damage… If they hit anything. If you keep a close eye on the clones, you’ll be shocked at how often they wander into empty space while your other weapons do all the heavy lifting. I’m still looking for a situation where this combination is useful, and I actively avoid the Evo.


  • Night Sword + Stone Mask
  • Rating 4/10

Muramasa could be more impressive, considering how late the average player will get it. The Muramasa slashes at nearby enemies and has a chance to turn them into hearts that act like mini health pickups. The slashes do respectable damage and hit a decent amount of enemies, so what’s the issue?

The Muramasa slowly drains your health, and I’m not a fan of that mechanic. I may reconsider if the reward was a devastating weapon, but other top-tier combinations like NO FUTURE or Thunder Loop are better with no downsides.

Boo Roo Boole

  • Mille Bolle Blu + Spellbinder
  • Rating 7/10

There’s something poetic about killing vicious monsters with bubbles. Boo Roo Boole fires bubbles toward nearby enemies, which then stay on the ground dealing constant damage to anything that walks over their AoE.

This is a massive upgrade over the standard Mille Bolle Blue. For lingering AoE damage, I still prefer La Borra, but this is a solid Evo, and the Spellbinder gives easy access to Unholy Vespers too.

vamp survivors faq
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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Evo should I go for first as a new player?

Answer: NO FUTURE is one of the best Evos in the game and one you can try early on. You’ll quickly unlock Pasqualina Belpaese as a playable character, and she’s great because she starts with the Runetracer weapon. All you need to make the combination work is Armor which will make you tankier to boot.

Question: How many Evos can you have at one time?

Answer: As many as you can fit into your inventory bar! If you collect items on the map when your inventory is full, they get added on top. With this in mind, it’s possible to get at 10 Evos or more in a run.

Question: Do I need Evos to beat the game?

Answer: No, you don’t. However, Evos will make your life much easier as they grant a significant power boost.

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