Lies of P Eldest Of The Rabbit Brotherhood Boss Guide

The Lies of P Eldest of The Black Rabbit Brotherhood fight is needlessly cruel. While battling the machete-wielding Eldest is brutal enough, fighting all four at once was enough to make my cogwheels squeak.

Even if we’re used to being outnumbered in other soulslikes like in the classic Ornstein and Smough fight from Dark Souls, fighting against four unrelenting opponents is a challenging feat.

Still, if we want to enjoy Golden Apple Tree for infinite Wishstones and return to smashing puppets, it’s time to put some rabbits in an early grave!

In this Lies of P Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss Guide, I’ll review how to defeat the most challenging boss in the game so we can return to the city and defeat the King of Puppets.

As a bonus, I’ll detail the game-changing rewards we get for defeating this boss and how we can leverage them for later boss battles and becoming a real boy! Here is Indie Game Culture’sLies of P Eldest Of The Rabbit Brotherhood Boss Guide!


Here’s how to get to The Black Rabbit Brotherhood and beat their big brother in a nutshell:

  • Employ Red Fox and Black Cat as an escort to get through the preliminary area of Malum District
  • Leverage flame-based weapons to reach the Red Lobster Inn crossroads that leads back to a stargazer.
  • After resting at the stargazer, leverage greatswords, a specter’s assistance, and fire abrasive in the battle ahead and focus on the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood to quickly end the fight.

Quick Facts

  • Quest Locations: Hobbler’s Bridge, Malum District
  • Quest Giver: Geppetto
  • Requirements: Defeated Fallen Archbishop
  • Length of Quest: 1 Hour
  • Difficulty: Very Hard

The Horrific Hooded Hooligans

Lies of P Eldest Of The Rabbit Brotherhood Boss
Image by JT Hussey

A mad gaggle of scoundrels that have conquered Malum District, the Black Rabbit Brotherhood is an elite set of Stalkers at odds with the ruling faction of Krat. Boasting a collection of distinctive rabbit masks and a bucket head with a crude drawing of a bunny, the Black Rabbit Brotherhood delights in destroying puppets and protecting their turf.

Upon entering their domain, the Black Rabbit Brotherhood prioritizes our destruction by picking on us as we tread through the infected district and sending their eldest member to demolish us.

How to Reach Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

How to Reach Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Lies of P
Image by JT Hussey

After descending through the ruined wooden outskirts of Malum district and heading across Hobbler’s bridge and down a building, we’ll arrive at the territory of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. Despite the many threats we receive, we encounter Red Fox and Black Cat, who offer to help escort us through the city. 

I recommend taking them up on their offer, as while they’re using us, we can use them as bodyguards to get through nearly half of the city ruins. Afterward, we can follow a relatively straightforward path, jump from the rooftops, and find ourselves at the entrance to Red Lobster Inn with a street below that leads to the boss room.

I recommend rushing through the Red Lobster Inn past the large Dead Space-esk necromorph to open up a shortcut that takes us back to a stargazer. From there, we can go back through the Red Lobster Inn to find the boss room at the bottom of the road.

Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Preparation

Before battling this formidable foe, I recommend ensuring we have an arsenal ready, complete with a strengthened greatsword, various consumables, and a summoned specter.

Best Build: Motivity

Weapon: Holy Sword of the Ark

Like most soulslikes, I advise leveraging strength weapons, or in this case, motivity, for their severe damage, range, and stagger ability.

While reacting to the Eldest’s quick attacks can be challenging before we land the hit, we can leverage the specter to draw the Eldest’s attention and attack from behind. 

I also recommend the Holy Sword of the Ark we can get from Alidoro for its massive damage and devastating Fable art, then altering its handle with a motivity crank to add even more damage.

We can obtain the weapon by trading Alidoro King’s Flame Ergo from defeating King’s Flame, Fuoco.

Best Amulets

Carrier’s Amulet – Increases Weight Limit; the Carrier’s Amulet is a must for wielding greatswords without sufficient points in Capacity. I highly recommend the Carrier’s Amulet to avoid a heavy equip-load and prevent fat rolling. We can obtain the Carrier’s Amulet by defeating the mechanical fire enemy in the mines of Moonlight Town.

Patience Amulet – Enables rapid Stamina recovery; the Patience Amulet is an adequate accessory if we have a large Stamina bar. Unfortunately, this amulet has a heavyweight, making it a challenging piece of equipment to carry, so keep that in mind for our equip-load. We can acquire the Patience Amulet by besting the giant mutated foe in Malum’s courtyard.

Best Legion Arm: Flamberge

While I generally don’t advise leveraging Legion Arms for this fight, as we have far less time to get an attack in and four foes to force status ailments on, we can leverage Flamberge to set the Eldest on fire for some continuous damage and make him easier to stagger.

Otherwise, if we’re having trouble with the rabbit that enters partway through, we can equip Puppet’s String to interrupt their airborne attacks and quickly knock them out of the picture.

Fight: Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood is a brutal fight. While it starts challenging enough fighting off the Eldest with their giant machete, three more bosses join in by the fight’s end, turning this into a brutal four-on-one battle.

Though summoning a specter helps even the odds, I’ll review their attacks below to give ourselves an edge in the combat.

Downward Doom

Lies of P Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Downward Doom
Image by JT Hussey

The Eldest hops in the air, performing four downward slashes we can perfectly guard if we press the guard button just as the Eldest slams down. While we can easily guard against the first three, the last one is a fury attack with a slight delay, so ensure we wait a quarter second before hitting the guard button. 

Sinister Spin

Lies of P Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Sinister Spin
Image by JT Hussey

The Eldest covers any ground between us with five spins of his machete. Like Downward Doom, the Sinister Spin’s rhythm is easy to anticipate; however, the last spin is another fury attack with a slight delay. Though I still struggled with that final attack, we can leave the Eldest open to stagger if we time the Perfect Guard right, waiting about another half second before triggering the Guard.

Assortment of Slashes

Lies of P how to beat Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood
Image by JT Hussey

Not exactly an attack pattern; we can generally expect the Eldest to wildly flail their machete if we stand in front of them. While there’s little room to safely exploit these attacks, allowing the specter to draw their attention, allowing us a few hits at the Eldest’s behind.

Overhead Slash

lies of p Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Overhead Slash
I’m fairly proud of this perfect guard. / Image by JT Hussey

Following the last attack at the end of a series of blows, the Eldest closes the distance with a lunging attack, punishing attempts to heal with a pulse charge or use throwables from afar. I advise observing the Eldest’s patterns and preparing to trigger Guard when they begin their downward swing.

Even if it looks like the Eldest is a safe distance away, Overhead Slash allows them to cross a vast space and reach us from far away, so don’t rely on distance to avoid their blows.

Rabbit Joins the Fight

lies of p Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Rabbit Joins the Fight
Image by JT Hussey

About a quarter of the way into the fight, another rabbit joins, forcing us to deal with two fighters simultaneously. While her swift attacks deal minimal damage, she can occasionally kick us into the fair, preventing us from finishing a riposte to the Eldest or interrupting precious fable attacks.

Though we can take her out to focus on the Eldest, our specter’s draining health can ruin our attempts to confuse the Eldest’s attention if they die and leave us handicapped for the rest of the fight.

Luckily, if we want to take out the bunny quickly, we can leverage our legion arm’s puppet string to grab her midair, cancel a kicking attack, and backstab her if we position ourselves right. Even so, I still recommend focusing our attention on the Eldest to end the fight as soon as possible before our specter dies.

Four Foes Frenzy

Lies of P Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Four Foes Frenzy
Image by JT Hussey

By the battle’s end, we’ll be fighting all four foes at once, making us fear attacks from all around and franticly try to deal damage. Though this is a brutal stage of the fight, we can skip the worst of it if we manage to riposte towards the end and bring the battle to an immediate halt.

I recommend tossing throwables to trigger an elemental reaction, like thermite, and unleashing our remaining fable attacks to make the Eldest easier to stagger and create that window for a charged attack so we can riposte.

If we manage these steps correctly, we can circumvent fighting all four and defeat one of the most challenging bosses throughout Lies of P.

Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Victory

Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Victory
Image by JT Hussey

The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brother collapses upon our victory, and his cohort gathers around him as a smoke bomb protects their escape. With a menacing look promising vengeance, one of the members grabs the Eldest’s weapon and disappears into the mist.

Lift To Apple Tree lies of p
Image by JT Hussey

From here, we can continue into the ruined town hall, exploring their treasure-filled hideout and taking the lift upwards to find the Golden Apple Tree. Upon harvesting the tree for the first time, we can interact with Giango and enjoy access to a limitless supply of Wishstones.

Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Rewards

Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Rewards
Image by JT Hussey

Unlike other bosses, the Black Rabbit Brotherhood has an entire treasure room ranging from lore, Quartz, a Dorian Gray Portrait, and the Golden Apple Tree. While some are standard rewards that compensate for the lack of a boss weapon or amulet, they’re still welcome finds that impact the rest of our Puppet’s journey.

Eldest Of The Black Brotherhood Rewards

  • 10,000 Ergo – The most common currency in Krat, Ergo is used to level up our character, purchase items, and upgrade weapons. However, if we perish twice without reaching our bloodstain, we lose all our ergo for good. I recommend returning to Sophia every time our Ergo turns blue, indicating we have enough to level up.
  • 1 Quartz – The rarest, most valuable level-up items in the game, we can use quartz to acquire P-Organs from Geppetto, which grants us permanent buffs for the rest of the game. I highly recommend exploring every nook and cranny of Krat for these invaluable items so we can stagger enemies when from perfect guards and obtain more pulse charges (healing items).
  • Golden Apple Tree – A new mechanic introduced following our victory, Golden Apple Tree grows Golden Apples about every 10 minutes, which we can spend with Giango to acquire new Wishstones. I recommend spending Golden Apples on the friendship Wishstone that heals our specter companion in boss battles so they can continue to draw later bosses’ attention and keep us safe. We can spend up the production of Golden apples with purchasable alchemy boosters and spend quartz to double their production.
  • Resplendent Ergo Chunk – Approximately 3000 Ergo, a Resplendent Ergo Chunk stays in our inventory following our Death, enabling us to horde Ergo without worrying about Death. I recommend spending Ergo Chunks if we’re a few Ergo short of leveling up or want to purchase an item from the shop.
  • Taunt – A mocking taunt that demoralizes enemies; Taunt is a wacky gesture that looks hilarious when used against other characters and enemies.
  • Black Rabbit Brotherhood Ledger – The Black Rabbit Brotherhood’s official journal details the organization’s aims to undermine the alchemists and more of their tomfoolery. We can find little notes scrawled to each member on each page.
  • This month’s trend: Stalker Masks – A better explanation for the characters we encounter wearing silly masks; this issue explains the trend as characters both signifying their rank as stalkers and being used to protect against the spread of petrification disease.
  • Portrait of a Boy – A portrait of our character, this painting is a not-so-subtle reference to Pinocchio and The Picture of Dorian Gray. Regarding Pinocchio, the image grows a ridiculous wooden nose each time we lie and gets even longer the more untruthful we are. Also, D. Gray (likely Dorian Gray) made this painting, which I thought was a bit on the nose (pun intended). You can later interact with this painting once you become a real boy.


Question: How Do I Defeat the Eldest of the Black Brotherhood?

Answer: Summoning a specter, leveraging status effects, and investing in a powerful Motivity weapon can significantly assist in staggering and eliminating the Eldest of the Black Brotherhood. While the fight eventually makes you fight four opponents at once, we can quickly end the battle if we focus our attacks on the Eldest and perform critical attacks to devour chunks of the monstrous’ rabbits’ health.

Question: How Do I Reach the Black Rabbit Brotherhood?

Answer: Located at the end of the Malum district, we can find and battle the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in front of their hideout after traversing through the ruined city. While we can’t join the Brotherhood, we can deliver a unique item to Vengnini’s robot that tricks the Wandering Merchant in the Red Lobster Inn into selling throwables and abrasives.

Question: What is the Reward for Defeating the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood?

Answer: Besides opening the entrance into Rosa Isabella Street, defeating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood grants us access to the Golden Apple Tree for more powerful Wishstones, a painting for tracking our lies, and 10,000 ergo to spend on upgrading our character. While we don’t get a rare ergo to give to Alidoro for a legendary weapon or amulet, the enhanced collection of Wishstones from Giangio gives us remarkable control over our specter in boss battles.


Defeat the Eldest of the Black Brotherhood lies of p
Image by JT Hussey

Well done, Puppet! You’ve slain perhaps the most challenging boss in Lies of P and taken another step towards becoming a real boy!

While I don’t consider a four-on-one fight fair in the slightest, the catharsis of demolishing those arrogant ne’er-do-wells was a fantastic feeling that only grew once I became aware of the rewards that awaited me. Regardless, from here, we can return to the city and finally take on the King of Puppets and presumably save Krat!

While our time with these Eldritch horrors and arrogant twerps may be over, we can expect their violent return very soon.

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