Coral Island Artifacts Guide – Embrace Your Inner Indiana Jones

Culture and heritage are two of the most important aspects of restoring Starlet Town on Coral Island. Finding artifacts and filling up the museum are two of the best ways to earn points and quickly increase the town’s rank.

I’ve spent hours donning my Indiana Jones hat and tracking the artifacts scattered across the island. To save you time on your own search, here’s everything you need to know about artifacts in Coral Island.

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Bottom Line Up Front – You’ll Need to Dig or Do Some Shady Shopping to Find All the Artifacts

Artifacts spawn in coffers, which you can find performing certain activities in Coral Island. Going after particular coffers can help you increase your chances of finding the artifact you need.

Consider the table below to find which artifact spawns in which coffer and where you can buy some.

Artifact Drop LocationArtifacts
CofferAncient Battery, Beaded Necklace, Blue Mask, Bronze Hammer, Chipped Helmet, Gardonite Ring, Golden Bell, Golden Keris, Green Mask, Hammerstone, Harpoon, Jade Locket, Leather Parchment, Metal Boot, Prehistoric Bowl, Red Mask, Rusty Spear, Shadow Puppet, Stone Handaxe, Terrarium Pendant, Unfinished Clay Statue
Ornate CofferAncient Compass, Ancient Map, Carved Ring Holder, Chipped Pottery Jug, Clay Vessel, Gold Earring, Masquerade Mask, Optical Glass Prism, Royal Bowl, Ruby Hairpin, Silver Sandal, Snow Globe, Terracotta Soldier
Shimmering CofferBeach Snow Globe, Broken Sundial, Flying Dragon Teapot, Gemstone Beads, Gemstone Candlestick, Gemstone Hourglass, Jade Hair Stick, Magic Lamp, Pearl Brooch, Pearl Chain, Salt Lamp, Ship’s Wheel, Small Figurine
Mysterious CofferAncient compass, Ancient map, Ancient rainbow armband, Batik shawl, Beach snow globe, Broken blade, Broken sundial, Bronze statue, C.I. Jo, Carved ring holder, Cassette player, Ceramic vase, Chipped pottery jug, Clay vessel, Crystal ball, Dragon’s tears, Dragon’s trisula, Dumbphone, Flying dragon teapot, Gemstone beads, Gemstone bonsai, Gemstone candlestick, Gemstone hourglass, Glass bowl, Glass star, Gold earring, Gold fish, Jade hair stick, Jasmine crown, Magic lamp, Masquerade mask, Moonlight earrings, Optical glass prism, Oversized spoon, Pearl brooch, Pearl chain, Royal bowl, Ruby hairpin, Rusty anchor, Salt lamp, Shell anklet, Ship’s wheel, Silver fork, Silver sandal, Silver spoon, Sky disk, Small figurine, Snow globe, Stingray jewel plate, Stone portrait, Terracotta soldier, Town model, Underwater tablet, Vinyl record, Water bottle, Wooden hand fan.
Marble CofferAncient rainbow armband, Broken blade, Ceramic vase, Crystal ball, Dragon’s tears, Dragon’s trisula, Gemstone bonsai, Gold fish, Jasmine crown, Shell anklet, Sky disk, Stingray jewel plate, Stone portrait, Wood carving
Pirate CofferBatik shawl, Bronze statue, Glass bowl, Glass star, Moonlight earrings, Oversized spoon, Rusty anchor, Silver fork, Silver spoon, Town model, Underwater tablet, Wooden hand fan
Black MarketAll but the Crystal Ball

Where to Find Artifacts in Coral Island – 3 Methods and a Secret 4th Way

Because of how versatile artifacts are in Coral Island, finding them should become part of your daily tasks. When I’m running to and from different buildings to complete my quests, I always look for diggable areas.

Discovering artifacts is a lot like searching for treasure, and it can feel rewarding when you find one. To start your treasure-hunting adventure, look at the four ways you can find artifacts in Coral Island.

1. Clearing Trash – Find Literal Buried Treasure

clearing trash Coral Island Artifacts
Clearing trash in search of coffers. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. That’s certainly the case when you’re clearing trash and suddenly discover a coffer. Because artifacts have a chance of dropping in coffers, you will want to focus on activities that make coffers appear.

Clearing trash is one of the best ways to do just that.

There’s tons of trash both on the island and in the ocean. Take your sickle and start cleaving your way through it. Most of the time, you’ll get trash, but there’s always a chance that a coffer will drop instead.

Depending on where you’re clearing trash, the quality of the coffer might change. Basic coffers are typically found on your farm or in the first diving area. As you advance deeper in the ocean, for example, there’s a higher chance that rarer coffers will drop.

So, the next time you see some trash, take the time to clear it. There may be a chance that a coffer will spawn with an artifact in it.

2. Tilling Soil – Hit All the Weeds

tilling Coral Island Artifacts
Hitting a weed in search of a coffer. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Coral Island has awakened a compulsion in me. Whenever I’m running about the island, I have to hit it with my hoe if I see a weed. That’s because these special interactable tiles can sometimes spawn a coffer.

For those who have played Stardew Valley, the weed tile is not unlike the little squiggles you hit with a hoe to find artifacts.

In Coral Island, it’s a weed that looks out of place. Hit it with your hoe, and you have a chance of having a coffer drop. You’ll usually get something less exciting, like trash or compost. But because you never know for sure, it’s always worth digging them up just in case.

3. Fishing – You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

fishing Coral Island Artifacts
Fishing for coffers. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Fishing can be a rewarding experience in Coral Island. Fish tend to sell well, and you can always give them as gifts to the townies who enjoy them. It’s also a way to find coffers. You never quite know if what you’re pulling up is a coffer or a fish. It makes the activity all the more exciting.

The downside is that only basic coffers drop with fishing. You won’t find any ornate or mysterious coffers this way. But because the basic coffer still has a good amount of artifacts, fishing alone can be a great way to gather those particular artifacts.

It’s also worth mentioning that the type of fishing pole you use won’t increase the chances of having a coffer spawn. Each pole has a 0.05% chance of making a coffer appear. Those aren’t great odds, but your efforts aren’t wasted since you’ll still be getting fish in the process.

So, grab your favorite pole and start fishing.

4. The Black Market – Make Some Shady Deals

Coral Island Artifacts black market
Doing some shady buying at the Black Market. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

The Black Market is a unique shop accessible only on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. The owner of the shop is Ratih, a somewhat eccentric individual. While she runs a regular fishing shop during the day, she runs a Black Market instead if you visit her after 20:00 hours in the game on those specific days.

The Black Market sells several rare resources and ingredients. She also sells artifacts. Any artifact can show up in her shop. The one exception is the crystal ball. Everything else, however, will show up in her shop at some point.

Now, you can expect to pay higher prices because of its shady nature. If you don’t have a money-making farm just yet, then the Black Market may be too expensive. I like to use the shop when I need a particular artifact that I have yet to find through traditional means.

Make a habit of visiting her occasionally to see if she has the artifact you need in stock.

Now, About That Black Market

Coral Island Artifacts black market ship
The Black Market ship and slightly-loony owner. Image Credit: Will Butterworth
  • Location: Lookout Area
  • Days Open: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Service Hours: 20:00 – 22:00
  • Owner: Ratih

Even the quiet Starlet Town has its own black market. Run by Ratih, an eccentric woman at the best of times, you have to make sure you’re there at the right time and right day. If you’re there on the wrong days or times, then all she’ll have for sale is fish.

Head down to the Lookout area on either Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday between the hours of 20:00 and 22:00. During that short window of time, you’ll be able to see the unique and rare items she has for sale. You’ll know you’ve found the Black Market when you see Ratih dressed in a strange (but fun!) costume and standing in front of a ship with a giant fish head on it. It’s memorable, I promise.

Of those items in her shop, you can sometimes find artifacts. Any artifact can spawn in her shop except for the crystal ball. You’ll have to open up some coffers if you need that specific artifact.

I like to visit Ratih regularly to stock up on artifacts that I’m missing. Since some quests ask for a specific artifact, I like to have at least one copy of every artifact available on hand. She’s a reliable way of getting specific artifacts rather than relying on the coffers that randomly spawn one.

Make sure to add visiting the Black Market to your daily to-do list, so you don’t miss out on rare opportunities to buy lucrative artifacts.

Why You Should Spend Time Searching for Artifacts

museum Coral Island Artifacts
Filling the museum with artifacts. Image Credit: Will Butterworth

Artifacts aren’t specifically part of the main story but are essential in helping the town restore itself as a destination vacation spot. Because of their unique uses, it’s also worth taking some time to collect coffers.

Here are a few reasons to pursue artifact hunting in Coral Island.

1. Increase Town Rank to Attract Visitors to the Island

Starlet Town is dying. Since the oil spill, it’s been attracting fewer and fewer visitors. A way to earn those visitors back is to spruce up the place. The museum, which starts empty, is a vital part of returning the town to its former prominence.

Artifacts earn the town three points each you donate one to the museum. The town’s rank should be high when you have discovered them all. At the very least, Scott should have enough influence to encourage crowd funders to expand the museum.

Artifacts are a way to progress the plot slowly over time.

2. Keep Your Friends and Romance Happy with Gifts

Gifts are a vital part of the romancing process in Coral Island. If you want people to like you, romantically and platonically, then giving them gifts is critical. Each individual has gifts they like, don’t like, love, and hate.

Artifacts are neutral gifts. This means you can give them to a person, and they won’t necessarily love or hate it. It helps you gain some affinity, or maintain affinity, with a friend or lover.

I find them helpful as birthday gifts. If I want to become friends with someone, but I have yet to discover what they love or can’t get what they love, I’ll give them a spare artifact. I still get an affinity boost from them because I gave them something for their birthday, and I know they’ll enjoy the gift because it’s neutral.

Whether it’s the Unfinished Clay Statue artifact or the Flying Dragon Teapot artifact, all make great gifts.

3. Make Money Selling Artifacts

Some artifacts are lucrative. One of the best artifacts to sell is the ceramic vase. It sells for 646 coins alone. Other artifacts sell for a bit less, but they’re still a great way to earn extra coins.

If I end up with an artifact I’ve donated to the museum already, I’ll typically toss it into the bin for sale. At the very least, it will help me buy a few more seeds or upgrade my tools.

4. Start Enchanting by Using Artifacts

coral island artifact holding
An artifact! Image Credit: Will Butterworth
RarityEnchanting PointsArtifacts
Common20Ship’s wheel



Shadow puppet

Chipped pottery jug

Ancient compass

Wooden hand fan

Gold earring

Masquerade mask

Carved ring holder

Broken blade

Batik shawl

Royal bowl

Beach snow globe

Glass bowl

Glass star

Cassette player


Clay Vessel

Unfinished Clay Statue

Gardonite Ring

Jasmine Crown

Jade Locket

Shell Anklet

Ancient Rainbow Armband

Gemstone Beads

Stingray Jewel Plate

Moonlight Earrings

Gold Fish

Gemstone Candlestick

Broken Sundial

Salt Lamp

Uncommon35Small figurine

Stone hand axe

Underwater tablet

Green mask

Red mask

Blue mask

Prehistoric bowl

Leather parchment

Chipped helmet

Beaded necklace

Dragon’s tears

Dragon’s trisula

Gemstone hourglass

Magic lamp

Silver sandal

C.I. Jo

Water bottle

Vinyl record

Rusty Spear

Metal Boot

Pearl Chain

Gemstone Bonsai

Crystal Ball

Rare50Rusty anchor

Snow globe

Bronze hammer

Sky disk

Terrarium pendant

Town model

Golden Bell

Optical Glass Prism

Wood Carving

Jade Hair Stick

Pearl Brooch

Super Rare70Oversized spoon

Terracotta soldier

Ancient map

Stone portrait

Ancient battery

Bronze statue

Golden keris

Legendary100Silver spoon

Silver fork

Ruby hairpin

Ceramic vase

Flying dragon teapot

Enchanting is a fun way to make your tools even more effective. You can add certain buffs to them through enchantments.

The enchanting process requires you to progress in the game. You need to find the Giants who perform the enchantments for you. Each Giant also requires enough enchanting power to perform the enchantment. That power comes from points.

You can earn points and have them perform enchantments by giving them gems, fossils, and artifacts. The number of points you receive comes down to the rarity of the artifact. The rarer the artifact is, the more points it offers.

You can refer to the table above to see how many enchantment points each artifact will produce.

Enchant your weapons and tools and become an even more effective farmer, miner, and warrior.

Questions and Answers

Question: Are artifacts worth finding in Coral Island?

Answer: Yes, artifacts are worth finding in Coral Island because they can help you restore the town, make money, and enchant your weapons and tools.

Question: What do you do with artifacts in Coral Island?

Answer: You can donate artifacts to the museum, give them as gifts, or sell them to make money. Once you have rescued some of the Giants from the mines, you can use artifacts to enchant your weapons and tools.

Question: How many artifacts are there in Coral Island?

Answer: There are 78 artifacts to collect in Coral Island. More may drop in future updates of the game.

Treasure Hunters Will Find Satisfaction with Artifacts

As someone who enjoys finding collectibles in games, artifacts are a lot of fun. You never know when a coffer will drop, and you also never know if an artifact will appear. The experience offers a brief but exciting moment, like waiting to see if your lottery card wins. Artifacts have many uses, so it never seems like a waste, even if you get the same one. Start your search and restore the museum to its former glory.

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