Cult of the Lamb adding Guns, Christmas, and Risque Content

Cult of the Lamb is one of the most popular indies from last year, and for a long while, we’ve been getting teased about their new Sins of the Flesh update, which is an all-around update adding a ton of new stuff to mess around with throughout every part of the game, and they’ve been teasing new things it’ll contain on their Twitter.

Though we already had a baseline of information about it, namely that it would likely contain romance options and the ability to have children, we didn’t know quite a few particular details, some of them being revealed to be a nudist ritual around a Christmas Tree, Sims-style sexual content, and what everyone always wanted(?), guns.

Everything We Know Cult of the Lamb: Sins of the Flesh

First, there’s no non-blunt way to speak on this, so I’ll say that frankly, the gaming community is obsessed with calling random things in games the “sex update,” so much so that when Sins of the Flesh was announced, it received the same treatment and the Cult of the Lamb community manager jokingly stated they should actually add that if they hit 300k followers.

The post would go viral, and they then had to work out a way to add sexual content to the game with their programmers and artists, all without changing the age rating.

We haven’t seen how that pans out, but the addition all but confirms we’re getting some way to extend our followers’ lifespans through their kin.

Every week since this whole ordeal, they’ve been revealing one feature of Sins of the Flesh on Twitter, the first of these reveals being a nudist ritual around a Christmas tree, despite the fact this update is releasing sometime next year. We don’t quite know what this ritual will do other than being just a bit silly.

Now, just recently, we got another weekly gift, showing off a new weapon type you can find in Cult of the Lamb: guns. This game is basically GTA now, but who’s complaining?

In just this short clip, we see them firing the gun as a ranged weapon against enemies and having to reload it with an ammo meter on top.

We’ve only seen one gun so far, and we don’t quite know how that ammo system works, whether it’ll just give you infinite bullets or if you need to create new ones.

This addition is still a welcome change to the game, though, since more combat variety and a great ranged option will probably help out quite a bit in making the combat feel less dull.

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