1950s Animation-Inspired Shooter MOUSE Shows Off Gameplay

Sometimes, a random game pops up and just blindsides you out of the blue with an incredibly cool-looking style and concept, and that can certainly be said for Fumi Games’ MOUSE, a game coming in 2025 from a brand-new studio that’s only known for another game that hasn’t even released yet, but man does it look incredible.

MOUSE is a shooter that mixes 2D sprites in a 3D space, excellently utilizing this concept to create a 1950s Disney-animated aesthetic where you’re shooting down these cartoony characters and exploring a world that feels like Steamboat Willie coming to life.

It’s wild that this game seems to have just appeared out of nowhere; it looks incredible.

What’s in the MOUSE Trailer?

Despite the far-off 2025 release date, this trailer consists entirely of early gameplay of MOUSE, and it all looks incredibly polished.

It looks to play similar to DOOM, having you move around some enclosed environments, shooting up any enemies running towards you, and occasionally scrounging the place for collectibles and whatever you can get your hands on.

Furthermore, we see a bunch of different weapons, like Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Pistols, Finger Guns, and Dynamite. There are a bunch of different environments to run around, like massive ship docks, prison cells containing inmates you can speak to, towering corporate offices, and a big ocean-side city where you can get the high ground and snipe people.

This looks like a great modern retro throwback, not only to the incredible rubber hose style of animation that I’ve only seen done this well in a game in Cuphead before but also to classic shooters that weren’t hyper-focused on movement and competitive multiplayer like every shooter nowadays is, just raw mayhem and a bit of violence.

Image from Fumi Games.

The Steam page doesn’t show off much more information, either, but it does give us a few more screenshots to look at, some including the missions you’ll be going on, which are mostly vague directives to find a certain character in the level, likely because they’re wanted dead or alive, and you’ll probably be going for the former.

There isn’t much else we know about MOUSE just yet, but starting off by revealing the gameplay and letting the incredible visual style speak for itself was an incredibly good move.

We’ll probably learn more about it in the coming year since it’s still pretty far off, but what we’ve seen already shows it’s going to be a great time once it’s finally in our hands.

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