Cult of the Lamb Announces Massive Sins of the Flesh Free Update

Cult of the Lamb Fans can await their Cult’s return with the Sins of the Flesh free update coming early next year.

For those that haven’t gotten their hands on the infamous cutesy dark Roguelike, Cult of the Lamb is a mix of managing a burgeoning cult of cutesy woodland creatures while going on ever-elaborate Roguelike raids.

Between gathering resources on the expedition and players pushing their cults into hilarious depravity, we discuss some of the game’s dark antics in our review, giving it a 7/10 for its fantastic animation but shallow roguelike and management elements.

Though it’s remained much the same since release with a few new updates adding seasonal rituals and decorations, Sins of the Flesh promises to be a significant overhaul for Cult of the Lamb, with a Twitter post revealing a picture of animals holding hands around the fire with slightly lewd innuendo.

Even if it has been relatively light on details for its new additions, GamesRadar details the developers have “been dropping hints for the update over the past year, so checking back over its social media posts would give some insight into the new content update.”

Indeed, going through some previous posts reveals the Lamb chastising one of their followers to “put their clothes on!” and making fun of the antagonist of The One Who Waits, going from mocking the Lamb’s Cult to happily dancing around the fire.

The posts also detail a Cult of the Lamb live-action starring Danny Devito as the lamb, though that’s (probably?!) a joke. All-in-all, these slight hints indicate an overhaul to the game’s romance system with the addition of creating baby followers and engaging in animal husbandry and salacious acts with your woodland creature followers.

Frankly, the short lifespan of followers has always been a nuisance; with highly skilled followers, players have invested resources, gifts, and money, eventually growing old and passing away.

Besides potentially adding a few new bosses and postgame content, this update could allow followers to transfer their parent’s best qualities to their progeny, allowing dedicated cult leaders to eventually breed a more powerful cult than rely on finding followers in the dungeons.

Whatever the case, whether this update will focus on breeding your followers or engaging in fewer interactions to live up to the “sins of flesh” title remains to be seen but will surely offer some laughs for its release early next year.

Is The Cult of The Lamb: Sins of the Flesh Update Free?

Yes, as PCGamesN notes, Sins of the Flesh promises to be an entirely free update for players who already own Cult of the Lamb. For those looking to try out the game, Cult of the Lamb is currently 40% off for Black Friday on Steam, so players can go check out the hilarious dark roguelike at their leisure.

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