Chants Of Sennaar Abbey Guide – Full Walkthrough

2023 has been an amazing year for puzzle games, with some monumental titles representing the genre in the form of COCOON, Viewfinder, and The Talos Principle 2, to name but a few.

I won’t sit here and tell you COCOON isn’t my pick of the bunch, but a close second for me would be Chants of Sennaar, a language-based puzzle game that essentially boils down the fun and frustration of Duolingo and places you in a multicultural and beautiful world in which you can put your linguistic skills to the test. 

But learning languages isn’t all you’ll be doing. You’ll also be exploring vibrant regions of The Tower of Babel, uncovering secrets, and even partaking in the occasional stealth section when the need arises.

So with that in mind, we thought we would help guide you through this mentally taxing title with a series of helpful guides. 

In this guide, we take you through Chants of Sennaar’s first area, The Abbey, allow you to uncover the meaning of the Devotee’s language, and make your way to The Fortress. So, without further delay, here is Indie Game Culture’s Chants of Sennaar Abbey Guide! 

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Before you get started, just in case you’d find them useful, here are all the other Chants of Sennaar Guides that will help you through each portion of the game and get you to the top of The Tower:

Learning The Ropes

The game begins with your player character waking from a weird Sarcophagus. The game doesn’t make a big deal of this, so I guess we just have to deem this as normal behavior and get going.

The initial few rooms simply allow you to get used to the movement controls, which are pretty intuitive, but before long, you will come to your first of many learning opportunities, a lever that will teach you your first Glyphs of the Devotee’s Language. 

This lever can be used to open the door before you, and the glyphs act as instructions to do so. You’ve probably already put two and two together, but this essentially teaches you the words for ‘Open’, ‘Close’, and ‘Door’. be sure to jot these in your Journal, as they will immediately be put to the test in the next room. 

In the next room, you will find a path blocked by a body of water and a series of valves that can be interacted with. Then you’ll also find a set of Glyphs on the wall that read ‘Open, Open, Closed, Open, Closed, Open.’

Using what you know, open the appropriate valves to let water flow, while closing the others, and this will clear a path forward for you. 

This will bring you to an area where more waterways block your path, but thankfully the room has a lever system to clear a way forward, and you’ll encounter a friendly NPC who will work with you to get you out.

This essentially turns into a repeated process of ‘you, then me.’ But the good news is that with these constant instructions from your NPC pal, you’ll now know how to say ‘You’ ‘Me’ and ‘Greetings’. 

You now have a few crumbs of the Devotee’s language, but you’ll need a lot more to make sense of what’s going on when you reach The Abbey. 

Infiltrating the Abbey

After you exit the prologue area, you’ll immediately come across some artwork and Glyphs on the wall ahead of you. Be sure to study each one, as they will each reveal a particular set of people who live in the tower. Think of it as a bit of a social structure.

You have the Common man, you have the Devotees, You have the Warriors, and then you have God. Try and map out which glyphs relate to each, as this is something that will remain relevant throughout this entire portion of the game. 

You will then reach the area where you will find the gates leading to The Fortress, which is essentially your way further up The Tower.

You won’t be able to enter as there is a group of Warriors manning the gate, but if you want a head start on the next section of the game, you can talk to them to learn some of their own language. 

Then in the same area, you will also find a man who will play a card game with you, which is essentially the game helping you learn the social rankings of the different inhabitants of the tower in a tactile way. 

You can play this to cement your understanding of what each Glyph means, and when you do, it would be a good time to input each of them into your journal. 

You’ll then want to head out to the right, and you’ll find the entrance to The Abbey. Along with a Glyph depicting it as well, so it would be best to make a quick note for later.

You’ll also see a cat that you can pet, and even though there’s no achievement, which is criminal, by the way, do it anyway for karma in a later life. 

However, there is an achievement for ringing the doorbell of The Abbey three times. They won’t let you in, but you’ll have the last laugh when that achievement pops after the third ring, earning you the achievement ‘Rascal.’ 

After this, head a little further to the right, and you’ll come across a little kid. You won’t understand much of what they have to say, but through the universal language of playtime, you’ll know they want to play Hide and Seek. So when they run off, go find them. 

They will hide in three different spots. Here is the first location:

Here’s the second hiding Spot:

Then the third and final hiding spot: 

After you find them, they will decide that they trust you enough to reveal a secret path into The Abbey. They will run up the stairs and push over the large ceramic pots to reveal a break in the wall. Follow them through, and this will lead you to your first stealth section of the game. 

Before you do that though, you’ve acquired enough knowledge to fill another portion of your journal. Through the educational qualities of Hide and Seek, you should now be able to deduce what Glyphs mean ‘Seek’ ‘Find’ and ‘Go’

After this journal entry, make your way through the crack in the wall. The next section basically teaches the player the basics of stealth in Chants of Sennaar.

Hug the wall, throw things to distract people, and stay out of sight. It’s all pretty basic. Just follow their lead and make it to the other side of the area without being spotted. 

This will lead you to a room where the way forward is locked, and you will need to find a Key. Again, the game is teaching you how inventory items work, as the key is right there in the room if you have a little look for it. 

To save you a little bit of time, if you look in the top right corner of the room amongst some shelves, you’ll find the key you need. 

Then just as you wave goodbye to your unlikely helper, you’ll have another chance to add some more useful words to your journal.

Backtrack through the stealth and key section and replay the conversations if you need more context, but you’ll have enough there to piece together the Glyphs for ‘Up’ ‘Free’ and ‘Not’ 

After this, you are on your own again, but the good news is, you’re in The Abbey. 

Exploring The Abbey

Now that you’ve reached The Abbey, the game opens up for the first time, allowing you to explore areas in a non-linear fashion.

This means you can really go about the tasks from here on out in any order you like, but this is the order I would recommend based on how easy they are to decipher, and how much easier it makes the other areas after the fact. 

I would first suggest that players make their way to the Market area of The Abbey. This is an area where you will find a shop where people make Potions, a shop where merchants make Pots, and also a shop where merchants sell Musical Instruments.

In this little area, you will have all the info you need to decipher the words ‘Music’ ‘Instrument’ and ‘Make/Create’

After you input those Glyphs, you’ll want to head out of the market, and up towards the Garden with loads of beds laid out on a grid. This offers a simple ‘create a clear path’ puzzle where you will need to find a way to free the ladder from this grid, and push it under the tree to collect a Coin from a nest. 

After this, you’ll head left and into the area where you’ll find a sign with directions where the three main areas converge.

Where you go is up to you, but I could suggest The Cemetery to the left. You can’t do much here yet, but you can discover a new Teleporter/Portal, and learn some new Glypths about Death, which will come in handy later. 

After you explore this area, return to the directions sign and then head north toward the Church. Here you will find a Beggar outside. He’ll ask for help, and you can oblige with the Coin you found earlier. Give him this, and then make your way to the Church Doors.

These are initially locked, but if you solve the simple puzzle that asks you to rank the social symbols of the Tower in order, the doors will open, allowing you access to the Church.

When you enter the Church, you should then be able to enter the Glyphs in your Journal for all of the areas within the Abbey, along with the Abbey itself. Therefore allowing you to learn the words ‘Abbey’, ‘Cemetery’, ‘Church’, and ‘Garden.’

With those entered, you can now explore The Church. You’ll want to talk to the Devotees up front, who will inform you as best they can about a missing Preacher, and how you can go about finding him.

After you conclude these chats, you should have enough contextual information to decipher the Glyphs for ‘Death’, ‘Plant’, and ‘Preacher.’ 

As you then turn and leave, a group of people will form a conga line of sorts allowing you to slip in and out of the previously inaccessible side rooms of the Church, but for now, ignore that and head outside. 

At this point the Beggar will call over to you. It seems they have a way to thank you for your generosity. He says you’ll need to head to the Garden, to the area with loads of Pots.

He also gives you a piece of paper showing where the item you need is hidden. So head to the Garden and find the pattern of pots amongst the rest and look inside. If you don’t want to waste time looking, it’s in the bottom right corner of the Garden area with the pots. 

When you find the Key, use it on the nearby Door in the same area, and inside, you’ll find a Lens that will help you solve a puzzle within The Church. Plus, you’ll then have all the information you need to decipher the Glyphs for the words ‘Potion’, ‘Pot’, ‘Lens’, and ‘Key’. 

From here, it’s time to head back to The Church, but as you do, be sure to explore the different areas in search of three statues that depict ‘God’.

These statues act as uplifting reminders that god Sees you, loves you, speaks through you, and helps you. When you have found all of these around the grounds of The Abbey, you will be able to add the words ‘See/Look’, ‘Help’, ‘Speak’, and ‘Like/Love’ to your Journal. 

Now that you’ve made it to the Church, using the conga line, sneak into each side room and interact with each tablet. With the help of your newly acquired lens, you can now match the Glyph shown to the hidden symbol revealed by the Lens.

Allowing you to reveal secret messages about the whereabouts of the Preacher, and the final puzzle allowing you to ascend. Here is an example of how the symbols are revealed and matched: 

Then comes your final task in The Abbey. You should now have a document in the Journal of all the secret notes from the Church to refer to. So head to the Cemetery, and use this information to turn the four statues in the orientation needed to open the secret passageway. If you’ve forgotten, here is a reminder: 

  • ‘The Man looks at the Devotee’.
  • ‘The Devotee looks at God’.
  • ‘God looks at the Instrument’.
  • ‘The Preacher talks to the Man.’

When you align the statues correctly, as shown, you will gain access to the passageway to The Fortress. But there is still a little way to go. 

Getting To The Fortress

After you access this passageway, you’ll come across some debris and a sunbeam sneaking into the underground area.

Use your Lens on this to create a flame, and this will grant you a torch to explore the area. Further ahead, you’ll find an area blocked by water like before. You’ll be able to find a valve to shut it off, but before you do that, you’ll want to find The Preacher and claim another achievement. 

To find him, from the initial door right of the water, go Left, Up, Right, Up, and Up, and you will find The Preacher dead in a hole in the ground. Not exactly a cheery discovery, but the achievement will soften the blow. 

From there, you will want to go Down, Down, Left, Up, Left, Up and Right. This will take you to the lever needed to stop the water flow and allow you to progress to The Fortress. 

Head on out of there, and you will come out on the other side of the gate guarded by Warriors, and up ahead is the next area, The Fortress. Congrats on beating the first area of Chants of Sennaar! 

Devotee Dialect Deciphered

So there you have it, all the necessary parts and puzzle solutions needed to get through the opening segment of Chants of Sennaar and progress to The Fortress.

The next area is going to be a lot more action-heavy, with more stealth sections thrown in there to distract you from all that problem-solving. However, we reckon this guide will give you strong foundations to head up there and blend in seamlessly with The Warriors.

As always, thanks for reading Indie Game Culture. 

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