Chants of Sennaar Gardens Guide – Full Walkthrough

The Fortress was a bit of a tough nut to crack, wasn’t it? Warriors forcing you to partake in awkward stealth sections, having to play dress-up to fit in. But ringing those bells made it all worthwhile and now you find yourself in the much more bright and cheery Gardens, where you will hopefully learn the Bard’s Language. 

Thankfully, there is no stealth to worry about throughout this entire section of the game, but I would argue that this language is probably the hardest to decipher of the five within the game, so you’ll need to really take in every little detail if you want to become tri-lingual. 

If you’re having trouble making that goal a reality, you have come to the right place. We have all the Glyphs and puzzle solutions for The Bard’s Gardens, allowing you to sail through to The Laboratories in a flash. So, without any further hold-up, here is Indie Game Culture’s Chants of Sennaar Gardens Guide. 

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Chants of Sennaar Gardens Full Walkthrough

Reaching the Agora

As we begin our journey in the Gardens, we find ourselves at the end of a lift that we took from the Fortress level. Our path leads us up a flight of stairs until we reach a sign with a translation puzzle.

This sign provides us with the key to translating Guardian Glyphs to Bard Glyphs, which will be essential for our progress.

Through reading this welcome sign, you will be able to translate the Glyphs for ‘Not,’ ‘Warrior,’ ‘Plural,’ and ‘Go/Pass’ into the Bard’s Language. It’s a start, but there’s plenty more learning to be done. 

After you decipher these Glyphs, you’ll want to continue on, and you’ll want to make use of the boat docked on the Yellow River to get across to the heart of The Gardens.

Here, you will be able to talk to a bunch of NPCs, and through contextual clues, you may be able to suss out a few early Glyphs. Be sure to talk to everyone you can before pressing onward. 

If you talk to everyone in the initial area of The Gardens, you should be able to decipher a page of Glyphs that translates to ‘Beauty,’ ‘Love/Like,’ and ‘Be’. 

From here, you should make your way up the stairs to the right, past the painter, and you’ll encounter an area with a trio of statues and a group being entertained by a man with a Monster Mask.

Be sure to note the new Glyphs on offer, but what you are here for is the Fruit hanging on a nearby tree. Grab this, as you’ll need it a little later. 

After you pick up the first piece of Fruit, you’ll want to head left of the tree, through the doorway, and in this new area, you’ll find another tree in the center with another piece of Fruit for you to collect. 

Be sure to also chat with the people being fanned in the middle of this area, and you should be able to fill out another Glyph Page, which will reveal the Glyphs for ‘Greetings,’ ‘Bard,’ and ‘Question.’

After noting these Glyphs, you’ll continue on down into a larger courtyard area, where you will see a few attractions dotted around that look like Puppet Show Booths. Ignore those for just a second and first collect the final Piece of Fruit in the middle of the Courtyard. 

Then, what you’ll want to do is visit these booths, and as it turns out, they are little Puppet Shows manned by Monkeys and a Crank Wheel. However, they won’t turn the crank unless you give them a Piece of Fruit. Luckily, you have them all, so go around the immediate area taking in the Puppet Shows on offer. 

Turns out these shows were fun and educational, as with the information revealed, you will be able to fill out yet another Glyph Page, this time revealing the Glyphs for ‘Idiot,’ ‘Weapon,’ and ‘Carry/Possess.’

You may feel a little bit lost at this point, as it’s not immediately clear where the way forward is. Well, what you’ll want to do is turn your attention to the servant refilling the group in the corner’s drinks.

When they refill their glasses, follow them down the steps, and when they open the door to the servant’s quarters, you slip in, too. 

When you sneak in, continue forward and enter the next door you come across. This will lead to another Teleporter/Portal you can unlock, but also, turn your attention to a Broken Tablet on the floor, acting as a rather rudimentary jigsaw puzzle for you to solve, and this will provide new Glyphs for the player. 

This will act as another Translation Tool for the player, and will allow you to fill out another Glyph Page, giving you translation for the words ‘Me,’ ‘You,’ ‘Find,’ and ‘Seek/Want.’ 

Continue on a little further through the Servant’s Quarters and you will come across a little Merchant’s Hut where someone is inside crafting a Musical Instrument. Be sure to peer in and analyze the Glyphs, and if you do, you should be able to add to your Journal the words, ‘Instrument,’ ‘Music,’ and ‘Comedy.’ 

After this area, ignore the far door and take the stairs up to the Agora. Then, in the far left corner, you will see a group of three people looking down into a Sewer Grate. Talk to them, and you should be able to decipher that something is down there. Something that you’ll probably need later, so keep that in mind! 

After this encounter, head up the stairs to the left, and this will take you to an area with another Boat. You’ll need to use it, but after a conversation with the man repairing the Boat, you’ll need to fetch him a Hammer

The good news is that there is a Workshop to your left with a bunch of Tools, including a Hammer. So be sure to head in there and grab one, and while you’re at it, take note of the other Glyphs dotted around. If you do, you should be able to note in your Journal the Glyphs for ‘Hammer,’ ‘Saw,’ and ‘Pliers.’

Now that you’ve made it to the second main area of The Gardens, the paths of progression start to open up a little bit, much like they did in The Abbey, splitting into three key areas.

We suggest taking the stairs down and into The Sewers first, as this area is easily the most irritating to get through, so best to get it out of the way. 

The area below essentially acts like one big maze, and it’s very easy to get turned around, so to make things easy, starting from the moment you descend the steps, these are the directions you should take. 

Right, Down, Left Down, Down, Up, Right, Right, Down, Left, Down

This will take you to a room with a Lever. Pull this, and you will have revealed a shortcut that allows you to access the previous area of The Garden without the need to take the Boat across. Plus, if you take a look in the little pool of water to the left, you’ll find that item the group was staring at from above, The Compass. 

At that moment, you’ll want to take a moment to have a look at the Glyphs inscribed on The Compass when you pick it up. Then, when you stash it away you should be able to fill out the next Glyph Page in your Journal, this time revealing the words ‘North’, South,’ ‘East,’ ‘West,’ and ‘Compass.’ 

You’ll then want to work your way back to where you began. If you can’t be bothered navigating The Sewers, you can exit and take the Boat across, but for those who want the optimal route, here it is in reverse, starting from the newly opened gate in the Compass Room: 

Up, Right, Up, Left, Left, Left, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left

Windmill Platforming

After you ascend to the area, which splits into three you’ll want to head up the stairs heading North, and then straight on once again.

This will lead you to the Windmill area, where a group is peering into a Sewer Grate, looking down into a hidden lair of sorts. Talk to them, and they will allow you into the grounds of a nearby building, and your task will be to retrieve a relic on the Roof. 

This will require you to do some ‘platforming,’ which essentially means timing your inputs carefully to avoid being knocked off balance by the Rotating Cogs. You should manage this without too much trouble, and on the other side, you will find a Torch held by a statue.

Head around the corner, and this will see you enter the building and find a way back down again without the need to platform again.

The trio will be waiting for you, and upon showing them the ‘Fire’ that they seek they proceed to call you an idiot as this seems to be a toy of some sort. Despite finding fire, I’m not exactly warming to these Bard types, but hey, we press on. 

Also, as this conversation concludes, you should have enough information to fill in another Journal page with the Glyphs for ‘Fire,’ ‘Ascend,’ and ‘Play.’

After this, you’ll want to head back the way you came and the head to the right. This will take you to an area where you will be able to play a couple of games.

Playing both of these is optional, but they are linked to the ‘GAM3R’ achievement, so they are worth doing. These essentially equate to Chants of Sennaar’s answer to Flappy Bird, and a game of Whack a Mole that will have you hit the Warrior to earn points.

Plus, the game master will award you a Coin for your efforts. A fun distraction, but let’s keep moving. 

Catching a Matinee At The Theater

You’ll now want to head back to the three-way split and take the path you are still yet to take. This will lead you toward the Theater.

However, before you can continue the game will realize that you have taken all three paths, and this will allow you to label the Glyphs for each area of The Gardens in your Journal. So fill out the Glyphs translating to ‘Theater,’ ‘Windmill,’ ‘Agora,’ and ‘Path.’

After this, head forward to the Theater, and talk to the man at the door. He will ask if you are a fan of Comedy, and if you show them the Coin you earned earlier, they will grant you entry. 

Upon entering The Theater, you’ll want to head up the stairs and enter the main room. Here, you’ll be able to interact with the Curtain, and this will have the show begin. This show is essentially a set of instructions that will help you later as you ascend to The Laboratories.

So enjoy the theatrics, and then you should leave out the Servant’s exit, where backstage you will find the script for the play, allowing you to note down the sequence of events in your Journal. 

Then, immediately after you take note of these instructions, you should have access to another Glyph page where you will be able to fill in the Glyphs for ‘Monster,’ ‘Book,’ and ‘Brother.’

After you head downstairs, you’ll come to an area with another Portal/Teleporter, so be sure to unlock that, and also unlock the exit that leads out the side of the Theater with the nearby Lever.

However, instead of leaving that way, head down the stairs beyond the Teleporter, open the locked gate with another Lever, then head up, and then left to find a room with a Purple Door and a Broken Tablet. 

You’ll want to interact with the Tablet, as this will act as a means of translating the last remaining Bard Glyphs, and will allow you to fill out the Pages containing the Glyphs for ‘Man/Human,’, ‘Abbey,’ ‘Free,’ and ‘Fortress.’ 

You now have all the Glyphs in the Bard’s Language and all the items needed to ascend. So let’s make our way up, shall we? 

Our last task within The Gardens is to make our way through The Caves, the final puzzle. To reach this, you’ll want to exit out the side of The Theater and head back to the three-way split.

Then, head toward the windmill before heading left. This will take you to an area with a doorway with the Glyph ‘Way Up’ above. This is your way up. 

Use the Toy Torch on the door, and this will grant you access to The Caves. This area is a bit of a labyrinth, and only with precise directions will you be able to come out the other end and kiss The Gardens goodbye. 

The key to navigating this is the notes you took in The Theater, asking as compass directions, which should be followed in correlation with the symbols on the central pyramid. For example, if you see a Saw, you should go West. 

This is a little confusing if you don’t understand how reading a Compass works. So, for those unaware, the compass reading will apply to the position you find yourself in when you enter the room. If you turn or move the reading will no longer be accurate. So when you enter the room, immediately bring up the compass. 

The red pointer will always point North, which means that you will need to work out where West is for the first section based on that reading. If you want a little more help, here is how those readings play out: 

The Saw

The Instrument 

The Fire

The Compass

The Weapon

If you complete this sequence correctly, you will have finished The Gardens and will now be able to move onto The Laboratories and the monstrosities within, congrats! 

The Bard’s Song 

So there you have it, all the Glyphs and puzzle solutions needed to complete The Gardens and become a master of The Bard’s Language.

This one can be pretty tricky to work out on your own, especially due to the nature of the maze-like Sewers. I hope that this guide has helped you navigate this one swiftly, and as always, thank you for reading Indie Game Culture. 

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