Cult of the Lamb and Monster Roadtrip Announce Crossover

Cult of the Lamb has recently been on a roll with some excellent crossovers with other indie games, such as Don’t Starve Together, and we’ve just heard of another one, a crossover with Monster Roadtrip.

The Lamb will be added to Monster Roadtrip in a free update on October 26th, but unfortunately, so far, this crossover doesn’t go both ways.

This will be some free content for Monster Roadtrip, and Cult of the Lamb doesn’t seem to be getting anything new in return, though it did just get that Don’t Starve Together crossover content about two months ago. Either way, the new content added to Monster Roadtrip is remarkable, so let’s review it.

What’s in the Cult of the Lamb Crossover Trailer?

The Lamb can be found and summoned during your road trip as soon as the second week. They’ll provide just as much new content and variety as any of the other travelers you can pick up along the way, including a brand new storyline about having some drama within their cult and needing you to help out.

When you pick them up, they’ll happily hop in your car, excited to be following someone else for once, and you can ask them some lighthearted questions about their doctrine or asking about how to run a cult. They’ll join you like any other character, so you’ll have time to sit and talk with them whenever you get a break.

Image from Beautiful Glitch.

You’ll probably come across their cult members on a quirky quest to keep their leader happy even while they’ve been gone.

You can choose between them making a ball pit or an effigy of protection, solving the drama, and hopefully making things get a little bit better by the end, with the lamb chiming in constantly along the way.

This new character, coming with a bunch of new art, storylines, dialogue, and just being a fun diversion in general, will all be coming to Monster Roadtrip on October 24th, with all the cult shenanigans, indescribable horrors, and silly lamb activities you could ever want, completely free.

Nothing is coming to Cult of the Lamb so far, but the Lamb coming to Monster Roadtrip is still quite cool.

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