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Wizards with a Gun’s Bullets intimidates me. Though I appreciated the freedom between choosing to freeze, poison, shock, and charm automatons and eldritch forces, the sheer amount of options was daunting.

While the game gives us powerful bullets that can call down lightning, stun enemies, or make them more vulnerable to the elements, mixing and matching between the 20 types of bullets can lead to a choice paralysis that can drive most wizards mad. If we want to enjoy the best of Wizard With a Gun’s Bullets without enduring countless world resets, we’ll need some prior knowledge first.

In this Wizard with a Gun Best Bullets Guide, I’ll review the top 10 best bullets and rank them in the game for confronting the five riders and demolishing mobs. As a bonus, I’ll detail the best guns for each bullet and the most optimal methods for synergizing each projectile.

Before We Begin

Before we begin, we should review bullet functions and how to obtain them and empower them. Essentially, elemental bullets are our primary way to interact with the world for gathering resources and slaying enemies.

While we have to learn the specific recipes for unlocking certain bullets and gathering particular materials to craft them, shooting world objects with higher-tier bullets produces refined resources (i.e., shocking bullets make charge bars from metal), allowing us to bypass grinding. Also, some bullets, like Charm Bullets and Water Bullets, don’t deal damage but instead, make enemies more vulnerable to other elements or make them temporary allies.

Though we can leverage different types of bullets together, like water and lightning to freeze or oil and fire to burn, we’ll find that obtaining the amount of Arcane to research and upgrade bullets can quickly bankrupt our Wizard Cowboy. Therefore, we should review the best bullets below to avoid relentless loop resents and make the most of each playstyle.

Top 10 Wizard With a Gun Bullets

10. Disease

Wizard With a Gun Bullets Disease
Image by JT Hussey

At the bottom of the list are Disease Bullets, effectively more potent poison bullets that deal damage over time. While these bullets are great for prolonged engagements with bosses, most enemies’ low health can render this bullet less valuable than others that deal more damage and one-shot enemies.

I highly recommend Disease Bullets with the Uzi to build up more of the status effect.

9. Fire Bullets

Wizard With a Gun Fire Bullets
Image by JT Hussey

Towards the bottom of the list are Fire Bullets, which deal fire damage to foes and incinerate foes covered in oil. While this bullet causes a decent amount of damage, cold bullets that debilitate enemies and shocking bullets for taking on swarms of foes outclass this bullet in terms of usefulness.

I highly recommend using Fire Bullets for taking on strong single targets. We can increase the rate at which the fire effect builds up with an Uzi and the amount of damage with Oil Bullets.

7. Fear Bullets

Wizard With A Gun Best Bullets Fear Bullets
Image by JT Hussey

Coming in seventh are Fear Bullets that scare enemies away from you. While this bullet is a panic button for when you run out of healing items and want to make it home, most enemies’ low damage and health make it less valuable.

However, this bullet is also an excellent resource for scaring away enemies so you can proceed straight towards a gear or get the teleporting Chaos enemies to leave you alone. I recommend using fear bullets with the shotgun to maximize the number of enemies that run away from you.

8. Charm Bullets

Wizard With A Gun Charm Bullets
Image by JT Hussey

Getting further towards the list’s middle are Charm bullets that recruit a single foe to fight by your side and leave a tragic gravestone behind when they die. While this bullet is great for traversing the open world and convincing foes to fight for you, we can only charm one enemy at a time, and in boss fights where we usually fight a single opponent, the bullet is essentially useless.

I recommend using charm bullets with rifles to ensure we can safely charm an enemy from far away. Be warned that higher-level enemies require stronger charm bullets to affect.

6. Water Bullets

Wizard With A Gun Water Bullets
Image by JT Hussey

Coming in sixth are Water Bullets, which don’t damage but combine well with lightning and cold bullets to deal more damage and freeze enemies. Though I don’t recommend them alone, they’re an excellent utility bullet for fighting the five riders and mini-bosses.

We can obtain water by evaporating regular ice chunks and crystal ice chunks found at the Frozen Wastes or by using cold bullets on wet enemies. I highly recommend water bullets if we enjoy using shock and Cold Bullets and leveraging a Uzi to inflict the status effect quickly.

5. Cold Bullets

wizard with a gun Cold Bullets
Image by JT Hussey

Sitting in the middle of the pack are Cold Bullets, which can slow enemies or even freeze them if they’re affected by water. In addition to their ability to disable enemies, Cold Bullets can also deal fantastic damage and are a tremendous primary bullet to stick with if we want a higher damage-dealing bullet than shocking bullets and don’t mind losing AOE damage.

I highly recommend Cold Bullets with water bullets for their freezing effect and increased damage. Cold Bullets also pair well with a shotgun for their increased damage and ability to quickly build up the status effect.

4. Stunning Bullets

wizard with a gun Stunning Bullets
Image by JT Hussey

Sitting in 4th place are stunning bullets, which briefly paralyze enemies. Stunning Bullets effectively give us time to heal or deal increased damage to enemies, potentially giving us time to slather them with water bullets before electrocuting them with shocking bullets or freezing them with cold bullets.

Though this bullet has a high cooldown, we can upgrade it to increase the time enemies remain stunned and freeze or slow enemies to prolong the duration of their stun. While I don’t recommend this bullet against swarms of enemies, Stunning Bullets are an excellent tool against tougher mini-bosses and a great panic button if a fight is too harsh and we need to bail.

I advise firing them off with your rifle in stealth as your first shot before beginning combat with a strong mini-boss before switching to damage-dealing bullets to finish an enemy off.

3. Shocking Bullets

wizard with a gun Shocking Bullets
Image by JT Hussey

Towards the top of the list are Shocking Bullets, which deal AOE lightning damage to enemies. With their high spread and firing rate, Shocking Bullets are fantastic for dealing with crowds of enemies and are an excellent alternative if our utility bullets are on cooldown. Though other bullets deal more damage, shocking bullets are fantastic if we have trouble aiming or want to electrocute enemies in the water.

I highly recommend Shocking Bullets in conjunction with shotguns to increase their area of effect and take out swarms of enemies at a time. We can also lure enemies into water sources or use water bullets against them to electrocute them and make single strikes more lethal.

2. Order Bullet

wizard with a gun Order Bullet
Image by JT Hussey

Just before first, we have the Order Bullet, which removes Chaos from the ground and can create temporary ground if we don’t have enough time to switch to the Groundlayer and deals massive damage to chaos enemies. Effectively, the Order Bullet is the go-to bullet for battling chaos and the challenging final boss that can lay waste to entire paths in our wake.

Frankly, the only two deaths I experienced in the game resulted from Chaos destroying the ground around me, effectively closing me in and preventing me from dodging away. Furthermore, placing blocks down with the Groundlayer can feel clunky and get resource expensive if we haven’t unlocked the floor recipes for a given area.

Though I don’t recommend Order Bullets against the four-rider bosses before facing the emissary of Chaos (they won’t deal any damage), they are a helpful workaround when fighting the Talia Stareyes in her narrow area where we can’t place down blocks with the Groundlayer and an excellent utility bullet for much of the game.

1. Lightning Bullets

wizard with a gun Lightning Bullets
Image by JT Hussey

Coming first are lightning bullets that call down a lightning strike, dealing 500% of our damage, insta-killing most common mob enemies and some mini-bosses.

While it has a relatively long cooldown, we can effectively bypass this wait by equipping lightning bullets on all our weapons and switching between them after shooting a single bullet, allowing us to deal up to 4000% damage if we’re fast enough. We can also make enemies wet with water bullets to further increase the damage of lightning bullets and trivialize most boss fights.

While this bullet is less effective against the final two bosses, the Emissary of Chaos and Talia Stareyes, due to their massive health, this bullet will easily carry you through the entirety of the game. I highly recommend pursuing this bullet from the lightning upgrade path immediately.


Question: What is the Best Wizard with a Gun Bullet?

Answer: Lightning Bullet’s massive damage and synergy with water arguably make it the best bullet in the game. To bypass the bullet’s long cooldown, equip all your weapons with lightning bullets, preferably shotguns, and rifles, and switch to a gun with a bullet to fire off eight bullets, dealing 4000% of your damage.

Question: How Do I Get Better Bullets in Wizard with a Gun?

Answer: Unlocking better recipes at the primary research centers allows us to unlock up to 8 types of bullets. However, to upgrade these specific bullets, you must upgrade these bullets in their particular stations and gain more of their material by shooting enemies and objects.

Question: What Gun should I use in Wizard with a Gun?

Answer: The shotgun’s high damage, spread, and rate of fire arguably make it the best weapon in the game. While it’s only effective at close range, we can effortlessly dodge away from enemy attacks to safely engage enemies in front of us.


Well done, Wizard! You built your magical outlaw into an unstoppable force of nature, leveraging all the elements at your disposal to send your enemies alight or into an ectoplasmic goop.

Even if I only stuck with lightning and shocking bullets on my first playthrough, I appreciate enough diversity in different builds to justify a second playthrough or synergizing with friends for maximum effect. While some of these overpowered builds made the game too easy, they were a fun treat for players willing to experiment and try different builds.

All in all, with a fully equipped wizard cowboy, we’re ready to defeat chaos and bring this unforgiving time loop to an end. There’s a new wizard in town, and they’re armed to the teeth.

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