Mecha Game Phantom Galaxies Releasing in Early Access in November

Blowfish Studios, the developer behind Vlad Circus, Blackwind, and Base One, have just shown off a new trailer for their upcoming mecha game Phantom Galaxies, where you explore a massive galaxy, take on missions from characters all around the universe, and fly through shoot-em-up fights where you can swap between ship and mecha form.

This game is coming to Epic Games Store and Steam in Early access this November, with many features available during this early access launch. It’ll stay in Early Access for about a year to give them time for a bunch of polish and community feedback, having implemented every feature in the game now.

What’s in the Trailer?

This trailer consists of Blowfish Studios’ Marketing Director Chris Bowden explaining in-depth all the features available during the early access launch. He explains that Phantom Galaxies, made in Unreal Engine 5, has tons to do with exploring, talking to characters, playing as different mechas, and exploring the galaxy in single-player or multiplayer.

You’ll get to explore space stations across the galaxy, talk to different characters who will give you missions to achieve, then select a mecha from one of three different classes, taking them out into space to go and destroy the space pirates you can find in combat. Each mecha has different stats, abilities, and playstyles, so there’s a lot of choice going into your class.

Phantom Galaxies release date
Image from Blowfish Studios.

When you’re flying your mecha out in space, you can swap between two modes: mecha form and ship form. In mecha form, you do close combat, and it plays pretty much how you’d expect, letting you fight enemies with your weapons and arms when you get close. Ship form is similar to Star Fox, a shoot-em-up where you target the enemy and fly toward them.

You can transform freely between your two forms, allowing you to get close to the enemy utilizing ship form, then change back to your mecha to dodge projectiles while dealing tons of damage. There are also times when you’ll land on a base on an alien planet, where you’ll be locked into mecha form, using it to tear through their defenses.

Each class of mecha has its unique ultimate attack and special attacks, and they are all great for various situations, whether it be excellent mobility, significant damage, or incredible defense, all of these allowing you to choose your playstyle and go about missions in your unique way, able to swap between them whenever you want.

Phantom Galaxies preview
Image from Blowfish Studios.

You can customize each of your mechs aesthetically and with different weapons, armor, movement tools, and just about everything that can be swapped out and adjusted. You’ll get these by mining asteroids in space or defeating pirates when doing missions, and all of them can be upgraded to make everything as optimized as possible.

Early access for Phantom Galaxies starts on November 2nd and will be exclusive to PCs on the Epic Games Store and Steam. As a quick aside, many people were (incredibly understandably) avoiding this game due to the involvement of NFTs, but that aspect is being completely purged on November 2nd, so finally, the game can be normal.

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